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Egypt Egypt

National Info

Season 59 is being played right now.

Has 20 regions and is located in Africa. Currency is E£.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 120 are active, 4 are logged in.

Reigning Champions

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4-26-2019 07:22 - Daily updates, confidence

Hattrick Press

11-7-2015 Week one round up

The hattrick community is brimming with excitement as a new season kicked off this week.

805 views Written by pinocchiooo

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8-8-2010 Does Africa deserve more spots in the World Cup?!!

I know it's been said over and again but I find it such a shame that Africa's best team won't be playing in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa...

1698 views Written by BoTReeeKa

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3-16-2010 Join the Misr Community - Find the Forum

In a small Hattrick nation like Misr, it is important that all users participate actively in the community. Joining the national forum is the first step towards a stronger community and a stronger national team.

1722 views Written by Soltan

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3-16-2010 Clash of the Reds

It's always an interesting period at the beginning of each season. Ahlawi and RRFC have common situations and both need a win on Saturday.

1599 views Written by Sir-Kiko

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3-16-2010 U20 Coach

At the end of the U-20 World Cup, as you know, a new coach is elected for the U-20 team. What should we improve on?

1524 views Written by soxtreme

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