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5th Egg Saga

Our search for the 5th Egg, and the interaction of hattrick users.
A nice enigma for this Easter period.

Without being expected, colorful images began to appear during the interaction with the different pages of hattrick. The challenge goal was to find the total of five eggs scattered in different places. Each egg, new level, until level 5. To make the challenge more attractive, the eggs had different sizes and colors... Prize: Another symbol on achievements page, but without points awarded. Just for fun!

An inigma related to Easter, which, once again, encouraged the achievement hunters and their sympathizers to stay connected for hours in deep search, through repeating pages views endlessly, reading page codes, and perhaps, searching answers in forums or praying to gods. In few days page views have increased exponentially in hattrick!

One thing we can say and I believe some will agree: The HT´s introduce in recent years some new features in the game platform, not only upgrading the core engine of the game, but also introducing stimulating challenges with new countries, new achievments, new leagues and new tournements, new supporter features, and now, new unpredictable defiance! Well done.

As far as we can understand, it seems that some eggs have appeared associated with number 25, for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the hattrick. This smooth connection, appeared in the idea, because an egg appeared on page 25 in several users topic´s. In the other hand, others say that is random, and found it in several places, including floating in the middle of atlantic ocean in world map. The opinions were divided. In my opinion, I believe at least one egg was associated with the number 25, because is symbolic and striking for the date. Everyone will remember. The others eggs, perhaps were randomly distributed by users via the game engine. who knows ?!

If at first glance we clicked in the eggs with curiosity, at the end of a few hours we take a desperate attitude because didn´t found the last one, and classified the 5th egg as the ghost/code error, or "5th egg, the damn," (few users found him peacefully!)

After all, why the fifth egg didn´t stop in the same place? For some of us, it´s already an egg with legs that predicts our steps and runs away? :) If you find an omelette, you will know: for sure you'll never find the fifth egg, but the mystery goes on...

In the end, and for the good health of our hattrick users, we require an International Arrest Warrant Request: 5th Egg, today! Reward: Well-deserved rest to our hattrick users and level 1 of the achievement (although not graded)!

Nice joke HT's! This enigma relax (or not) our users in this Easter period. A lot of "headegg" because of this research!. For me, Thank you (I still searching the 5th) :)

Greetings to all, and good luck... who can say something won't happen again, and we'll discuss again sooner than later this topic?

2022-05-06 11:55:46, 5459 views

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