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W.C. Brussels Belgium (740639)


#2 in VI.126

The team is undefeated for 2 competitive games and has 2 wins in a row

#5856 in Ladder Global

#389 in Ladder Belgium

#773 in Ladder Start season 51

#54 in Ladder Vlaams Brabant

Club details

Managed by Mr_Clean Supporter Platinum

1 950 members in The Toilet Brushes

Stadium: The Loo (capacity 45 000)

Ranked 4 572

Press announcement

8-28-2016 Stayin' alive (in V.256) - part II

(read my previous news to get the whole story)

This time I didn't dare to PIC anymore, I wanted the best midfield I could get. This paid of and I won, but because of the worse goal difference, I didn't get off the 7th place. Nevermind, still three matches to go.
Next up was staden and here also I felt I could do better with a strong midfield and, as against The legend, this paid of too and I won once more. And because the Legend lost, that meant I finally got the 6th rank!

Let's see what we can do in the last two matches. Places up to 3th are still within the possibilities. It will be hard to avoid a relegation match, but we can keep dreaming, right?

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11-24-2016 Last message by  Vaatje

You just get Georgia friendly week 10 in Hattrickfever United (113266)

You get ht-mail with details at latest friday!.

Please do not invite other teams!

When match has been arranged please write message in my guestbook with matchid link.

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