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Guide to the new achievement system

Achievements are intended to give each user a better gaming experience. They were first introduced in December 2006 with minor fixes in the following seasons, followed by a big break until June 2021. You can find them in the manager page. (/Club/Achievements/). After the way achievements are awarded has been revamped recently, I will try to guide you trough the historic and current achievement system.

Legacy achievements
The number of achievements and related points has changed over time. At first it was even kept secret to increase the community participation, so users had to seek for new achievements and then make public on the forum those that had been discovered.
There were 32 achievements to collect. One of them is the Milestone achievement that gives 0 points and was introduced in August 2017 during the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the game, taking 20 years to achieve rank 1. Met Bob at the bank and Non-spender have been deleted and cannot be obtained anymore. The latter was was only possible for new teams if they did nothing in the first week; old teams once had the chance to achieve it during salary free week (but only if they teared down their arena, gave up youth and fired all staff).
For more info on the old achievements, you can go through the 12 threads dedicated to it. (17392729.1)

New achievements
On 30.06.2021 the revamp of the achievements system was announced, including 17 new achievements. The first big change was to the achievements page and the way the total of points is being counted. The Achievements page has been divided into sections, each one with their own separate scoreboard and lists for global and national Top Achievers. The Main section contains the majority of achievements that mostly involve good team performance. The Special section contains fun and interesting achievements that may have an impact on your team. Lastly, the Supporter category, where any achievements that requires Supporter or other pay features to be reached.

Awarding retroactively
Except for the Cup and flags achievements, none of the new achievements are going to be awarded retroactively. The National Treasure Hunter achievement has been awarded to all managers that reached at least the semifinals in the past, for all other managers it has been removed.

The main reason for this decision is a technical one (the way the data is stored). The devs needed days to go through the old data for the flags achievement and doing this for all achievements would mean months of data crunching which is something that they're not willing to do. Imagine the pushback from the comunity if they would have been left out the flags collections.

Supporter section
Stop the press, Join my revolution and Eternal life have been moved to this section. Join my revolution is one, if not the hardest achievement, of them all. The main reason is that you need 3000 users with supporter to join your federation. If you’re interested in it, head over to ( 17432752.1). You’ll be able to climb a few ranks.

Everyone Is Welcome Here is the new achievement rewarded for collecting a home flag for every country in Hattrick. Managers need Gold or a higher Supporter tier for this achievement. Every manager can still collect flags but supporter is needed in order to show the achievement.
An away flags achievement may be added in the future.

Special Section
Nasty, Honest, Nice and Dishonest Squad are the legacy achievements. One change here is that these achievements are updated instantly when buying/selling/firing a player instead of once a week at the financial update. This means that you can achieve all of them over a few days. Note that the coach is taken into account for the average. Supporters are able to see an average of their squad (coach excluded) in the match order page.

For The Football Laboratory you need to win a league match with each one of the 10 default formations. A single formation must be used for the entire match. It's the formation at the start of the match that counts. The achievement is per team, so you cannot achieve this by combining matches from 2 or 3 teams.

The other new achievement is Hometown Heroes. Win your series using only homegrown players in your starting lineup the entire season. Homegrown players have the mother club bonus (heart displayed). A rebought former youth player cannot be used for this achievement since his loyalty is reset and the heart is not coming back.

Main Section
Since the majority of the achievements are here, the section is divided in 3 subsections (Team, Matches and Manager). I’m not going to go intro details about the legacy achievements that are here, they’re pretty much self-explanatory anyway.

Team subsection
The old National Cup achievement was replaced by two new ones, one that rewards progress in a single season (Great Cup Season) and another that rewards a streak of winning cup matches across seasons (Great Cup Streak).

Official Business is a tally of all official matches played by your team. This means league, cup and masters. Sooner or later everyone is going to reach rank 1 of this achievement.

Shut-Out Season is awarded by becoming the champion in your series while being undefeated in all league matches. Technically draw matches should also count. This is awarded when the series prizes are given.

Entry Denied is awarded when you've had a certain number of clean sheets in official matches. Again, matches are counted starting 30.06.2020.

Local Delicacies, players raised on your youth team have played at least 3 matches for a National Team. I added the youth to the achievement description since it’s the manager that scouted the player that gets the achievement and not the one that actually trained the player for NT (if the player was sold).

Matches subsection
That’s Just Typical is awarded for multiple injuries. One way to trigger this achievement is to fire your doctor, have 2 assistant coaches, 100% training intensity, play a match with cup rules and go to extra time. Bruises count as an injury.

Special Ops and Comeback Kings need some cooperation between the two managers in order to achieve them. Diamond supporter have an advantage here since they can play as many instant matches as needed to trigger them.

It seams that the legacy match achievements (veteran, youthful, academy and homegrown lineup) are only awarded for league/cup/friendly matches. When they were introduced instant/ladder/tournament matches did not exist so probably the code for these achievements has not been updated, whereas the new match achievements are awarded in instant matches for example.

Manager subsection
For You’re in the Book! rank 1 you need 80 users with supporter to bookmark you. Organically this not going to happen, but if you really want the achievement, you can go to (17427855.1) and add yourself to the list. The thread was started in the Brazilian forum, but the posts are mostly in English as worldwide users want this achievement.

For Vox Populi you need 80 likes on an article that has been published on Hattrick Press. Older articles still count, but the writer needs a new like for the achievement to be awarded (if the article has over 10 likes). You can go to Hattrick Press (/Community/Press/), select your language, sort by likes and give a like to old articles awarding the manager that wrote the article the achievement in the process.

So, if you made it this far, do click the like button at the end of this article. Note that there is no like button when reading an article from the app.

Always There For You, just login every day for 90 days. Simple!

The new National coach achievement outright replaces the old one. Instead of being elected once, you need to be re-elected into office to get the achievement (The Nation Stands Behind You), also performance with the National Team is being acknowledged (National Treasure Hunter). There is a debate regarding these achievements, and they might be scrapped in the future. Head over to (17427827.699) and make your opinion known.

On 26.08.2021 the decision was made to remove The Nation Stands Behind You achievement, which has not been awarded yet. National Treasure Hunter achievement will continue to exist but will have 0 points.

Hidden achievements
You may have noticed that some users have hidden achievements. For now, there are 4 know ones. Three in the Main section (Heads or Tails, Past My Bedtime and No more than needed) and one in the Special section (Coneheads United). These are hidden achievements and are only visible to users who have achieved them. Other users will only see the title and icon, but no description.
I’m not going to spoil the fun in finding out how to trigger them.

Promoting twice in a row is an achievement according to the official announcement, but since it’s not in the main list it’s probably hidden. We’ll find out in a couple of seasons.

When a hidden achievement reaches a high number of unlocks it will be made visible to all.

The future
According to HT-Tasos ( 17427827.801)

We have a few more achievements to release, but we decided that we won't mention which are those and how one can get them. I don't think that new achievements will be released in the far, far future, since we have already implemented most of them.

Apache League
The newly announced league won't have a flag to collect, but will have a few achievements for Limited Edition leagues and they will be part of the Supporter achievements.

So, which do you think are the achievements that are going to be released in the not far, far future?

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