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Sera's Angels Oceania (76384)


#1 in V.190

The team is undefeated for 3 competitive games and has 3 wins in a row

#12845 in Ladder Global

#52 in Ladder Oceania

#82 in Ladder Start season 21

#13 in Ladder New South Wales

The team is also in 3 federation ladders.

Club details

Managed by GM-Kitto Supporter Diamond

2 159 members in The Seraphim

Stadium: Arcane Sanctum (capacity 70 000)

Ranked 755

Press announcement

6-17-2016 Season 50 - what now?

Players are getting too old, new players needed but little funds... the future looks bleak.

Let's see what happens this season and then it's time to restart anew. Looks like I'll never reach higher than where I am now.

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9-14-2018 Last message by  GM-BrmBrm Supporter Diamond

Happy birthday :)

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Home page: http://hattrickunited.org/kitto/

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