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TaDe 6 - 4 APM-U17

Clouds darkened the skies at The stadium of dreams as 28 friends and relatives turned up to check the progress of their boys. The boys who got to play today were: Abou El Naga - Pinda, Kamala, Mrema - Kasembe, Lembeli, Makwetta, Lembeli, Wangwe - Chibulunje, Nakei.

The coach fielded the following talents: Bonevski - Zhupanoski - Agushev, Zhivkov, Zhirkov, Cekovski, Ackov - Donchevski, Ordevski, Stojmenovski.

Tanzanian Dreamers started the game in a 3-5-2 formation, whereas Alpa Mobil U17 lined up in a 1-5-3. TaDe demonstrated their creative tactics on the field. The referee noted down 0 - 1 as the new score after 10 minutes. APM-U17's Boro Ordevski had cut through the central defense and chipped home a goal, right over the keeper. The away team's Boro Ordevski took advantage of a mistake on the home side's right after 23 minutes, increasing APM-U17's lead to 0 - 2. Lacking experience with the current tactics, the players of APM-U17 kept running into each other on the field. They only managed a inadequate level of organization. After 31 minutes Hezekiah Makwetta made the defenders look a bit silly, weakly shuffling the ball past them for the 1 - 2 goal. The corner kick went to Evtim Zhirkov who headed it straight at goal, but unfortunately also straight at the keeper. He fumbled the ball though, giving APM-U17's Zdravko Zhupanoski a perfect opening to score! 1 - 3. After 37 minutes, APM-U17's Joakim Cekovski careened through the central defenders and was just able to get off a shot before being brought down by his marker. That would've been a sure penalty had he not scored the 1 - 4 goal! There was great disorder inside the 18-yard box following the corner, with Lenjore Pinda wasting a great opportunity to score. At last, TaDe's Haruna Wangwe was able to shove the ball in. 2 - 4. TaDe's Haruna Wangwe found himself with the ball near the goal area after 40 minutes, having been in the right spot when it was cleared up the field moments earlier. With some fancy moves, he threw off the defense and placed the 3 - 4 goal away behind the keeper. After 41 minutes, TaDe's Danny Chibulunje got hold of a ball at the top of the D and smashed it in. This evened up the score to 4 - 4. 4 - 4 was the score after the first half. Possession of the ball was split equally between the teams during the forty-five minutes.

When the referee signaled for the half to end, the boys of APM-U17 were eager to get some feedback from their coach. His tactical review helped raise the team's organization to solid. The guests almost went up by a goal when Marijan Stojmenovski came through from the right. The ball bounced harmlessly off the post, though. Did someone forget the pre-match briefing today? The APM-U17 boys didn't seem to have a clue what to do, and their organization level dropped to weak. After 77 minutes TaDe's Lenjore Pinda won some bragging rights for the schoolyard. He found his way through the guests' central defense, and put the ball in for 5 - 4 - right between the legs of the keeper! Hezekiah Makwetta tried something he had seen in the World Cup, but his 30 yard long shot after 86 minutes did not end up as a spectacular goal for TaDe. He was heard muttering something about sunspots as he wandered off into the undergrowth to collect his wild shot. APM-U17 appeared uncertain how to play and their organization was only weak. It was group hug time yet again, when TaDe pushed ahead to 6 - 4. George Nakei was the center of attention, having moved deftly through the middle to find the perfect opening, not hesitating when he did. At the final whistle, the score is 6 - 4. TaDe didn't seem to want to give the ball away in this half, resulting in 51 percent of possession.

The spectators agreed that the most impressive boy on TaDe today had been Haruna Wangwe. On the other hand, the level of play may have been too high for Khayrat Abou El Naga. APM-U17's Evtim Zhirkov had a great game and was congratulated by his teammates. This boy could be going places! Lazar Bonevski left the field with tears in his eyes, knowing he had been the worst player on his team.

Rating details

Midfield weak (high) weak (low) 15 14 4/20 4/20
Right defense passable (very high) wretched (very high) 24 8 6/20 2/20
Central defense passable (very low) poor (very high) 21 12 6/20 3/20
Left defense weak (high) wretched (high) 15 7 4/20 2/20
Right attack passable (very low) passable (very low) 21 21 6/20 6/20
Central attack solid (very low) excellent (low) 25 30 7/20 8/20
Left attack solid (very low) inadequate (high) 25 19 7/20 5/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense passable (low) inadequate (low) 22 18 6/20 5/20
Attack solid (very low) solid (very low) 25 25 7/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Play creatively Normal
Tactic skill wretched (no tactic) 2 (no tactic) 2/20


0 - 1  Boro Ordevski 10'
0 - 2  Boro Ordevski 23'
1 - 2  Hezekiah Makwetta 31'
1 - 3  Zdravko Zhupanoski 36'
1 - 4  Joakim Cekovski 37'
2 - 4  Haruna Wangwe 40'
3 - 4  Haruna Wangwe 40'
4 - 4  Danny Chibulunje 41'
5 - 4  Lenjore Pinda 77'
6 - 4  George Nakei 87'



Chance distribution

Home Away
7 5

0 Left attack 1
5 Central attack 2
0 Right attack 1
1 Other 0
1 Special events 1

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense passable (low) inadequate (low) 22 18 6/20 5/20
Attack solid (very low) solid (very low) 25 25 7/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Play creatively Normal
Tactic skill wretched (no tactic) 2 (no tactic) 2/20

Average ratings

Total player experience disastrous (high) disastrous (high) 3 3 1/20 1/20
Average midfield weak (high) weak (low) 15 14 4/20 4/20
Average defense inadequate (very high) poor (very low) 20 9 5/20 3/20
Average attack passable (very high) passable (high) 24 23 6/20 6/20
Total average inadequate (very high) weak (high) 20 15 5/20 4/20
The youth player ratings presented here show ratings as they were at the end of the match.


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