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South Africa South Africa

National Info

Season 59 is being played right now.

Has 12 regions and is located in Africa. Currency is Rand.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 210 are active, 24 are logged in.

Reigning Champions


Storm of Bullets
Managed by FCJoe Supporter Platinum


Pixies United
Managed by Wilbor Supporter Platinum

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4-26-2019 18:45 - Daily updates, confidence

Hattrick Press

5-9-2018 Youth Academy - The secrets!

If you want to squeeze the maximum of your youth academy because every training is important next lines will be interesting for you.

83 views Written by -HT_Bankruptcy

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8-27-2015 Youth Academy - A Simple "How to" Guide

This guide will be just а few basic things to help when you start with the youth academy. In a smaller nation like South Africa, every talent produced makes a difference and even a double inadequate can become a U20/NT potential. Quite often I heard the phrase "no sense in starting an academy, because there's no financial benefit from it." The 20 000 Euro expenses per week are not a lot, even if you're just beginning (I'm saying this with the idea that you have decent planning). Usually, people think "oh, no, I'm pulling crap players for two seasons now, why I am doing this", but in reality, all it takes sometimes is even just one player to cover the losses inflicted in seasons. Overall, with good planning and a little luck, one can achieve much through the academy, and in helping South Africa. Not to mention the thrill when you see your kid reveal solid/excellent potential or when he has the "proper" specialty for his position ... or even when he puts on a South Africa national shirt! ;)

4137 views Written by Trent71

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2-19-2015 A spring of new forces!

Only a few teams won their first ever top league titles last season. We founded three of those new champions to discuss about their successful campaigns, their future plans and of course, hattrick in general!

1455 views Written by wild_canary

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12-30-2011 Mixed fortunes for SA

This is an article about the NT and U/20 team's matches that were played on 9 Dec 2011.

1808 views Written by ShaunJ

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5-2-2011 Raising a Star

I think I have spotted a future star here, to be honest. He told me his name is Luke Skywalker and is 15 years old. Without any further training, this player will remain with passable Passing. Coach this player right and he will reach his potential of excellent Scoring before you know it! He is a natural in the air, and he will be able to use this edge both offensively and in defence. Do we sign him, boss?

Most of us are waiting for response like this when calling scouts every week with fingers crossed. Well, usually it goes more like clicking on scout by scout and denying 17 years old weak overalls. But what if...

2613 views Written by okorec

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11-24-2009 Money from supporters

A major source of income considered in all aspects!

2509 views Written by HPE-relu_

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10-20-2009 Hattrick South Africa - through the eyes of a newb

The article was inspired by one question: “is what I do to grow the Hattrick SA community in vain or is there hope for growth”? This article is in no way intended to offend anyone but merely to describe how a newb (my personal opinion) interprets Hattrick SA as I see it currently.

2226 views Written by d_fender

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10-19-2009 OH WHAT A SEASON !!!!!!

From Rags to riches in One memorable season whilst Torn between two HT playing Nations and Loving IT ........ ;o)

1888 views Written by Delboy-Trotter

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9-12-2009 Hattrick Press

To my fellow South Africans.

1771 views Written by Thomaswilliamhudson

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8-29-2009 Next thing down from terminators

Anyone notice how many bot teams there are in the lower divisions? Read on....

1967 views Written by Thomaswilliamhudson

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