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Lysdexic Untied Oceania (421942)


#7 in III.14

#91 in Ladder Oceania

Club details

Managed by GM-Cyntech Supporter Diamond

2 952 members in Untied Fatanics

Stadium: Minerveca Avenue (capacity 60 000)

Ranked 144

Press announcement

4-11-2019 Cup Shmup?

Lysdexic have done the unthinkable and made it through to the sixth round of the Oceanic Cup for the first time in 12 seasons (7 years!). This is definitely the best cup run the team has had at least since the implementation of the revamped HT cup system.

We face up against Melbourne F.C from the second division next week for a chance at round 7 for only the second time in the clubs history.

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10-18-2016 Last message by  SebasM

Hello! You have new "Supporter" :)

Would you like to add me as a "Supporter" too?

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