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Frosch75 Germany Manager License Supporter Platinum (1730408)

Manager details

Gender Male

Primary club

Germany VII.906

Additional clubs

Liechtenstein IV.57

Previous teams

Team Between W/D/L* Cup Prize shelf
Hattrick International FC Crazy Magic Birds 11-22-2017
22/2/29 3/13 Series Champions VI.552 Season 3 Series Champions VI.565 Season 5
Hattrick International FC Holiday & Leisure 1-15-2017
25/6/14 5/13 No trophies won

Favorite soccer teams

Germany Deutsche Nationalmannschaft

4 308 fans

Germany Deutsche Nationalmannschaft der Frauen

218 fans

Switzerland FC Walenstadt

31 fans

Region: St. Gallen
Stadium: Exi
Forum: FC Walenstadt
Germany SV Werder Bremen

960 fans

Region: Bremen
Stadium: Weser-Stadion
Forum: SV Werder Bremen
Germany VfL Osnabrück

152 fans

Region: Niedersachsen
Stadium: Stadion an der Bremer Brücke
Forum: VfL Osnabrück

Soccer teams

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