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National Info

Season 47 is being played right now.

Has 12 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is JOD.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 78 are active, 10 are logged in.

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4-27-2019 06:19 - Daily updates, confidence

Hattrick Press

9-19-2018 Starting out with Hattrick

Article posted by user spanac777 (12736344), where I found interesting and resolved to share with users of Jordan, especially the beginners..

Article original (19473)
Welcome to the Hattrick world! You’ve just received your team, and you’re probably asking yourself “What next? How do I play this game? When is the next match? Should I increase the stadium size? Who should be my team’s goalkeeper? These players are all no-names, where’s the likes of Maradona, Van Basten, Gheorghe Hagi? How should I prepare the match?”

Anyway, before jumping right into the pool, let’s check the water temperature first and start with some warming up! Take your time, this is only your first day in Hattrick, there’s people around here with as much as 15 years in this game, most of whom have done a ton of mistakes in their first days/weeks – now is your chance to learn from their experience and from their mistakes and, as time goes by, you may as well achieve better results than they had.

You’ve read the game rules and possibly a beginner’s guide to Hattrick, you’ve chosen perhaps one or more CHPP assistant tools and you’ve grown somewhat accustomed to Hattrick’s web interface – having accomplished all these, you’re anxious now to deep dive into the actual game.
So, what are those main aspects you should focus on?

16 views Written by Diego-3

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12-11-2013 The Jordanian national team

My dear friends, my dear countrymen, my dear managers in Jordan. I am not gonna talk about how the national teams work, I am going to just go through the basics on national teams and what is our duty to this team. It is our duty to help the national teams and make sure we get good results, this is not profitable, this is not easy, but the honor of it is what we are all seeking to get.

1981 views Written by KingTaz

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8-2-2012 حكايتي مع لعبة هاتريك

هاتريك انها ليست مجرد لعبة
تبحث عن التميز ما عليك سوى الانضمام الى هاتريك
تبحث عن الصداقة ما عليك سوى الانضمام الى هاتريك
(إما أن أكون أو لا أكون)
هذا سبب وجودي بلعبة هاتريك

1575 views Written by jordansound

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7-28-2012 Until death do us apart...

I have always loved football, and I kept on searching for a game that will give me the satisfaction winning trophies as a manager, there was no other game that gave me any better than hattrick. This is my story.

1853 views Written by KingTaz

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9-26-2011 juv89 - Man united jo

A chance to be the league champions ... will it be seized

1863 views Written by braveheart_89

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9-3-2011 The Casino (Forum Predictions Game)

This is an announcement of the grand reopening of the most visited Jordanian forum topic in history, it is The Casino, it is just a simple predictions game for the results of HT matches, join us in the forum, there are a lot of interesting topics to join, your opinions matter.

1932 views Written by KingTaz

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11-14-2010 Glory comes to this, It is more of a cup final.

Tla3kom faces Falasteen to determine who is the champion of Jordan for this season in a match that is more like a cup final, and what a cup final it would be.

1717 views Written by KingTaz

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5-25-2010 Constantine - Between the past and the present.

People amazed to see manager KingTaz showing up to the public again with his latest statements, is that a true story? Or the dead can never come back?

1697 views Written by KingTaz

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4-2-2010 It's time for Al Urdun, 1- Tla3kom F.C

Moving up and down between divisions doesn't usually teach us much, we usually go inactive and we start crawling in the night, and that's what cause a fast crash and a fallen pieces of that incomplete puzzle, through those times, I will try to unfold the truth for you, to open your eyes on what we all missed in that process of building and re-building.

1746 views Written by 7areega

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9-28-2009 Join the Al Urdun Community - Find the Forum

In a small Hattrick nation like Al Urdun, it is important that all users participate actively in the community. Joining the national forum is the first step towards a stronger community and a stronger national team.

1775 views Written by Diktatoren

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