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Malaysia Malaysia

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Season 58 is being played right now.

Has 14 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is MYR.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 160 are active, 3 are logged in.

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4-26-2019 08:00 - Daily updates, training

Hattrick Press

11-13-2016 Stamina Training 101

After taking over the U20, it pains me to see that many managers do not know how to manage stamina share properly. This is a guide on how to boost stamina and maintain stamina at a certain level.

1320 views Written by bsehben

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From the desk of a (former) U20 Manager:

Training a U20 player for the national team is easy IF you know what you are doing. With the right training set-up i.e. coach and regime, you only need to shop for a good, young talent to kick off this adventure.

Here's some basics.

737 views Written by mrjefe

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1-19-2015 Hattrick Press Malaysia Needs to Be More Alive!!

I'm the new Editor of the Malaysia Press,I wrote an article about how we should work together on improving the activity of the Malaysian Community in Hattrick Press..Please take some of your time to read it

1289 views Written by Keshvien

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8-8-2014 How I planned my "Dream Cup"

6th April 2014: the team named AC Spondinig loses 3-0 against NaOH (a BOT team) the qualification match for a place in III division.

21th May 2014: 45 days after, the same team, renamed as FC Green Arrow, draws 3-3 against Cashfiesta, 3 times Liga Perdana champions, after 90 minutes, in a cup match.

This article is about the emotions of the national Cup and how I have planned my cup road to face the best managers of Malaysia, since last season.

2284 views Written by Marquinho82

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6-25-2012 Local Only Policy [ Part I ]

Local Only Policy (also known as LOP) is a policy that require users to keep their youth players or make sure they stay and trained by a Malaysian. This is to ensure they can be trained to their full potential thus representing Malaysia U20/NT in the future. This would make U20/NT Malaysia more competitive.

1972 views Written by Krullkid

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6-25-2012 Local Only Policy

Why do we need to train our young talent? What is Local Only Policy?

Our ultimate goal is to WIN the world cup. We have showed to the
HT world that bronze medal is not a dream for a small country like
ours (with luck of course). Therefore, the first step to begin
with is to train good players to ensure Malaysia can compete with
any other strong nations in HT. Local teams play an important
role here as we are the ones with the greatest desire and we care
more than anyone else to develop our best talent. Hence, the good
prospect should always stay in a local team who wants to get
involved, understand how to train the players, and also able to
follow instruction from the U20/NT coach(on training regime; stamina
requirements). Thus, we introduce you the Local Only Policy
(also known as LOP), which is a policy that require Malaysia HT
teams to keep their youth players or make sure they stay and
trained by a Malaysian.

As Rome is not built in a day, this journey is very very long.
Do be informed that we probably will not be the proud owner for
an U20 or NT in a world cup winning team (such as our NT that won
the bronze medal) but, it is always a great pride, honor and
achievement for ourselves to have at least trained one U20 or NT player. I believe most of us have already experienced the satisfaction of
training a gem to the best that we can. Training update on Friday
has somehow become a part of our real life.

Local Only Policy is not meant to sacrifice your money. We do not
want local teams to declare bankruptcy in this project. It is an
opportunity to enjoy playing HT by training local talent
while doing well in terms of results or the financial growth for your
HT team.

1633 views Written by yipym

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2-23-2012 Projek Remaja

What is it? Does it benefit my team in the long term? What can I do to participate in this so-called Projek Remaja? What are the requirements to join this project?

1818 views Written by Krullkid

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10-29-2010 Benefit from New Changes in Training

In case you’ve been asleep the whole of this season, you would know that “general” training which for form will be removed from the game. Often used as a quick fix to boost team form ahead of important matches, it is surprising to see that as many as 26% of Malaysian teams opt for this.

In this way, you can make some money; continue building your multi-skill talent while boosting existing players at the same time.

1914 views Written by mrjefe

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10-6-2010 An Insight of IV.23 (Season 30)

After 5 matches of the new season,WinningEleven United, which lead by manager mayuri currently secured first spot in the league table.

1847 views Written by josephlau

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3-2-2009 Pro in Starter Series

Played. Stoped. Restart. Pro "beginner" in your series?!
How? Why? What to do?

1986 views Written by DEL_James2spooky_20090603024626933901032

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