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Mongolia Mongolia

National Info

Season 45 is being played right now.

Has 22 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is tugrik.

Out of 168 available teams, of which 90 are active, 11 are logged in.

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4-26-2019 07:20 - Daily updates, confidence

Hattrick Press

4-25-2015 Training plans for NT players

Here are the training plans, which could be used as a guidelines for preparing a player for National Team.

Tool, used for calculation of training speed:
( http://www.ht-tools.eu/training)

7728 views Written by Salnas

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7-18-2014 New Cup system for Mongolia

A new Cup system for Hattrick was introduced and I would like to summarize all new rules regarding new cup system concerning III league ht-countries like Mongol Uls.

1760 views Written by Salnas

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3-30-2014 Mongolian Interview Series - rlawrence

Our new interview hero is a manager who was very active in HT-Mongolia few years ago and then he quit hattrick. Now he's back with his new club called Chingis FC.

TODAY'S INTERVIEW: rlawrence(6189008)
MONGOL ULS CLUB NAME: Chingis FC(986648)


1714 views Written by Salnas

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3-18-2014 Mongolian Interview Series - PIROandr

Almost two months without new interviews - what a shame?
Our new "interview hero" is a manager from Russia. Actually, this interview was taken 1 month ago and now it is finally translated from russian.

MONGOL ULS CLUB NAME: Mongol Filial(986697)


1789 views Written by Salnas

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3-17-2014 Mongolian Interview Series - Don_Fabio_Forever

After a little bit longer then usual we are proudly to present a new interview with italian manager Don_Fabio_Forever.

TODAY'S INTERVIEW: Don_Fabio_Forever(11086479)
MONGOL ULS CLUB NAME: Mongol fieri(986755)


1540 views Written by Salnas

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12-29-2013 Mongolian Interview Series - Treeofpain

We are back again and now during the winter holidays Mongolian Interview Series presents it's third interview. This time we interviewed U-20 Mongol Uls coach Treeofpan, who is no doubt a part of Mongolian ht-community.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

TODAY'S INTERVIEW: Treeofpain(5229841)
MONGOL ULS CLUB NAME: National Team U-20 Mongol Uls


1785 views Written by Salnas

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12-17-2013 Mongolian Interview Series - Phobos86

Mongolian Official Hattrick Press (MOHP) and it's new project Mongolian Interview Series presents it's second interview. We are still looking forward to interview one of the local managers, however without any success for the moment, but we will try to get it sooner or later.

TODAY'S INTERVIEW: Phobos86(9334411)
MONGOL ULS CLUB NAME: FC Wiener Frühling(986724)

Here we go:

1871 views Written by Salnas

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12-15-2013 Guide to the Coach in Hattrick

Since many of second team managers (and not only they) have a need of a new coach I decided to repost a good article about coach in hattrick. Thanks to Natstradamus (9039148) for this nice guide. Here it is:

Today I'm going to talk in a bit of detail about the Coach in Hattrick as it stands at the 12th of May, 2012. There have been some recent changes, so I'll try to cover everything. I'll help out the new managers first, then turn to the challenges an Experienced manager faces. I also hope I haven't forgotten anything :-)

Okay, let's get into it...

2321 views Written by Salnas

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12-3-2013 Mongolian Interview Series - _RaiDeR_

We are proud to present you an Mongolian Official Hattrick Press (MOHP) and it's new project called Mongolian Interview Series. The aim of this project is to learn more about active users which are part of Mongolian community and familiarize them with each other. In this project we would like to cover as many active users as possible. Most of them will be Mongolian second team managers, but we look forward to make some interviews with local managers as well. We would like to make those interview on fortnightly or even monthly basis. I hope you enjoy.

TODAY'S INTERVIEW: _RaiDeR_(7686718)
MONGOL ULS CLUB NAME: RaiDeR World Allstars(986657)

Check it out:

1650 views Written by Salnas

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10-8-2011 The importance to have a youth team

It's important to have/open a youth team in order to create more players and make them stronger and then have better results with u20 and NT.

They are important for the team-clubs too in order to pay less salaries using players of your same nation and with the new changes your team will have better stats in any match.

1767 views Written by Haplo1980

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