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Hattrick Pulitzer Cup

Good day ladies and gents,
As you all have been reading in the editorial, Tournaments are now live, and you can sign up for one that starts next monday. Now, that maybe really really really ubercool, but we thought it would be even cooler if we could show you what Tournaments are, what they're all about, how they look and feel. The only thing you can't do yet is set the line-ups, but you can allready get a taste of the tension, the battle for the bragging rights and the quest for eternal glory. And you can do it right here: (/Community/Tournaments/Tournament.aspx?tournamentId=37313)

Hattrick Press is delighted to be able to offer you the first Tournament that will have it's history saved on the databases. As Tournaments were tested extensively, there have been tournaments played already, but they have all been deleted and don't exist any more... (@GM-Goge: it never happened, you did not win from me :P:P:P). This tournament only differs from normal Tournaments in the game speed... In order to make this first week of waiting somewhat bearable, we will have a round played daily in stead of weekly. Hattrick Press will use the tournament forum (15574284.1) to discuss the articles published and the game results.
We will try to get you hooked, and keep you informed as the tournament progresses with multiple articles, both in local and global Press pages.

As I stated before, this is all about glory. Being the winner of the first Tournament in Hattrick, in an event followed by (hopefully) thousands. Eternal bragging rights are at stake. 8 editors will battle it out, in 2 groups of 4. The first 2 of each group will advance to the semi finals.

Time to present you with the contenders for the first ever Hattrick Pulitzer Cup:

Saints Regia, (235798), managed by the NT legend regia5.
In my opinion he is the guy to beat, the big favourite. Definitely knows what he is doing and pressure resistant.

Royal Football Club Bruges, (73470), managed by yours truly...
I 'm in it to win it, or to come pretty darn close... I want that Pulitzer medal...
Will have to beat regia5 to get there though...

Bubi the mad bull, (154205), managed by Suli_sul
This chap has an old but experienced squad, could be a serious threat to my plans to win it

The Strategists, (503271), managed by the one and only Strategist...
Don't think for a second that this guy will be the laughing stock of the group because he only plays in 5th division. This U20 coach can surprise many... If anyone comes close to beating regia5, it will be this lad right here

Sebartom FC, (963181), managed by Sebartom
Top dog in this group I'd say... and french to boot, we know they want to win by all means necessary... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKKG8-vTvMA&feature=related)

Grimlocks, (621603), managed by jcobayliss
This mexican lad, I see him going really far in this tournament, he'll need to be in his best matchform though

Bigger, (878426), managed by our romanian editor ed-relu
Definitely has his work cut out for him if he wants to advance, but given the support of the entire romanian community, a lot of things can happen... a bit of random going this lads way, and surprises can happen...

V!per, (1954646), managed by bagher
Never say never of course, but I don't think this team is ready for the big boys yet. He will need a serious helping hand from the lords of random, and still will be an underdog in his games. But then again, I allways quite liked underdogs to win...

As you can see, this Tournament will be exciting, there will be drama - joy - tension - miracles can happen... We'll keep you updated as the tournament progesses.

Please join our discussion here: (15574284.1)

2012-03-13 18:44:28, 2110 views

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