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Season 58 is being played right now.

Has 15 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is SG$.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 206 are active, 6 are logged in.

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Hattrick Press

4-27-2013 IX Chronicles: Manager In Focus - bobkhaw

In light of this newly launched tournament for Div IV & V teams the IX Chronicles had chosen to interview the very first manager who had stated interest in participating in the inaugural IX Challenge (http://ixchallenge-hattrick-sg.blogspot.sg/), bobkhaw (232890) manager of Villains F.C (136705) in IV.38 (4335)


1896 views Written by Azaris

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12-25-2012 Review of plans of Singnet_utd.

Currently, Singnet United is languishing in 4th in IV.38, having boast about having 119 127 995 SG$ in their burgeoning coffers due to astute transfer deals and stringent financial controls by their incumbent manager, Mr mxyz6.

"I don't want to lead a nobody. I want to lead a club that will be remembered for ages and the history firmly etched into the minds of future generations." The highly ambitious Mr mxyz6 once said.

2009-04-19 07:03:00

Singnet United changes their priorities!

An irate Mr mxyz6 said that he will be concentrating a on 6 season plan to rise to the top, either in cup runs or S league. 'First season to promote to division lll, second to consolidate the position, third to rise to division ll, fourth and fifth to get used to the ups and downs of ll, and finally getting into the S league.' said the now-ambitious Mr mxyz6.

2009-05-16 09:51:46

Slowly and surely, Singnet United plans to be in D3 and also regain the Richest Club in Singapore title next season!

Dated 2009-08-12 17:28:38

1971 views Written by mxyz6

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8-21-2012 What if Chuck Norris were to play Hattrick?

I'd just watched the Expendables 2 and we all know Chuck Norris and his awesomeness. If you don't, you haven't been truly born in this world yet. To prove how awesome Hattrick is (since I've managed to keep my team going for the last 7 years), here's my insight on what impact Chuck Norris would have on Hattrick. Top 15 points!

1970 views Written by freakazilla

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8-19-2012 HT - My (Hattrick) life, my story

Many of my friends often ask me, why do you play Hattrick? Or more often nowadays, why do you still play Hattrick? It's coming close to 7 years for me, which while long, is still a sapling compared to many others.

Playing Hattrick is for many:
i. Growing up(and old) with your players
ii. Getting attached to them as they develop
iii.Winning a title
iv. Making friends
v. Waking up in the middle of the night to bid on players

I can go on and on, but really why do you play Hattrick? I'm not sure about you, but read on to find out how similar Hattrick is to life, and for the reason why I play Hattrick

2624 views Written by SkyfireX

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7-27-2012 7th Symphony for BDSM FC

Some music company for this article.

This is an unrestrained self-praising, self-worshiping read for all the fans, a tribute in celebration of BDSM FC's 20th season in HT. The soundtrack promises to bring BDSM's undying passion and unrelenting determination to life.

2073 views Written by freakazilla

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2-21-2012 Ten Years of Hattrick

Today 21st February 2012 marks a very special occasion. DrHunt (64204) celebrates ten years anniversary of the founding of his club Dream Seals (37553). Ten years ago, way before Facebook existed on the Internet, DrHunt has started playing Hattrick already.

The second "oldest" veteran still playing is Zfirez(65947) of Titus Titanium (37623), whose team team started way back in 4th March 2002. To celebrate the clubs ten year anniversary, we're happy to interview the duo to share their thoughts on ten years of Hattrick.

1974 views Written by Nereid

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12-26-2011 And there was 8

Bolton Vs Chelsea
Arsenal Vs Manchester United
Liverpool VS Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspurs Vs Aston Villa

What? How is this happening in HT-Singapore? Read on to find out. :)

1967 views Written by SkyfireX

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12-16-2011 Round of 16 Writeup

What an amazing round! Guess the following match up.
The tortoise and the hare.
The young upstart and the experienced winner.
The battle between the campers.
The two who have never backed off.
The strongest spear and the strongest shield
The battle of the luckiest
The controversial match
The face off between EXes

2050 views Written by SkyfireX

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9-21-2011 A Hattrick of Cups

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have known that Season 33 Singapore Cup Finals have just ended, with Isle of Flames crowned champions to make it an amazing hat-trick of cup titles.

To commemorate this special day, we have Skyfirex, manager of IOF, to speak on his team’s success, U20, and more.

2093 views Written by Nereid

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9-11-2011 Calculation of the (new) wages

Early this season wages were revised downward, the equivalency we knew before for each level of each skill are therefore not accurate anymore. You will find here the new values of wages and some tools to calculate the salary.

The calculation of the wage is certainly essential that every manager can control his payroll, to predict the wage increase and not fall into the trap of training a skill too far. Also, knowing how to calculate the wages will help us to evaluate other teams’ players, solely based on knowledge of the wage.

2527 views Written by Zorbas

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