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The usual way is not the best way!

I am tryng to show the community that anybody can win a ML playing Not the normal way.
I train SP and PLAY entirely CA and have a great YA.

The usual way is not the best way!

1) How many times did you hear that the best way to play Hattrick is playing 352 or another heavy midfield formation?
2) How many times did you hear that the best manager is the one that has success with the lowest salaries, or, in other words with a "salary optimized team"?
3) How many times did you hear that the YA is a waste of time and money, and that daytrading is the best way to reach the top?
4) How many times did you hear that HT changes the game too often?

Answer: Many-many times.

First of all, let me introduce myself.
My name is Emi, and I have been playing Hattrick since 11-2003.
I've trained defense, playmaking, general (man, I miss general training), and now SP.
I've played 352, 343, 433, 442, 541, 451 and 523.
I've used normal tactic, pressing tactic and CA, but I succeeded most using the last one: CA.

CA, you love it or hate it: I love it!!!
I've won USA ML Season 45, playing the entire season CA (yes, all 14 games), and reached the USA cup final playing the same way.

So, let's talk about every point I made in the introduction.

1) How many times did you hear that the best way to play HT is playing 352 or 253?

Ok, as a CA guy, I love to play those guys; my favorite is that nasty 253 formation.... Hello Hrudrey :).

Playing 352 is the safest way to play the game, but not the best IMHO. Of course, playing 352, you win midfield, obtain a nice possession etc, etc. You can field 3 CD, or 2CD and 1 Wingback, and have a nice attack, in other words: you get a balanced team. But HT is about winning, not about having a balanced team!

There are 2 types of CA teams: those that play every game CA (like I do), or those that have a hybrid team that can play heavy midfield and/or CA. I have been playing CA for many seasons, now at the highest level and I continue to learn, but if you want to field a CA team, you cannot have a "balanced team", you should lose midfield.

Now, some people say: “Playing this way is a lottery ticket” ;).
In my point of view, CA teams should play with 4-5 defenders, 2-3 inners and always 3 forwards.
I don’t like 541-451-550 for CA, because at the end, you need to win, so you need to score.

It is extremely difficult to score when playing counterattack, so, fielding only 1 forward will make it really, really difficult. We need a defensive wall, an average midfield and 3 forwards.

If you want to score, you need to rely on our chances in these 3 subjects: CA-SE-SP.

CA: I use to have a magical-utopian level of CA. To achieve this, you need to focus on the defense skills of each defender, his passing skills (counts double), his experience and his form at the moment of the game.

Specs: I like [head] defenders and inners, [quick] wingers and forwards.

SP: I am currently training SP, so I am a ML team who plays entirely CA, and trains SP. Strange, right? Well, I train SP, because I need to have an indirect free kick level as high as possible, to avoid goals, and convert those into my own goal opportunities. I would like to add that I use a passable and defensive coach: there is no need to have a solid coach, because training SP, you don't notice the difference in training speed too much.

So, there is no such "lottery ticket" in playing CA. If you have your team prepared for it, you can play every game CA, and win.

2) How many times did you hear that the best coach is the one that has success with the lowest salaries, or, in other words, with a "salary optimized team"?

Let me be clear here: the best team is the one that wins.

I've won playing CA, while having the highest salaries in the country. This means I had to earn more money than anyone else, and spent it. That brings us to the next point:

3) How many times did you hear that the YA is a waste of time and money and daytrading is the best way to reach the top?

I never was a market guy, or a trader. Instead, I've earned much of my money developing young talents. Since the YA was opened, I've sold many players for millions, and that's why I want to encourage new users to spend money and time in the YA. It is hard work to develop a young talent, but the YA is really a nice tool to earn money and advance in the game.

4) How many times did you hear that HT changes the game too often?

I remember that some seasons ago, I was training general with mostly 33-34 year old guys. At that time, many complained about the old guys, because they performed too well while having extremely low salaries. They claimed it was unfair to use them, etc, etc.

I promoted from division V TO III in consecutive years, but then... BOOM: stamina was made more important, general training was cancelled and some changes were made regarding injuries. In other words: I had to adjust my team. Prices were crazy low, so I sold my team for almost nothing.... :(

But, without complaining, I changed my training regime. As a new challenge I bought some new defenders, and started training defense. Then I changed to a 343 formation and in the end I changed my team completely to a 100% CA-team.

In other words: HT changes, training changes, but at the end, if you learn and adjust your team, you should be able to succeed in this game.

The latest change was the introduction of loyalty. This means fewer sellers and buyers: people will keep those YA academy-players to have the extra bonus, and this is not good for my team (I have 0 players from my YA at this time). But, it is an opportunity too, because I WILL continue to sell guys the same way and compensate the lack of loyalty bonus by having better players. This means I'll have to pay higher salaries, yes, but I'll earn more too. ;)

I hope you enjoyed this HT-PRESS.

At the ended there are many ways to play the game and win. I did it by playing CA and training SP at the highest level, so impossible is nothing ;).

If you want to talk about CA, I am the president in a CA fed, very active, and I will be happy to help any FELLOW CA TEAM. (95460)


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