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Season 44 is being played right now.

Has 12 regions and is located in North America. Currency is BBD.

Out of 168 available teams, of which 90 are active, 10 are logged in.

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4-26-2019 01:45 - Daily updates, training

Hattrick Press

10-31-2017 Warm up, Barbados plays!

Every week, every Friday at 20:00 HT time. Doesn´t matter at your league or division. At the time is time for Barbados. National teams of Barbados, means NT and U20, plays their matches. Let´s join and force them to victory! "National teams are something what makes my HT life interesting. League is good but here you all have the same mind - you want to be part of glorious country. And that´s much more than league title," said by Sithorin, U20 headscout.

80 views Written by Sithorin

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8-30-2017 20 years of Hattrick - interview with leftarmover

Hattrick is turning 20 years today and that's why we present an interview with one of the oldest user from Barbados - leftarmover (11722940). He is Hattrick user since 13th October 2011.

I'd like to see more specialist types to allow for a deeper level of tactical thinking and options for managers (...)

139 views Written by emsi9

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11-25-2016 Youth Academy - A Simple "How to" Guide

Special thanks to HPE-Trent71 (2721158) - the real author of this material and HPE-relu_ (7533491) for the article in Jamaica.

This guide will be just а few basic things to help when you start with the youth academy. In a smaller nation like Jamaica, every talent produced makes a difference and even a double inadequate can become a U20/NT potential.

Quite often I heard the phrase "no sense in starting an academy, because there's no financial benefit from it". Usually, people think "oh, no, I'm pulling crap players for two seasons now, why I am doing this", but in reality, all it takes sometimes is even just one player to cover the losses inflicted in seasons. Overall, with good planning and a little luck, one can achieve much through the academy, and in helping Bajan Boys. Not to mention the thrill when you see your kid reveal solid/excellent potential or when he has the "proper" specialty for his position ... or even when he puts on Barbados national shirt! ;)

Original Article posted on Jamaica HT Press: (19198).

1163 views Written by emsi9

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6-4-2016 Starting out with Hattrick

Welcome to the Hattrick world! You’ve just received your team, and you’re probably asking yourself “What next? How do I play this game? When is the next match? Should I increase the stadium size? Who should be my team’s goalkeeper? These players are all no-names, where’s the likes of Maradona, Van Basten, Gheorghe Hagi? How should I prepare the match?”

Anyway, before jumping right into the pool, let’s check the water temperature first and start with some warming up! Take your time, this is only your first day in Hattrick, there’s people around here with as much as 15 years in this game, most of whom have done a ton of mistakes in their first days/weeks – now is your chance to learn from their experience and from their mistakes and, as time goes by, you may as well achieve better results than they had.

You’ve read the game rules and possibly a beginner’s guide to Hattrick, you’ve chosen perhaps one or more CHPP assistant tools and you’ve grown somewhat accustomed to Hattrick’s web interface – having accomplished all these, you’re anxious now to deep dive into the actual game.
So, what are those main aspects you should focus on?

Original Article posted on Global: (19473)

850 views Written by emsi9

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2-13-2016 Step by step to win Hattrick Masters

This match: (530033543) is his record. "Normal" (not MOTS), but key players were in great form. Maybe it's the world record:

His team is a result of slow building for the future (step by step). It has been a long process...

How you can build a team like this - you can read in the interview with Thomas-T (3725093), manager of Wild Oscar from Norge (166187), who won Hattrick Masters in the 60th season in Hattrick.

Original Article posted on Global: (19393).

2213 views Written by emsi9

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1-24-2016 GeissbockHennes: I'd like to see some more tactical options

An interview with GeissbockHennes (1806088), manager of the Bajan Billy Goats (987670) from Barbados Premier League.

In general, I think it's important to make some smaller changes to the gameplay every few months that users have to adapt to, and that help keep the game interesting for everyone

869 views Written by emsi9

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1-17-2016 Mashan: I enjoy Hattrick as a strategy game

An interview with Mashan (8111779), manager of the Holetown 3W's (987606) - owner of young defender / set piece taker from Barbados NT - Richie Julien (388951849).

My team name has 3 W's after Walcott, Worrell and Weaks who were three great Barbadian cricket players...

888 views Written by emsi9

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1-9-2016 gibbux: The most important thing are the people

An interview with gibbux (6972187) from the city of Ferrari, manager of the Carini e Coccolosi 2 (987674) - current Barbados Premier League Leader.

During these years I have known a lot of people and with many of them we are still in contact and few times during every year we met toghether in real life. It's funny!

862 views Written by emsi9

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11-29-2015 leftarmover: This year's U/20's has been terrible...

An interview with leftarmover (11722940), boss of the Car Colours team (987655) and former Barbados NT & U20 Coach.

This year's U/20's has been terrible with a manager who has little or no grasp of the game or skills to communicate

801 views Written by emsi9

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11-12-2015 On the road to Estonia

Is it possible that Barbados NT will play in XXIV World Cup in Estonia?

Probably not, but one thing is for sure... Bajan Stars will try to show their character during every second of every match this WCq.

1041 views Written by emsi9

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