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Generation Cup - Edition 6 (A brief interview with the new Legend)

The world was more than ready to compete in the 6th edition of the Generation Cup. 111.818 teams from all over the globe accepted the invite.

Right after the big final in the Trophy Of Legends I blew up my rowing boat and began my journey to Russia where I had a meeting with the winner ... The new HT Legend, vIlyaM (2106736)

My Russian is so bad I had to call for assistence. Our HT/YT video star Uncle-Mish (11419808) was there for the rescue! My gratitude goes to our star.

Crazy me: Ellow vIlyaM. First of all, thank you for inviting me into your crib. Congratulations on winning the trophy, Legend!

vIlyaM: Hello Uncle-Mish and threeothree, You are welcome and thank you.
I had an overall successful season and now this new (poisonous looking) Cup on my trophy shelf, hope to keep this roll up.

Crazy me: How does it feel?

vIlyaM: It feels like I'm running out of mana :P
But everything else is in place, and the team is ready to achieve new heights

Crazy me: We're not going to talk about your first 2 runs but as of the 3rd edition you always managed to end in the top 10. 2 times on a 3rd place. I can only imagine the pain a man feels after missing the final. Your ambitions to play and win the final must have been huge this season?

vIlyaM: Ambitions were at maximum levels!
In this off season all cards fell the right way for a great performance, players form where high, no injuries and I couldn't ask for better conditions, so I really wanted to realize this to something substantial.
And I'm thrilled it happened, especially that in the last 3 tournaments I was held twice one step before the final, and it felt devastating considering my journey in those tournaments.

Crazy me: You ended #23 with 7 wins and 1 draw. A lot of managers think that ending somewhere in the middle of the T64 gives a team the benefits of having an easier 1st qualifier and maybe the 2nd qualifier as well. How were your first 2 qualifying matches? Any difficulties?

vIlyaM: Well i guess all those managers can't be wrong.
It is easier to play from the middle of the bracket, the first 2 matches where pretty easy, without big preparations, but the match vs the LS was a headache, mainly because he combines LS with nice attack.

Crazy me: The final match was a very close 1. CAJ Maccers (100139) took the lead after a nice corner/header but only 1 minute later Cristóbal Muñoz (399182572) levelled the score back to 1-1. The match could have been played in the 1st half if only the ME gave some chances on the right instead of left. what were you thinking during the 15 minutes half-time?

vIlyaM: During half time I was doing this :P ... (http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1561446780/40980ffb/26997074.gif)
And in the remaining 30 seconds I was thinking how important it would be to score within the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half, due to a substitution in case of not leading, the change would trigger more attack ratings in case I faced Counter-Attacks, luckily it didn't happen and still the action in the match was left to the final moments.

Crazy me: The second half started very good with a goal in the 54th minute. Only 1 minute before your sub and change of formation the opponent scored the 2-2. With only 16 minutes to go all was to play for. Can you describe and tell the world what was going on inside of you when the reporter popped up with the last event, the one where you scored the winning goal?

vIlyaM: Due to translation issues, the reporter imminently announced that my team scored, so instead of going through all possible emotions I was left with just being happy :)

But just before the final goal, I was thinking that despite having higher ratings, anything could happen and there will be no time for comebacks, so even reaching over-time could be a good alternative, all this while criticizing the ME for not being decisive and considering i won't be able to watch the remaining of the live match, but it was all over within a second and I even managed to write a post on the local forum before logging off with a huge feeling of satisfaction!

Crazy me: It was a well deserved win Sir.

Crazy me: There are some threads on global and local forum about and for new managers. You have any advise for the newbies amongst us? Something that motivates them maybe?
The biggest motivation comes when your team reaches it's first achievements.
Then any small victories are driving you to reach even further.

vIlyaM: The first steps of building a team might feel like a routine, but if you stick through it until the plan is fulfilled without steering away for momentary results, than the moment of triumph will be worth all the effort!

Great :) Thank you for the interview Legend. Enjoy the win and good luck next season.


15 other trophies were held at the same moment, Titans & Heroes. The winners of each trophy can be found here (17261299.10).
Congratulations to all the winners!

Yours truly

Edit: Give your best shot and guess who won the Supporter Week Trofee (2108472 ) :)

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