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Excelsior Turicum Switzerland (810131)


#4 in IV.61

Still in Gotthard Cup

The team is undefeated for 2 competitive games and has 2 wins in a row

Club details

Managed by Jocelyn_Beaumont Supporter Platinum

2 722 members in Raimondos aus dem Fenster-Nachspringer

Stadium: Hans Gamper Memorial (capacity 63 000)

Ranked 373

Press announcement


Just founded a new fed! Please join if you think Madagascar should be in HT-World ;-)

Join also the "Fed Achievement For Everyone" (109673) if you are interested in achievement points.

By the way thanks to Platinum-Supporter I just got my 100th supporter worldwide. Our team is now number 10 in the most supported teams ranking in Switzerland!
A huge thank you to all my supporters!!!

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5-1-2019 Last message by  Salja Supporter Platinum

Great logo!

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