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Viking Særløse Denmark (407641)


#6 in VI.13

Still in Smaragdturneringen

The team is undefeated for 3 competitive games and has 3 wins in a row

#2453 in Ladder Global

#72 in Ladder Danmark

#66 in Ladder Start season 23

#5 in Ladder Roskilde

The team is also in 3 federation ladders.

Club details

Managed by Max_Schreck Supporter Platinum

1 520 members in Einherjar

Stadium: Naglfar Arena (capacity 70 000)

Ranked 4 245

Press announcement

4-11-2018 Hold på hat og briller...

...for nu rykker Vikinger direkte forbi jer allezusammen!

og der er kun én vej! NED!
Jep, vi er stadig i gang med projekt opbygning og vi er der ikke endnu.
Så, man skal faktisk være ret elendig for at tabe til os, så er det sagt :p

Al righty!
Are you ready boots?!
The Vikings are gonna kick you in the nuts, while heading south!

The remake project is not finished yet, so you really gotta suck as a team in this season, if you loose to us.

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4-14-2019 Last message by  Trasko-HGT Supporter Platinum

It's our pleasure! Tak for your support!
Good HT!

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