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Streaming on HatTwitch with Uncle-Mish

For a lot of managers, the Hattrick community is one of the prime features of the game. And, as communities go, they need people to make and keep them attractive. One of the community members that really get this is Israeli manager, Uncle-Mish (11419808), who has even expanded the HT community to YouTube and Twitch.

Love compliments a community. Once you give (to) it, you will receive more. Uncle-Mish loves Hattrick together with its community and, through his endless enthusiasm and effort, the community loves him back.

He served as a Game Master (GM) for 2.5 years and he is a pretty familiar face on several forums and federations. He also hosts the U-20/NT toto on the Global forum: (17212897.1), for which he sponsors Supporter prizes to the winners every week. He donated already more than 50 months of supporter this way.

"I really love this game and especially the community part, so I wanted to give something back. I saw the gaming world explode in various directions and streaming and vlogging suddenly became very popular, as well as content creation on YouTube.", says Michael, as his girlfriend prefers to call him. "I enjoy performing and realized that I'd love to explore media like YouTube and Twitch for Hattrick."

The man with the mustache streamed his first Twitch already back in January 2017. As of April this year, he streams three times a week about competitive League/Cup games and the U-20/NT games on Fridays.
Around the same time, he started posting videos on YouTube: "I create videos that I think could be interesting for other managers: new tactical formations, specialty changes, skill trading guides, overall power rankings and interviews with National Team coaches. And I still have a loooot of other ideas for future videos!".

Asked about the response to his streaming and vlogging endeavours, Michael's eyes light up: "Our community is amazing, I get a lot of positive reactions from managers and that motivates me to keep going. And also constructive feedback helps me improve. More and more managers start following my Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/uncle_mish) and subscribing to the YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQxmmVoezcT_QP4iqlAoiSw), reaching about 150 in each one. A few managers even subscribed and donated on my Twitch channel which is so heart-warming!".

The count of his recordings is impressive; more than 100 Twitch streams (accumulating to over 200 hours) and more than 30 YouTube videos.
"Streaming is quite straight forward. Three times a week, about 2-2.5 hours each. But creating the YouTube videos is much harder. Preparing the material, doing background research, then shooting and editing." says Michael. "I didn't realize up front how time consuming it is... A short and easy video takes a couple of hours, but while doing the big ones can be 8-10 hours!"

Beside creating video content, the U-20/NT toto occupies him another hour a week, while in real life he owns a company providing extracurricular activities for children: "I'm super lucky to have such a supportive, understanding and amazing girlfriend," he concludes.

Editor note: Interesting to find out more? We are waiting for you on the forum: (17216987.1), where you can ask questions directly to Uncle-Mish.

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