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Germany wins the U20 World Cup XXXI: Interview with Hardy_HH and Gave_ (2)

Germany did it again: they won the U20 World Cup edition XXXI. Who was leading Germany to win the gold medal? It would not be fair to just mention one name, as in fact it was a duo job lead by two online friends who know each other for many years: German manager Hardy_HH (5482723) and Italian manager Gave_ (9718120)

Below you can read an interview introducing us to the managers and their road to the World Cup gold medal.

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Now that you’ve won the gold medal and you have worked together for so long, please tell us why you are such a good team? What are the pros and cons of both of you?

[Gave_] I think I am more the mathematical half, while Hardy is more the instinctive half.
HT is a game that combines both parts, which are basically equally important because you always need to do the math in order to choose a good lineup, but you also have to predict the opponent's choices and decide your own strategy, which is not always a clear path.
Anyway, the funny thing is that we often came to the same or similar conclusions.

[Hardy_HH] Can´t agree more. But the true key is surely that we just like each other and really enjoy tons of WhatsApp messages before the game

We all know that there will be some changes in the WC and U20/U21 system, there will also be additional national cups. What is your opinion about the new WC system? Do you think this was a necessary change?

[Gave_] I like the new system a lot! I have been quite active at some point giving feedback to the developers in the legends forum and I think the final result is very nice.
What I appreciate the most is that coaches will have to play many more meaningful games, while in the past version there was a full season of friendlies for the eliminated ones and even after that, the last World Cup Qualifier games were often meaningless because you had nothing left to play for.
It may seem intense, but I'd say it will be fun to play many more games and different competitions.
I definitely think that a change was needed. Especially because new countries had been added to HT with no more room in the old format, we could say it was necessary.
I think the developers really made a great job here, collecting a lot of feedback from coaches and former coaches, which really improved the final result.

[Hardy_HH] The changes are great. More titles to win, that´s good for everyone who is interested in the U21 and NT. But I am also not sad that I won´t lead a team in the next cup and that I’ll have a bit more free time for myself. Apart from this: Gave is next!!!!

What’s your next goal within HT? Will you focus on your own teams, or will you stay active within U21/National teams?

[Hardy_HH] U21 and NT´s are my main interest. I have a few talents who might play for Ireland at the continentals and a few guys in my main team who hopefully will enter the national teams of their nations soon. Apart from that, I will help my friends in Ireland, Nigeria, or wherever my help is needed and I will support the German U21 and NT of course (except against Ireland I have to admit).

[Gave_] I'd love to experience a term as NT/U20 coach in Italy some day. Unfortunately I lost the elections so I’m trying to help out in Ireland, which is actually kind of my HT mother country so I always enjoy being active there.

We all heard the same question about Covid and how it affected our lives too much, imagine that Covid suddenly is gone and tomorrow we are again Covid-free. What’s the first thing you plan to do?

[Gave_] I'd book a flight to Hamburg! I love to travel and it surely is something I will appreciate even more after this Covid period... and thanks to HT I also already know my next destination.

[Hardy_HH] And I will prepare my guestroom for Davide! For real, it´s time to celebrate life again.

I’m always curious: if you could change something within HT, anything you want, what would it be?

[Hardy_HH] I don´t know. It would be great if the supporter costs would decrease so that many more managers could enjoy the positive effects of it. Not much more to add. A game shouldn´t be changed to often.

[Gave_] Right now I think I'd remove the financial restrictions as I think they're too strict and they make it very tough for anyone who doesn't follow their finances closely for some time.

This interview will bring you HT fame for at least a few minutes and a few managers. In order to thank all the readers, are you willing to share something unusual, exceptional, maybe secret?

[Gave_] I have a probably unpopular idea: I believe player specialties are widely overrated. We based nearly all of our player selections on ratings over specs. We had a technical winger in the World Cup Qualification rounds, two Inner Midfielders without specialties in the actual WC and some other things which were not perfect, but not the end of the world!
In my own HTI team that plays in first division, I basically never care about specialties when buying a player and still I get nice results.
At NT level it's correct to carefully scout the players with best specs, but at U20 level it's less important, and when it's about buying a player for your own club I really wouldn't care too much about it.

[Hardy_HH] I changed my vote from myself to Bokko 5 minutes before the deadline I had just too much jimjams. He would´ve been a good choice too, but I am happy my vote was not decisive as you can imagine

Thanks both for your time for answering all these questions! We wish you all the best both on HT and in personal life!

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