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It was an exceptionally sunny day for the crowd of 12000 that came out to Renova Arena. Quirin Bison was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Wolf Grümpel and Niklas 'Schiri' Schaffraneck. It was a sunny day and the technical players could roll the ball around with ease. Those that had to chase after the ball found the weather less appealing, it especially stymied the game of Powerful and Quick players. The following players had been selected: Riba - Cepreagă, Burkan - Andry, Działak, Endang, Bogucki, Sklarczyk - Norberciak, Geisler, Gonin.

Starters: Hajgató - Géczy, Gulyás, Fishfeld - Andreoletti, Sharpe, Kerbach, Laukó, Nikko - Ballai, Boquet.

It was to be a contest between two different football philosophies, since the home team started the game with a 2-5-3 formation while the visitors instead opted for a 3-5-2. Renova mostly ignored the flanks in favor of their titanic ability to attack in the middle. Using their magnificent skill, Csillagok pushed their attacks towards the wings. Some quick footwork on the left side of the field 1 minutes into the match left Csillagok's Henri Nikko completely free to score. 0 - 1 for the visitors. After 12 minutes, Renova sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. In what looked like a well-rehearsed move, the ball was headed backwards and reached Noah Geisler, who had plenty of time to shoot and score - 1 - 1. Renova's coach was furious with Fryderyk Norberciak after he picked up a yellow for saying one too many words to the ref. 16 minutes into the game, Victorien Boquet had a great chance to put his team ahead, but his kick from the left went wide. 1 - 1 was the halftime score. The forty-five minutes were dominated by Csillagok, with an impressive 58 percent possession of the ball.

46 minutes into the game, Csillagok wanted to bring some new energy to their game. David Andreoletti gave István Majtényi a quick hug as he left the field. Oh dear - the keeper's made a mess of that one. The crowd was very disappointed after he let Gome Fishfeld get the go-ahead goal with a speculative shot from the right after 72 minutes. 1 - 2. The referee showed Renova's Youenn Gonin the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. Máté Géczy somehow managed to break free of his man on the left wing and only needed a relatively easy finish to bring Csillagok's lead up to 1 - 3. A particularly graphic suggestion to the referee describing what he could do with his turkey giblets led to a straight red card for Lesław Działak. 80 into the match, Csillagok's Máté Géczy fell flat on his chest. After a breather, he was ready to continue. It was obvious that Csillagok had instructions to attack on the wings instead of in the middle. After 81 minutes, a mistake by the home side's left defense allowed Elmo Sharpe to get through. He outclassed the home side's keeper, adding another goal for the visitors. 1 - 4. The players were tired, but when the referee announced that there would be 3 minutes of added time, they welcomed the extra opportunity to make an impact. Central attacks were the recipe of the day for Renova, and they were successfully passing the ball from the wing into the middle at the behest of their coach. After 90 minutes, Noah Geisler of Renova had a good opportunity to reduce the away team's lead with a chance created through the middle, but he scuffed the ball harmlessly past the post. The match ends 1 - 4. Csillagok did a good job holding on to the ball, with 58 percent of possession. We'll be back after these interminable commercial messages.

Renova's best player was Petru Cepreagă. You can tell it was nickel beer night yesterday at the local bar because Yoël Andry seemed to stumble all over the pitch. Elmo Sharpe performed admirably for Csillagok. Speaking of stinking up the place, Gergely Hajgató sure smelled like the bottom of Batman's shoe after a night of crimefighting in Gotham.

Rating details

Midfield weak (high) inadequate (very high) 15 20 4/20 5/20
Right defense weak (very high) passable (very low) 16 21 4/20 6/20
Central defense excellent (low) inadequate (very high) 30 20 8/20 5/20
Left defense weak (high) passable (low) 15 22 4/20 6/20
Right attack inadequate (low) passable (low) 18 22 5/20 6/20
Central attack excellent (very low) passable (high) 29 23 8/20 6/20
Left attack passable (high) inadequate (low) 23 18 6/20 5/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense passable (high) inadequate (very high) 23 20 6/20 5/20
Attack passable (low) inadequate (high) 22 19 6/20 5/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the middle Attack on wings
Tactic skill titanic magnificent 15 12 15/20 12/20
Style of play 100% offensive 100% offensive


0 - 1  Henri Nikko 1'
1 - 1  Noah Geisler 12'
1 - 2  Gome Fishfeld 72'
1 - 3  Máté Géczy 79'
1 - 4  Elmo Sharpe 81'
Fryderyk Norberciak 13'
Youenn Gonin 78'
Lesław Działak 80'
Máté Géczy 80'
Substitution Out  David Andreoletti
In  István Majtényi



Chance distribution

Home Away
3 6

0 Left attack 3
2 Central attack 0
0 Right attack 3
1 Other 0
0 Special events 0
0 - 1
1 - 1
Yellow card
1 - 2
Yellow card
1 - 3
Sent off
Got bruised
1 - 4

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense passable (high) inadequate (very high) 23 20 6/20 5/20
Attack passable (low) inadequate (high) 22 19 6/20 5/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the middle Attack on wings
Tactic skill titanic magnificent 15 12 15/20 12/20
Style of play 100% offensive 100% offensive

Average ratings

Total player experience solid (very low) poor (high) 25 11 7/20 3/20
Average midfield weak (high) inadequate (very high) 15 20 4/20 5/20
Average defense inadequate (very high) passable (very low) 20 21 5/20 6/20
Average attack passable (very high) passable (very low) 24 21 6/20 6/20
Total average inadequate (very high) passable (very low) 20 21 5/20 6/20


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