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Iraq Iraq

National Info

Season 43 is being played right now.

Has 18 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is dinar.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 78 are active, 7 are logged in.

Reigning Champions


Neo Team
Managed by alam84 Supporter Platinum


Neo Team
Managed by alam84 Supporter Platinum

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Hattrick Press

5-10-2017 Interview with the NT coach

Does he really need any introduction? He's been around in Al Iraq for a long time, first he was a (defenders) scout, but for the past season he has the honor and the pleasure of being the NT coach.

But who is the man behind the screen name Fieldy84? Does he have a social life now that's he's the coach of 4 teams? Does he like being the NT coach or will he be glad when the new elections start after next season? What does he think he can accomplish? ...

Let's find out in the interview! I hope you will enjoy reading it!

326 views Written by Mr_Clean

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11-14-2014 ملاحظات من الدوري العراقي Notes from the Iraqi League

ملاحظات عن الموسم الحالي للدوري العراقي
Notes from the Iraqi League

1459 views Written by C-Special-One

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11-27-2013 الدوري العراقي ومتعت المنافسة

تقترب مسابقة دوري بكرة القدم من الأنتهاء بعد موسم تميز بقوة المنافسة وازدياد عدد الفرق ضمن الدوري من ما جعل المنافسة اكثر اثارة ومتعة..

1646 views Written by C-Special-One

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4-19-2010 The Unique HT User distribution of Iraq

The Iraqi league is one of a kind in Hattrick. It could be the only league where there hasn't been a single team from its capital (Baghdad) not to win the championship. That's right. Since the birth of the league, there have been 5 different teams (not counting bots) that have won the Dawri Al-Mumtaz. All 5 of these teams come from the northern governorate of Erbil. This despite the fact that out of the 18 governorates in Iraq, Erbil is only 8th in terms of population. So what does this tell us about Iraq?

13781 views Written by akkad

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4-8-2010 AL Iraq In Hattrick

AL Iraq is a small country in Hattrick there are only less than 50 active member in, but I think and I Hope in the coming days we will see more of Iraqis people play in Hattrick.
In this article I will discuss the issues that iraqi managers facing and I hope it will make a different in the future.

2261 views Written by IRaQ1

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