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Philippines Philippines

National Info

Season 56 is being played right now.

Has 31 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is Pesos.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 125 are active, 6 are logged in.

Reigning Champions


True Vikings FC
Managed by jens1310 Supporter Diamond


Silica Smugglers
Managed by eduardv Supporter Platinum

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4-26-2019 07:04 - Daily updates, confidence

Hattrick Press

11-3-2018 Streaming on HatTwitch with Uncle-Mish

For a lot of managers, the Hattrick community is one of the prime features of the game. And, as communities go, they need people to make and keep them attractive. One of the community members that really get this is Israeli manager, Uncle-Mish (11419808), who has even expanded the HT community to YouTube and Twitch.
Original article was posted on Global: (20764).

22 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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8-30-2017 Happy Birthday, Hattrick!

30th August 1997. Or, otherwise said: The day when everything started. It is the day when Hattrick was launched and, since then, the history is still getting written.

But where are we right now? Well, it's 20 years later, in 2017 and, in all this period, a lot of extraordinary things happened through this wonderful game - there are friendships that will last forever, a lot of memories regarding matches, trophies, forum topics and a lot of HT-Meetings.

For this special event, now I would like to invite you on reading an interview with some of the longevous users from this lovely community. Happy Birhday, Hattrick! :)

170 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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4-25-2017 Interview with NT coach

After 12 matches, Philippines sits third in Group 4 of qualifying for the World Cup: (/World/WorldCup/?cupId=137&season=64&matchround=1&cupSeriesUnitId=1318).

I decided to made an interview with maryusika (9674615), the NT coach, to find out more details about this campaign, but you can find out there even more interesting things, so... have a nice read!

357 views Written by kuumba

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12-24-2016 Hattrick International is coming!

Ho ho ho, Christmas is nearly here! And same is Hattrick International!!!
Have you signed up yet? If not, you're only one click away - (/World/Leagues/HattrickInternational.aspx).
If you have any questions, please check (17042529.1) first, they might have been already answered.

So what is it about Hattrick International? That is what we asked a few people in the game. We hope that you will enjoy the reading.


Original Article: (19894), published on Global, written by Zorbas (8338681).

450 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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9-12-2016 Starting out with Hattrick

Welcome to the Hattrick world! You’ve just received your team, and you’re probably asking yourself “What next? How do I play this game? When is the next match? Should I increase the stadium size? Who should be my team’s goalkeeper? These players are all no-names, where’s the likes of Maradona, Van Basten, Gheorghe Hagi? How should I prepare the match?”

Anyway, before jumping right into the pool, let’s check the water temperature first and start with some warming up! Take your time, this is only your first day in Hattrick, there’s people around here with as much as 15 years in this game, most of whom have done a ton of mistakes in their first days/weeks – now is your chance to learn from their experience and from their mistakes and, as time goes by, you may as well achieve better results than they had.

You’ve read the game rules and possibly a beginner’s guide to Hattrick, you’ve chosen perhaps one or more CHPP assistant tools and you’ve grown somewhat accustomed to Hattrick’s web interface – having accomplished all these, you’re anxious now to deep dive into the actual game.
So, what are those main aspects you should focus on?

628 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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5-21-2016 Interview with the users from Liga Pilipinas

There are many users who are dreaming to play in the first division in a country, in Hattrick. Now, we are talking about Philippines, where we have 7 out of players in the first division, Liga Pilipinas (11429).

I ask them a few questions about the way they are preparing their matches and other things.

Let's find out together how it feels being in the first division. :)

1653 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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2-12-2016 Step by step to win Hattrick Masters

This match: (530033543) is his record. "Normal" (not MOTS), but key players were in great form. Maybe it's the world record:

His team is a result of slow building for the future (step by step). It has been a long process...

How you can build a team like this - you can read in the interview with Thomas-T (3725093), manager of Wild Oscar from Norge (166187), who won Hattrick Masters in the 60th season in Hattrick.

Original Article posted on Global: (19393).

883 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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11-30-2015 Interview with markdv

Did you know that markdv (406737) is the oldest user from Philippines? Well, if you didn't, you should be aware that he is playing Hattrick since 2003. That means 12 RL years, which is a huge achievement!

He definitely knows a lot of things about Hattrick, the community from Pinas, National Teams and we have more...

Let's meet Mark! How? You know, just read the article, it's gonna be interesting. :)

1057 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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9-14-2015 Interview with viracer

In this article, we will meet one of the most famous user in Philippines, viracer (10447204)!

What's the secret of winning so many trophies, how much time he spends on Hattrick, what should we expect from him into the future, and many other things can be seen only into the article. You're invited to read it! :)

1271 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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8-29-2015 Guide to the Youth Academy

I figured it was a good idea to make the original forum post I wrote more "generic" and post it here for all to see. This article is not perfect, but I hope to give an outline of the kinds of things you can/should do with your Youth Academy, and basically 'How it all works' right now. Feel free to contact me with any corrections or suggestions you might have. On with the guide!

1291 views Written by HPE-Flatron

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