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Kuwait Kuwait

National Info

Season 43 is being played right now.

Has 6 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is dinar.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 75 are active, 6 are logged in.

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4-27-2019 05:48 - Daily updates, confidence

Hattrick Press

9-27-2018 Keepers or GK?

Isn´t it the same?
No, we will try to show the difference and what should we keep in mind while deciding to train Keepers or GK. Main focus will be U20.

152 views Written by Troglodita

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11-24-2016 Building a GG

This is just a guide of things to keep in mind while trying to build a GG or understand what things are done, is not only to have good players, now, we don´t intend to say we are experts, is just an idea, for sure not the only one.

As reference, we will use article Is my young player good enough for the U20? (19580)

480 views Written by Troglodita

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10-6-2016 An interview with -Daher-

This is an interview with my good friend -Daher- (12564357)
In this interview he will let us know about his own team, the NT/U-20 of Kuwait and life in his beautiful country.

462 views Written by enviado1

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6-26-2016 Is my young player good enough for the U20?

Many of us have asked themselves, after several seasons training a young player in the Youth Academy or afterwards in the senior team : Is this player good enough for the U20? Sometimes we feel disappointed when he is not called and we cannot understand the reasons.

Here, we will try to explain what scouts and national coaches have to take in consideration when choosing a player for the U20 national team.

1258 views Written by Troglodita

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9-9-2013 How to become a good U20/NT scout....

This guide could be really interesting if you want to become a good U20/NT scout.

It's written by El_Gigios-Fights (5797550), former NT Norge headscout and Italy U20 playmaker headscout. Translated by Ghigno (10735102).

Few people know that in a lot of U20/NT staffs is needed help, and one of the most difficult thing is to teach the new scouts how to do their job. This process takes some time and it isn't easy.

The guide will be divided into three parts. In the first we'll analyze what a scouting staff is. In the second and third part we'll talk about what you have to do to be a good scout!

2290 views Written by Merschi

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10-1-2009 Al Kuwayt – a short country profile

In the Hattrick World when you click on Al Kuwayt you get this info: "has 6 regions and is located in Asia, Africa and Oceania, currency is dinar". You may also read that "out of 168 teams" there are "67 active users"...

But what is really behind these numbers? If want to find out some stats or records from our country, feel free to read along:

2791 views Written by Hippolyta

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9-19-2009 we are on the right way !!!

hello everybody ,

it's been for me in HT world 6-7 months and when i start this game our nation was small ( and still small but we getting bigger ^_^ ) with only 20 active user now .............

2041 views Written by MaLeeK

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10-12-2008 Nice wcq by the Al Kuwayt NT

After some season without reaching points,during last season Kuwayt reached his first points in a qualification group.

2043 views Written by ilgiullare84

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