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Really McCoys Singapore (136434)


#3 in III.7

The team is undefeated for 2 competitive games and has 2 wins in a row

Club details

Managed by rofo206 Supporter Platinum

2 826 members in Lorong 12 - ROAR

Stadium: Super Lakhsa-Lorong 12 (capacity 70 000)

Ranked 97

Press announcement

5-7-2014 Big Party - 1 Year Really McCoy Franchise

Yes we are late.

Due the fact that we are in a different world, meant that our 1 Year anniversary will be celebrated with 1 day delay.

We will celebrate the glorious Real McCoy Franchise after our Cup Game today.

Ah Tomb Bomb invited celebrities from all walks of live such as The Bieber (Brunei), Jack "3rd Dan" Chan (Macau), "Fishcake" Bone (Bermuda), Jim "Jung" Uhm (Guam), Ng Ping Kai (Jurong) and our own entertainer Rumar (Geylang).

Evenso our latest addition to the squad the Russian Ambassador (381368303) will be attending.

Tickets available at 8 $, 88 $, 888 $, 8888 $ and 444 $ will be on sale.

Water will be served. Cheerleaders clad in lighter yellow thongs dancing and singing.

For the Club:
Longfred "Bad Karma" Sliver

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