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National Info

Season 55 is being played right now.

Has 8 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is £.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 177 are active, 5 are logged in.

Reigning Champions


Dragonbreath FC
Managed by Ian_Rush Supporter Platinum


Managed by soupsatchel Supporter Platinum

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Next event

4-25-2019 15:30 - Daily updates, training

Hattrick Press

2-16-2019 Cymru 64 Tournament

What happens when an intrepid Welsh Manager decides to organise a tournament of 64 Welsh teams.

Errrr.. Hatrick breaks?? But apart from that Zigmondm has organised the tournament and it starts on Monday. Here’s the lowdown on it.

50 views Written by robbgenghis

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6-10-2018 An interview with Ian Rush

No, not the famous Ian Rush but the current Wales U20 manager Ian_Rush. The Ed asks questions about his team and the U20’s

96 views Written by robbgenghis

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10-14-2017 Daddycool1 gets accosted for an interview

Daddycool1 is grabbed outside New Look and forced by the Ed to answer some probing questions about his unusual team names and alcoholic beverages??

116 views Written by robbgenghis

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8-11-2017 Zigmondm under the spotlight

It’s time for Zigmondm to get the interview treatment from your beloved Ed. We’ll talk about his unusually named team, ‘Dylan’s and Owen’s CandyAngels’ and errr… ice cream

172 views Written by robbgenghis

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5-29-2017 The hattrick social (Wales edition)

What happens when hattrick managers leave the safety of their electronic world and meet up in pubs and talk face-to-face? Your intrepid Ed journeyed to Cardiff city centre to find out and drink far too much. Here are his (hazy) recollections of the day. This article was probably sponsored by Guinness.

322 views Written by robbgenghis

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4-10-2017 Cymru U20 home internationals

With the home internationals recently played here’s a quick recap of how the U20 boys did

No sign of England taking part here so it’s Cymru, Ireland, N. Ireland & Scotland in a 4-team group tournament with the top two contesting the finals.

324 views Written by robbgenghis

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1-15-2017 Swans Grilled

Possibly illegal, but in this case it’s Broxi, manager of Swansea City 2 and current Wales U20 manager who gets put under the spotlight with a few questions from the Ed.

361 views Written by robbgenghis

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12-24-2016 A new editor for Wales

Just an introduction from the new editor

338 views Written by robbgenghis

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3-10-2016 Interview with HT-managers

HT is a place where you can meet different people. It would be great to know their differences, don't you? This interview is not about the HT Manager. This interview is about the person who is managing this team. Meet the owner of the team Steel Dragon United (1628056) from Cymru.

891 views Written by MOD-Ker

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11-28-2014 There's a new editor in town!

A little introduction to myself, the new editor, and some other stuff too.

1357 views Written by door_matt

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