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37180 fans braved the pouring rain at Tbilisi Arena. Manuel Alexander Laschke was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Hubert Borbas and Adrian Schlegelmilch. The rain was pouring down, it was the kind of weather favoured by strong players who stick to simple football. For players possessing of speed or technical skills, the day really was as grim as for everyone else. Everyone was excited about the upcoming Tbilisi rivalry match and the crowd was divided evenly. Starters: Galainena - Žižlavský, Mirzəyev, Łukowski - Kikilashvili, Krameri, Eyyubov, Mansah, Mark - Soselia, Rivera.

The following players had been selected: Düzen - Dashev, Lee, Garufa, Luciano - Moyà, Orbelyan, Tvalabeishvili, Dekanoidze, Brănoiu - Cheng.

FC. D'Team trundled out to the pitch in a 3-5-2 formation. The visitors, F.C. Mtatsminda, chose to start the game with a 4-5-1 lineup. 13 minutes in, Mtatsminda appeared unsure on how to play and their organization was only weak. DTeam took the lead 31 minutes in, after Koka Soselia's awkward, but ultimately successful, shot from the right. 1 - 0. Martin Žižlavský increased DTeam's lead to 2 - 0 with a penalty spot cannonball. A great save by keeper Hasan Ali Düzen with 39 minutes gone kept the visitors in the game after Alfons Łukowski struck from the left with a real cannonball. Given a free kick in a difficult position after 41 minutes, DTeam tried a variation that they had practiced in training. The kick was sent into the area just in front of the keeper, however, the defense were on their toes and allowed no space for a finish. 2 - 0 was the score after the first half. DTeam set the tempo, maintaining 59 percent of possession.

During the break, Mtatsminda's coach went through the team's tactics yet again, getting them up to solid organization. After 47 minutes, Mtatsminda substituted Andrei Brănoiu for Zaza Kvirtidze, hoping for a quick impact on the field. After 57 minutes, a couple of quick and successful challenges followed by a shot from just outside the penalty area by Koka Soselia might have resulted in another goal for DTeam. However, Hasan Ali Düzen made a spectacular save. Krum Dashev was in the clear after breaking through the offside trap following a Mtatsminda counter-attack from the left with 60 minutes played. His neat finish made the score 2 - 1. Content with how the game was proceeding, the DTeam coach let Arsham Hagopyants come on for Koka Soselia after 66 minutes. Mtatsminda made it 2 - 2 as Mario Garufa knocked the corner kick to Zaza Kvirtidze who whipped a low drive in off the far post. Gotta love friendly woodwork! After 78 minutes, there was a bit of a mixup on the field as Mtatsminda found themselves out of position and their organization level dropped to solid. After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, DTeam's Arsham Hagopyants got himself booked. The bleachers were silenced after 82 minutes when Mtatsminda's Jesús Moyà put the guests ahead 2 - 3, following an attack on the right. DTeam tried to even things up by sending a long ball through the middle, but the visitors' defense easily read the pass. It was announced by the fourth official that he estimated stoppage time to be around 1 minutes. This meant there could still be an extra attack or two left in the match! The match ends 2 - 3. Looks like Nate Silver was right again - his prediction that DTeam would have 57 percent possession in this half was spot on!

DTeam's best player was Enrique Rivera. Even six year old fans were wincing at the poor play by Riad Mirzəyev today. Mtatsminda's top performer was clearly Romeo Luciano. You can tell it was nickel beer night yesterday at the local bar because Hago Orbelyan seemed to stumble all over the pitch.

Rating details

Midfield excellent (very low) passable (very low) 29 21 8/20 6/20
Right defense weak (very high) outstanding (low) 16 38 4/20 10/20
Central defense passable (high) brilliant (high) 23 43 6/20 11/20
Left defense weak (high) brilliant (low) 15 42 4/20 11/20
Right attack passable (very low) passable (very low) 21 21 6/20 6/20
Central attack outstanding (low) weak (very low) 38 13 10/20 4/20
Left attack excellent (low) inadequate (very high) 30 20 8/20 5/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense inadequate (low) passable (high) 18 23 5/20 6/20
Attack inadequate (high) weak (very high) 19 16 5/20 4/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play 100% offensive neutral


1 - 0  Koka Soselia 31'
2 - 0  Martin Žižlavský 37'
2 - 1  Krum Dashev 60'
2 - 2  Zaza Kvirtidze 71'
2 - 3  Jesús Moyà 82'
Arsham Hagopyants 80'
Substitution Out  Andrei Brănoiu
In  Zaza Kvirtidze
Substitution Out  Koka Soselia
In  Arsham Hagopyants



Chance distribution

Home Away
9 4

1 Left attack 1
3 Central attack 1
3 Right attack 1
2 Other 0
0 Special events 1
1 - 0
2 - 0
2 - 1
2 - 2
Yellow card
2 - 3

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense inadequate (low) passable (high) 18 23 5/20 6/20
Attack inadequate (high) weak (very high) 19 16 5/20 4/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)
Style of play 100% offensive neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience passable (very high) weak (very low) 24 13 6/20 4/20
Average midfield excellent (very low) passable (very low) 29 21 8/20 6/20
Average defense inadequate (low) brilliant (very low) 18 41 5/20 11/20
Average attack excellent (low) inadequate (low) 30 18 8/20 5/20
Total average solid (low) solid (high) 26 27 7/20 7/20


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