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Clouds darkened the skies at Estadio de la Revolución Berlin (QQQQK-Memorial) as 45170 spectators turned up for the match. Roman Bateško was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Heinz Holzfäller and Roar Therkelsen. The following players had been selected: Kima - Haggren, Bajo Fernández - Nogues, 辉光 (Huiguang), Ghidini, Michel, Quiroga - Jouannet, Öykü, Pirraglia.

Starters: Jacobsen - Joneidi, Ganczar, Dołbiński, Gasperavičius - Rothbuchner, Tammela, Wiefarn, Pfotenhauer - Vergnasco, Reusche.

It was to be a contest between two different football philosophies, since the home team started the game with a 2-5-3 formation while the visitors instead opted for a 4-4-2. Like the adage "bend but don't break", Lüneburg will rely on their extra-terrestrial ability to counter-attack today. 6 minutes into the match Sadistan's Jere Haggren was being cautioned by the referee when he blurted out "I PITY THE FOOL THAT CAUTIONS ME!" The humor was lost on the officials, and his comedic efforts only earned him a straight red card and a trip to the showers. As the captain was no longer on the field, Pedro Bajo Fernández took over the role for Sadistan. After a fine move down the middle Giuliano Pirraglia nearly put the home side one up with 15 minutes played. His final touch escaped him though and the keeper smothered the ball. With 20 minutes played, Ali Joneidi knocked one home from a counter-attack down the right wing, making the score 0 - 1. Big paper red cards were being held up by the opposing supporters with 28 minutes on the clock after Raimund Reusche's mistimed tackle from behind. The referee only showed the Lüneburg player a yellow card though. Sadistan's Rodrigo Nogues refused to leave the field despite hurting his back 29 minutes into the match. A series of fine plays up the middle should have led to a goal for Sadistan, but 甘 (Gan) 辉光 (Huiguang)'s shot went over the bar. Bogusław Dołbiński was in the clear after breaking through the offside trap following a Lüneburg counter-attack from the left with 31 minutes played. His neat finish made the score 0 - 2. The teams went for the halftime break at 0 - 2. Sadistan set the tempo, maintaining 55 percent of possession.

After 58 minutes, a mistake by the home side's left defense allowed Antonio Vergnasco to get through. He outclassed the home side's keeper, adding another goal for the visitors. 0 - 3. After 63 minutes, Lüneburg's Radomir Ganczar burst through the central defense and let loose a cannonball of a shot, scoring for 0 - 4. The game had been going for 74 minutes when Volkert Pfotenhauer broke through on the right, upping the score to 0 - 5 for Lüneburg, much to the home crowd's dismay. Although the whole team were struggling to impress, Sadistan's Valfredo Quiroga was singled out as being the problem as he was called off the field after 75 minutes. Uba Aloma was given a chance to change things around. With 80 minutes played, the Sadistan coach decided a substitution may help turn the game around. Ionuţ-Gabriel Morteanu came on and Tan Öykü had to leave the fray. It was announced by the fourth official that he estimated stoppage time to be around 2 minutes. This meant there could still be an extra attack or two left in the match! The match ends 0 - 5. The Count appeared on the jumbotron and announced that Sadistan had 53...53 percent possession. AH AH AH!

Sadistan's top performer was clearly Giuliano Pirraglia. Good thing Pedro Bajo Fernández isn't a horse, because he'd surely be sent to the glue factory after that performance. Most important Lüneburg player was Raimund Reusche. Even six year old fans were wincing at the poor play by Bogusław Dołbiński today.

Rating details

Midfield outstanding (very low) excellent (high) 37 31 10/20 8/20
Right defense inadequate (very low) mythical (very high) 17 68 5/20 17/20
Central defense inadequate (very high) magical (very low) 20 69 5/20 18/20
Left defense solid (high) extra-terrestrial (very high) 27 64 7/20 16/20
Right attack magnificent (high) outstanding (very high) 47 40 12/20 10/20
Central attack extra-terrestrial (very low) excellent (very low) 61 29 16/20 8/20
Left attack supernatural (very low) formidable (low) 53 34 14/20 9/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense solid (low) brilliant (very low) 26 41 7/20 11/20
Attack solid (very high) solid (high) 28 27 7/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) extra-terrestrial (no tactic) 16 16/20
Style of play 100% offensive neutral


0 - 1  Ali Joneidi 20'
0 - 2  Bogusław Dołbiński 31'
0 - 3  Antonio Vergnasco 58'
0 - 4  Radomir Ganczar 63'
0 - 5  Volkert Pfotenhauer 74'
Jere Haggren 6'
Raimund Reusche 28'
Rodrigo Nogues 29'
Substitution Out  Valfredo Quiroga
In  Uba Aloma
Substitution Out  Tan Öykü
In  Ionuţ-Gabriel Morteanu



Chance distribution

Home Away
6 5

0 Left attack 1
3 Central attack 1
1 Right attack 3
2 Other 0
0 Special events 0
Sent off
0 - 1
Yellow card
Got bruised
0 - 2
0 - 3
0 - 4
0 - 5

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense solid (low) brilliant (very low) 26 41 7/20 11/20
Attack solid (very high) solid (high) 28 27 7/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) extra-terrestrial (no tactic) 16 16/20
Style of play 100% offensive neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience solid (very high) excellent (very high) 28 32 7/20 8/20
Average midfield outstanding (very low) excellent (high) 37 31 10/20 8/20
Average defense passable (very low) mythical (high) 21 67 6/20 17/20
Average attack supernatural (low) formidable (low) 54 34 14/20 9/20
Total average outstanding (very low) brilliant (very high) 37 44 10/20 11/20


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