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Mercattrick, a tool for better transfers

I have always had the feeling that although Hattrick has a fantastic match simulation engine, everything revolves around the game finances. And when speaking about the game finances, what helps you earn the most and have a strong team is an efficient transfers policy.

Good transfers reflect directly in our team(s) finances, so I always believed that the default tools offered by Hattrick, for buying or/and selling players, can be better. From this personal need emerged Mercattrick, a new CHPP tool focused on helping us fine-tune our searches and bring our team(s) to the next level.

How did it all start?
The idea came while having a coffee with some friends, also Hattrick managers. I felt that there was something missing with the Hattrick transfers and that the process could be improved.
This was back in October 2017. Jumped right at it but soon got stuck in ideas. In December 2018, after more than a year, I decided to finish and release it. And here we are!

But what does it offer?
As stated in the introduction, Mercattrick improves the way transfers are done. From the feedback received so far, it saves managers time and offers more flexibility.
How does it do it? Well, by doing the following things for you:

- allowing you to create and save a predefined set of search criteria (we'll call them filters). Although this is a feature similar to what Hattrick offers through its Supporter plan, Mercattrick gives you more than that. For example, you can set criteria that will search:
• by a broader age span (17 to 40);
• by personality;
• by aggressiveness;
• by form;
• by honesty;
• by salary;
• by (the much requested) HTMS28 score;
You can even search players that are currently playing, or have played in the past, for their national team.

- allowing you to promote your transfers. This means that the managers interested in the kind of players that you are selling are notified about their availability.

- allowing you to do direct searches in Hattrick, by clicking a button found next to the filter name. In this way, you don't need to fill in a form every time you want to check the transfers list.

- notifying you, based on your filters, when new matching players are added into the system (promoted by their owners or discovered by other managers). The notifications, received by email (or directly into your browser or on your phone), significantly reduce the time that you need to spend on the transfers list. The goal of Mercattrick is to reduce this time to ZERO.

Can these features really help me?
Let's see some examples and see exactly how you can get the most out of these features:

Case 1. You can create a filter for a midfielder that plays for his national team. This is quite helpful since the player's salary is paid by that national team, so you should have at least one in your team.

Case 2. You wish to buy a young player, for training, but it's hard to decide between similar players. In this case, you can use the HTMS28 score to determine which one has greater potential.

Case 3. You are interested in buying a young player (17 years old) that is about to jump to the next level of a certain skill. His salary and TSI can be a good indicator of this. You can create a filter that will return only players above a certain value of salary and TSI.

Case 4. You have always wanted a special player that has great skills in multiple areas (midfield, winger, defense, set pieces, specialty, etc.). Yet, you don't spend all day long scanning the transfers list and you have high chances of missing him when he's for sale. By setting up your filter, the chances of finding him will increase as you'll be notified once he is promoted by his manager.

Case 5. You have a good player but you don't have a way to reach all the managers interested in this kind of player. By clicking the promote button, these managers are notified that the player is for sale. This will increase your chances of obtaining the right price for your player.

Probably the list can continue and I'm sure you have a lot of other scenarios in which the application will be able to help you.

What's next?
It would be interesting to know what are the skills managers search for the most. Or which of your players you should sell. So I have a few nice features on my to-do list waiting their turn.

For now I leave you to discover the application and send me your feedback and requests on the dedicated forum (/Forum/Overview.aspx?v=0&type=10&subtype=4953).

Screenshots and extra details are available on the CHPP Products page (/Community/CHPP/ChppProgramDetails.aspx?ApplicationId=4953).

Oh, and I almost forgot, the user interface is super-friendly. Check it out here (https://mercattrick.com) :)

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