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4-9-2021 U20 Becomes U21 as WC Begins

A few notes for everyone:

This evening, the first matches in the U21 World Cup, hosted by Switzerland, kick off. This also marks the first competition where players up to 21 years old will be allowed to play. Additionally, yellow and red cards will carry through from one round to the next as the World Cup is played - this will be true also for the seniors.

Today we celebrate the first Continental championship winners, which played their finals this past weekend.

In Europe, Germany, led by GSB-Jabba, beat Spain 4-3, after extra time.

The African champions are Bénin, led by Videhouenou, with Senegal as runners-up. Bénin showed no mercy in their 4-0 win!

Yemen is the top team in Asia-Oceania, following their win over Armenia. Brcko-ZG took them there.

And finally, Andresfvl is a hero among fellow Colombians as Colombia beat Honduras 3-1 to become champions of the Americas.

Congratulations to you all, and let the best team win in the upcoming U21 World Cup!

4-6-2021 Interactive Fixtures Graph

There are two new features on the Fixtures page, the page where you can see the full schedule for your, or any other, series.

The first is a graph showing relative positions for all teams in the series throughout the season. The second is an interactive table where you review the home/away record for any given team against any other team.

Both of these features lean heavily on the CHPP browser plug-in Foxtrick for inspiration, so kudos to them for making this first! Our version works a little differently though. In our version, we made it possible to mouse over the table to focus on a certain team. We show wins in green and losses in red for the team you are currently highlighting. In the Foxtrick version, home team wins are always shown in green and their losses in red.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Have a great week!

3-31-2021 User Survey & World Cup Vote

We are running a big user survey - right now - where you can have your say about the way Hattrick is developed! As a bonus, we are also giving you the chance to decide what leagues will host the upcoming World Cups!

This survey is only available on the web, so if you read this in the app, please visit the web site and you will find it there. Every user that completes it will be rewarded with 200 reward points. Points will be added after the survey closes. The survey is open for two weeks.

3-29-2021 New Chat Portal

Due to the increasing use of chat in Hattrick, we are adding a chat portal, which gives you a much better overview of chats of which you are a member. The chat portal always opens as a separate window, making it easier to keep a chat open while browsing around Hattrick. Just click the small expand arrow icon at the top of any Hattrick chat, and the full chat portal window will pop out.

The chat will also always be available in your shortcuts at the top of the site, and the chat icon shown will change if you have unread messages. Supporters: If you've changed your default shortcuts, you may need to manually edit your bookmarks in order to see the new chat shortcut.

Another recent update to chat is a limitation to player ads in chats, a problem that was especially prevalent in the more busy chats, like during the Live Draw. With player ads limited, we believe those chat sessions will be more pleasant.

We hope this new addition will make life easier for those of you who are already frequent chat users, and perhaps help others of you discover HT's chat features. Enjoy!

3-25-2021 New Kit Designer

We are very happy to release the new version of the Kit Designer for Supporters today. As anyone who has followed the project knows, this feature has been unavailable since the New Year, when the technology previously used, Flash, reached it’s end of life. The new Kit Designer, while almost identical in terms of functionality, is now built on modern web technologies instead.

At release, it is backwards compatible with most existing kits designed by the community. The conversion of these older kits has been the hardest part of the project and we will keep working to try to make the remaining ones available as well.

We would also like to thank Supporters for being patient with us during this project, which took longer than expected. We hope it will pay off, as with the new platform we will gain the flexibility to develop new features for the editor and integrate it better with other parts of the site as well.

Next up will be the new Arena Designer, which is also in development.

3-24-2021 Switch to Summer Time

On Sunday morning, CET switches to summer time (daylight saving time). This means that the hour between 02:00 and 03:00 CET will never occur. Of course all matches, transfers and so on will happen anyway, just one hour later. Please be aware of this for transfer deadlines, matches, etc.

3-6-2021 UnicoGrandeAmore Takes the Masters Trophy

On Thursday evening, Los sureños (mendruguillos II) from Bénin and Italian side UnicoGrandeAmore faced off in the 77th Hattrick Masters final.

The action was a bit...soporific...to start, and many spectators were spotted nodding off in the stands - until each squad managed to land a shot to the onion bag in the waning seconds of the half, ending ninety minutes of dreariness with the score knotted 1:1. With both squads in the clubhouses enjoying their mid-match tea, punters stretched and waited for double-espresso lattes in lines that snaked around the concourses.

Was the second half better? More intriguing? More action packed? Alas, no. Both teams appeared to pay more attention to each other than to the ball. Somnolent tension was relieved, hoever, in the 81st minute, when UnicoGrandeAmore scored their second goal and took the lead.

With only nine minutes remaining, so little action thus far - and no hope for any more on the horizon - there was little chance for extra periods. The football gods agreed, and after a single minute of extra time, the ref whistled the match finished, shut, and concluded as the UnicoGrandeAmore assembled an enormous dogpile on the center of the pitch.

Drowsiness aside, congratulations to Los sureños for their strong run to make it to the Masters Final. To the fans of UnicoGrandeAmore, your team is the champion!

Our congratulations go to UnicoGrandeAmore and their manager ziubelu!

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