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Tips and tricks everyone should know about

Here is a list of tips and tricks that can give you extra training, less injuries, more money and better results.

If you want to advance in Hattrick, you should read the manual and follow the forums. But there are many tips and tricks that can help you to perform better in an easy way.

This list was made with help of the Spanish community (15894078.1). I have played Hattrick since 2005, but I learned a lot compiling this list. I hope you will as well.

Tips and tricks in Hattrick

Players and training

Get 150 minutes extra training per week. Find an opponent to play a friendly (cup rules) in a very defensive way (for example 5-5-0). You need to draw the match so it goes into extra time. Make sure you get 3 players waiting on the bench to enter in the 90th minute on a trainable spot. Each of them will receive 30 minutes of training. Next to this, you can make 2 position swaps, so this way, in total you can gain up to 5 times 30 minutes of free training each week.

Cure an injury instantly. Convert your injured player into a coach and he will lose his injury. Be careful, because it is impossible to sell a coach.

Play without risk of injury. If you want a player to play just one minute, let him play between minute 0 and 1. It is technically impossible to receive an injury in this particular minute. This can come handy when you need a player to play because you want to be able to sell him, or when you want to receive commissions from a youth player you just promoted, or when you want a player to maintain his form or stamina, etc.

Train 100% even when a trainee got a red card. For example, you train playmaking. Than you got to put two conditional substitutions:
“My inner red carded” -> striker or defender out and inner midfielder in.
“My winger red carded” -> striker or defender out and winger in.

Train a youth player who enters your team on Thursday. Normally, this player wouldn’t train, as most friendlies are being played on Wednesday. In some countries, however, friendlies are being played on Thursdays (for example Argentina), which gives your player the opportunity to train. However, you have to arrange the friendly at least two days before and play as a visitor.

Match planning

Surprise your cup rival with a new coach. This trick makes use of the fact that the training is later in the week than the cup match. If you want to change your coach, change him a bit before the cup match for a temporary weak one with solid leadership and whatever mentality you prefer for the coming cup match (fond of attacking, defense-minded, etc). This coach will cost you only 10.000 euros. Than make sure that after the match, but before the training, you change to the more expensive coach (for example solid-solid) that you like to have for the longer term. This way, you don’t lose training. Of course, he can have a totally different mentality, so you'll also confuse your next league opponent.

Pimp your team spirit. For a decisive match at the end of the season (promotion/relegation), you might want to consider lowering your training intensity. It has many negative side effects, but it will increase your team spirit and therefore your midfield rating.

Don’t let your rival be lucky when guessing which side will be your strong wing attack. In case you only have one strong wing attack, you can switch sides of your offensive winger during half time. This way, at least you play 45 minutes against the weakest side of your rival.

Get home advantage when you want to. This trick makes you use the advantage of a boosted midfield playing an away-derby. Look at your rivals and chose the region that suits you most, so you can plan on beforehand whether you want to play derbies, or not. Some examples:
- You have a extremely strong team in a low division and want to make a spectacular cup run. Playing in a lower league, you’ll play most cup matches at home. Put your team in the smallest region, so the risk of giving the away team the advantage of a derby is small.
- Or the other way round: you play in a high division, so in cup you’ll have to play mostly away games. Than you want to be in the biggest region, so the chance of you getting the derby advantage is bigger.
- You can also analyze your league rivals and chose a region accordingly. If your team is relatively weak and you don’t want to relegate, try to avoid derbies. You’ll need the points you can get at home and the chance you get points away is small anyway. On the other hand, if your team is slightly better than your rivals, you should go to the region where most of your league buddies are, so you get more derbies. At home you will beat them anyway, and away you get the derby advantage.


Know more than your youth scout. Find twins in Hattrick Youth Club to discover skills that your scout and youth trainer didn’t yet tell you about.

Extra youth training. When your league finishes, join immediately another league and you’ll be able to play another match (and train) the same day. For this reason, if you play in a league of 4 teams, you receive this free training every 6 weeks.

Promote two youth players in one week. Before you close your youth academy, pull a youth player to your normal squad. After closing it, you can pull a player from the scouting network in the same week. Also, the level of the scouting network will be excellent if you have had 3 scouts for a long enough period (over two seasons).


Make your player look better on the transfer list. Let him play for no more than 10 minutes for several weeks. This way, he will get more stars than when he plays the full match. It doesn’t make a real difference, but it just looks better on his match history record and maybe you’ll sell him for a better price.

Put your players for sale in your press announcements. This works very well when you are well known or play in a high division. Most top teams sell their players this way.

Buy trainees that almost reach the next level in their main skill. You can find out if a player is close to pop with a plugin called PsicoTSI. Once bought, you just need 1 week to make him pop one level and sell him for more. Be careful, because this utility fails sometimes.

Borrow money from a friend. Put a player on sale for far less than it’s worth. Ask a friend to place a bid on him. Now you can use the money to buy another player, even though technically you haven’t received the money yet. This trick can be risky, because you don’t know for how much you will sell your player in the end: it can be far less than you hoped for.

Buy a cheap goalkeeper. Young goalkeepers are cheaper than slightly older ones. For some reason, the difference in value between a 19 year old goalkeeper and a 20 year old goalkeeper is on average 20%. There are many more tricks on the transferlist (buy and sell on certain levels), but there is not enough space in this article to list them all.


Spy on your rivals. To find out how your next opponent will play you, put him into your shortlist of forum favorites. If he reveals his plans on the forum, you’ll be the first to find out. This happens more than you might think on the question forums.

If you want to get loads of attention, and the possibility to play friendlies against whoever you want: put an avatar of a girl, and pretend to be one.

And last, but not least, use your league forum to manipulate your opponents. Make them believe you don’t compete seriously, or that you want to play relaxed, and than, BAM, you put a surprise tactic and MOTS. Or the other way round: make them believe you will go for it, and than play relaxed and CA.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this. Don’t forget to “like” this on the bottom of this article. I opened a thread in global forum where you can discuss the list, or add more tricks (and read about them). Click here: (15981357.1)

Good luck!

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