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Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago

National Info

Season 46 is being played right now.

Has 15 regions and is located in North America. Currency is TTD.

Out of 168 available teams, of which 101 are active, 13 are logged in.

Reigning Champions


Drekmore F.C.
Managed by torulf Supporter Platinum


Gaijin a Go-Go
Managed by okudera Supporter Platinum

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4-26-2019 02:15 - Daily updates, training

Hattrick Press

5-15-2018 Youth Academy - The secrets!

Written by Hypnodrum (5953731)

If you want to squeeze the maximum of your youth academy because every training is important next lines will be interesting for you.

50 views Written by Zorbas

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12-28-2016 Hattrick International is coming!

Hattrick International is coming!!!
Have you signed up yet? If not, you're only one click away - (/World/Leagues/HattrickInternational.aspx).
If you have any questions, please check (17042529.1) first, they might have been already answered.

So what is it about Hattrick International? That is what we asked a few people in the game. We hope that you will enjoy the reading.

471 views Written by Zorbas

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11-2-2015 The Youth Academy (part one)

Written by Rageliasen (11957011)

Ever since I started playing Hattrick in february 2012, I have been intrigued with the youth academy.

In the beginning I fumbled around quite a bit and found a lot of more or less useful information in various Hattrick forums. But there was this one thread in the danish forum which I found myself returning to, whenever I was in doubt of what to do. So when the second teams were introduced, and we got a lot of foreign managers in the faroese league, I decided to translate this thread to english and publish it in the faroese forum.

915 views Written by Zorbas

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11-2-2015 The Youth Academy (part two)

Written by Rageliasen (11957011)

Second part of (19293). Can read about:

- player's skills
- training report
- perfect age for U-20
- extra training
- general advices

1033 views Written by Zorbas

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2-19-2015 A spring of new forces!

Only a few teams won their first ever top league titles last season. We founded three of those new champions to discuss about their successful campaigns, their future plans and of course, hattrick in general!

1208 views Written by wild_canary

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11-18-2014 Vroom, vroom: the match engine!

Written by trigrottro_e_klolala (10193531)

The Match Engine is the software which generates all the events reported within any given Hattrick match, and in so doing generates the final match results. Over the years it has been the most criticized aspect of the game (not always constructively) but this crucial component of the game mechanics is the one that many users would much like to see improved and updated (especially after experiencing an unlikely loss).

Notwithstanding these voices of discontent, and although many of you reading this may well have complained about results generated by our Match Engine, do you actually know HOW it works?

In this article we've done our best to explain those inner machinations!

With any luck, by reading this article and learning a bit more about it, you'll be able to understand the game a bit better, improving your match orders skills. Most importantly of all, the next time you lose a match, despite having better ratings everywhere, you'll be able to post a technically more informed complaint entitled "Why did I loose?" :P

We hope you enjoy it!

1313 views Written by Zorbas

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5-1-2014 New staff system - what should I pick?

What specialists should you choose for your team? Let's find out together.

1712 views Written by Zorbas

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2-14-2014 The standard system for National Teams

The following article has been written for the Slovenian community and published as an HT press in Slovenia (16168). It is now translated (by Antoine_de_le_Tellec (3308938) and artod (11112383)) and republished in the hope that it could be interesting for global readers.

The basic premise for this piece is that National Teams use multiskilled players who can optimise total team ratings (without being bound by training constraints as we experience at club level). I am going to explain how such players are combined to fully exploit their contribution, to help understand how multiskilled players support each other. I will also explain variations experienced when National teams switch coach between attack and defence minded, to illustrate tactical variations. The theory suggested is supported by the evidence provided from the National Team matches: the teams playing in the later stages of the World Cup usually follow the main principles described here.

I refer to a Standard System and its variations (which is intentionally related to the Standard Model in physics). This is also known as ercanto, Jestar and many other names. It’s a well known module,discussed at length by the worldwide tactical experts. This article is intended to benefit less experienced managers, to show how, without having amazing tactical genius, and just good planning, common sense and the basic principles described here, a medium-low level National Team like Slovenia (with less than 4000 active users) has been able to win the silver medal in the World Cup.

Disclaimer: the article talks about National Teams, but the vast majority of its concepts is true also for U20 Teams.

How to play a game? How to tactically challenge the best players in the world? It’s easier than you think – most of the time, small details make the difference.

2104 views Written by Zorbas

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10-28-2013 How to build a LS team – a fast guide

On January 13th 2009 the tactic of Long Shots (LS) was introduced. Until now, little is known about this strategy. There has been found an empirical formula to calculate your LS tactic level, which seems to work quite well, and there's even a tool which lets you calculate your tactic level. Meanwhile, in some countries an LS team won the national cup or even the national championship. However, a lot of managers are still skeptical about LS and therefore, the tactic is hardly used. In this article – which is a mix of the translation of the Dutch article by mokkel (506102) and my own view on LS – I will try to give you a practical overview of how to build your own decent LS team within five seasons with only a few millions of euros. Because when used properly, the LS tactic is in my opinion the strongest tactic in the game.

4908 views Written by Zorbas

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5-24-2013 Can a tactic win me that important game?

Tactics are a part of the game that are often misused; we all can read section 14 of the manual, but do we understand when to use the six tactics we have at our disposal. Lets face it we have all seen the teams that play AIM every single week or alternate between one and another tactic with little or no understanding of what it does to their performance. Many do not understand that you can just play normal, so when should you use a tactic?

2155 views Written by Zorbas

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