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What every 1st Division Needs!

Have you ever seen a really interesting 1st Division in your country? Have you ever thought about which is the best combination of teams/managers that should be able to create one? Well due to recent events on my country’s top league, I have put a little thought on it and this is what I came with…

The first and probably the most important team/manager we need to have is the classic protagonist of every story. It may be called by many names, the best, the legend, the hero, etc. For me, it should just be called for what it is, the Champ. This one would be the team that most aspires to be or at least the one that everybody compares their team with. It is a team who has won everything on the country and has done it many times. Putting aside all of the success in the "sports" part, the manager is, to put it in simple words, a nice person that knows how to deal with his counterpart.

Yeah, like in most of the things for every yin there must be a yang, and therefore we must have an antagonist. This one I just call it “El Bocón” (Spanish for Bigmouth although I’m not that sure if it is the same connotation) . This one must be a team/manager that has accomplish at least something, so he can back up some of his most common weapon, his trash talk. This one is actually not a bad team, and it could give the Champ a fight, but far more important than that his manager primary function is to spice up the league, he is one that creates controversy and gives some games a really nice appeal. For that this character tends to be dislike by most of the people but hey it’s not all bad, he probably has some fans too.

Next we have the air snatchers; in this category we could have 2 or 3 teams as these ones are teams that have an important role. They have average teams and because of that their main objective is just to maintain the category, but just because they don’’t aspire to the championship it doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat. They could snatch some air, sorry I mean some points from either the Champ or the “El Bocón”. In some cases this teams could also be considered like sidekicks of the Champ since they are kind of tired of the trash talk from “El Bocón” and tend to enjoy taking points from him just to put him in the spot. As for the managers they can be either fans of the champ or just normal guys who analyzes games in a civilized way.

Then another important character is the newcomer since he may be the one who can change the entire league. It’s always nice to see a young team (referring to experience in a top league) that fears nothing and have big expectations, although it’s not always the case. This team is basically a character that hasn’t been categorized yet. He may be the next big thing (Champs can stay forever, you know) or maybe he will be an even bigger Bocón or well he could just be just a team passing by or a future air snatcher. The thing is his future category is yet to be decided.

Finally we have the fill up teams, and as their name state their primary function is to fill the rest of the spots (2 of these are my recommendation otherwise it gets too salty, I mean boring). Teams that will probably be just easy points and most likely candidates to descend next season. But hey they are needed; if there weren’t a bunch of extras in movies they wouldn’t seem real, right?

So this is it, my combination for an interesting 1st division. Feel free to share your combination of team/manager for your top league, I may have left behind an important character…

2012-10-13 20:23:20, 7514 views

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