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A gift for the community of HT

Hat – TRICK 5 staff members Yeap, I’m not crazy… We can have 4 staff members, not 5.
But, what if we do a rotation on them every week? While Judassab (283833) was searching around (the master never stops seeking for information), he found an interesting post about the ability of having 5 staff members by rotating them. We had a talk about it, I analyzed it, I learned it well and I have already made a schedule for some users who are already using it …

Let’s see what is happening:

Normal schedule

We usually have:
2 Assistant Coaches (16w contract)
1 Medic (16w contract)
1 Form Coach or Sports Psychologist (16w contract)

Cost for staff: 65280€ / week (1044480€ / season)

When we are on top spots, usually we need high forms and team spirit. Can we have something on our staff that can help us?
We, also, need room for subs and team orders to recover in case of injuries or form drops.

Let’s see what happens with our little trick:

5 staff member schedule

Henribbo’s suggestion:
2 Assistant Coaches (3 week rotation)
1 Medic (3 w rotation)
1 Form Coach (16w contract)
1 Sports Psychologist (3 w rotation) or a Tactical Assistant whoever prefers of it

Cost for Staff: 128160€ / week (2050560€ / season)

Example: We have 2 Assistants, 1 Medic, 1 Form Coach.
• On Thursday evening, after the training, we fire one of the assistants.
• At the same time we hire a Sports Psychologist with 3 weeks contract. Therefore, we have a Psychologist for the next updates.
• Next Wednesday evening, after all the games of the week are complete, we fire the Medic and hire again the 2nd Assistant with 3 weeks contract. So, the next training update will occur with 10 levels Assistant Coach.

• On Thursday, after the second training update, fire the other Coach Assistant and hire a Medic again, with a 3 weeks contract.

• We keep on the same pattern every Wednesday and Thursday. Here are 2 photos so we can understand it.

Link 1 (upcoming Feb) : (http://prntscr.com/26fx248)

Link 2 (upcoming Mar) : (http://prntscr.com/26fx2ad)

The total cost is...
3 members (Medic, Assistant, Psychologist) x 30240 3 week contract = 90720
1 Form Coach (16 week contract) x 16320 = 16320
2 firing per week x 10560 = 21120
Total cost = 128160

Some advices
● Always keep a staff member with a 16 week contract. I prefer the Form Coach.

● A staff member can be fired on the second (middle) week of its contract. On the first and the last week this cannot be done. Assistants can be fired every 8 days (Wednesday till next Thursday). You should hire every Wednesday evening after the midweek game and you should fire every Thursday evening after the training update. At the beginning the contracts can have 4 weeks duration, in order to avoid mistakes, but it’s more expensive.

What do we gain:
1.In this way, you will always have 1 Assistant Coach during the games. So there is smaller chance of injuries on both games of the week. The risk of injuries will be 12,5% instead of 25% with 2 Assistants.
2. You will never be without Medic – Form Coach – Psychologist during the whole season. You will not have them between Wednesday and Thursday evenings, so no problem!!!
3. You will have better forms, better team spirit and confidence and smaller injury risk. So you can have a smaller squad, as there is no reason for too many players.

What do we lose:
1. This way you spend 1 extra million € per season for the staff. But, beside all the above gains, this money can be saved from not buying one player less since there is smaller injury risk.

And the bigger piece of ADVICE: Add a weekly reminder on your phone, so you proceed to the staff changes every Wednesday and Thursday evening. I personally have set them on 23:00
Don’t forget it, because if you miss in once, you will break the circle of changes and then you will have a problem. You will have to wait even 10 days to hire the appropriate staff member again...

P.S. I used this system while I was on the 4th division and I had 3 straight promotions till top level. It helped me a lot, as I had always high forms of 7+ and my squad was complete with 14 players.

I highly recommend it!
A gift from me (2850617) and Judassab(283833) for the community of HT.

Original post in Greek: (22533)
Translated by : LA-seafish81 (3772055) Thank you!!!!

Are you using it? Do you think it could be worth it in the Anniversary League aswell? Anyway, you can discuss this topic on Global forum here: (17481322.1).

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