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National Team U-20 Northern Ireland (3165)

Country: Northern Ireland
Rating points: 60
Fan club: 2107
Fan mood: irritated
Team spirit: delirious
Confidence: decent

The coach informs

10-19-2018 U-20 match threads again

I was going to post a proper match thread for the Angola game, but have decided not to as the Mods and GMs will just keep banning me because they are retards.
Therefore I will no longer be using the forums at all, and in fact I think I will most likely not bother renewing supporter next time it comes up, as the Mods and GMs clearly don't want anyone to use the forums at all. Ironic, considering that it does them out of their own positions.
So yeah, clearly there is no point even trying to continue with anything on the forums here, so anyone interested will just have to try and keep up with the matches themselves, as the Mods and GMs prefer to be fascists rather than allow anyone to actually try and create a community.
I will continue to work on the team whilst I am in charge, but again I will never post any more threads in the forums due to the completely unacceptable behaviour of the Mod and GM teams.
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6-26-2018 Last message by  Pfunzi Supporter Platinum

Duncan Hendon
15 years and 73 days
Can be transported in 151 days.
Defense: poor
Game structure: unknown (maximum poor)
Wing play: passable (very good)
Passing game: poor (maximum weak)
Shot on goal: unknown (maximum weak)
Standards: unknown (maximum poor)

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