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Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

National Info

Season 50 is being played right now.

Has 13 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is SAR.

Out of 2 728 available teams, of which 73 are active, 5 are logged in.

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Hattrick Press

2-9-2019 The adventures of an Argentine in Saudi Arabia

Hi everybody.
Today we will meet JPekerman (9785461). He has been playing Hattrick since 2009. He is currently the under-20 coach in Saudi Arabia (3145).

72 views Written by Petitclub

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11-26-2018 The first "Hattrick Awards of Saudi Arabia"

For two weeks the managers of the Saudi Arabian league voted for the awards of season 48. 4 categories: Best manager, best local manager, best player and the most crazy match. The results are ready. We are leaving for Riyadh.

91 views Written by Petitclub

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11-5-2018 The manager of the season !

Hi, everybody, welcome to Ryad!
This is the end of season 48 in Saudi Arabia. A manager has a smile and this is Kanit0 together with his team, sport riade e benfica (1960514) - champion of Al Dawry al Montaz (48896) and finalist of the Cup. Let's find out more about it.

85 views Written by Petitclub

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9-26-2016 Young Falcons 1st World Cup

For the first time in Hattrick history the Saudi Arabia u20 national team made it to the World Cup Round.

In a very exciting qualification round coach Jimmy87 created a strong team and finally succeeded in the first place. The World Cup round ended reaching the third place but still it was the biggest success for the Young Falcons ever.

Let´s see what coach Jimmy86 has to say in our interview about the glory days:

508 views Written by Allmidy

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2-6-2016 Interview with the double, double winner

Last sunday was a matchday to remember. Bramante's Scimitars (2021588), currently Saudi Arabias top team, won the Al Dawry Al Momtaz championship their second time in a heartbeating final. They needed to win by minimum two goals and they did it on the point. So, one of the closest series ever, was decided by only one goal difference.
It was also the second time after season 37 they made the double, winning the Saudi Arabia cup as well. We want to look behind the scenes of this team and get to know some secrets of the managers way to success. Please enjoy the interview with Vanagor (10551469).

990 views Written by Allmidy

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11-9-2015 [YA] Support your country

This new series is about to encourage more Saudi Arabia managers to open a youth academy. It will give you some very useful information and а few basic things you need to know when you start with the youth academy.

Part I : Why should I invest time and money in a youth team ?

1008 views Written by Allmidy

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10-26-2015 [NT] The election has started

Dear Saudi Arabia managers,

Today the election for the next coach of the Saudi Arabia National Team has started.

I want to encourage all of you to use your right to vote.

1032 views Written by Allmidy

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7-21-2012 [YA] Open Scouting Project

New U-20 crew, new methodologies, new possibilities...
I am happy to introduce a new project involving the Youth Academies (YA) in Saudi Arabia.
You can also find this article on the Saudi forum, where you can interact, giving your contribution directly --> (15770176.1)
Each of you is invited to assist the staff in the search for talents to be addressed long before their promotion (at the age of 17 years) in their first team.

1965 views Written by Salvuccio

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4-30-2011 دليل الخبراء للمبتدئين

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته,,
في بادرة يشكر عليها, كتب mod-kanito قبل ما يزيد عن السنة مقالة (11066) في صحيفة هاتريك بهدف تعليم المستخدمين الجدد من المملكة العربية السعودية لأساسيات البداية الصحيحة في هاتريك. كانت المقالة باللغة الإنجليزية قبل تدشين اللغة العربية.
أما الآن ومع تدشين اللغة العربية, اقترح mod-kanito والمكلف الآن بتدريب المنتخب الوطني دون 20 سنة ترجمتها للغة العربية لتمكين أكبر شريحة ممكنة من المستخدمين من الإستفادة من هذا الدليل. في هذه المقالة يمكنكم الإستفادة من الدليل بعد ترجمته.

2084 views Written by Akws1

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11-1-2010 Saudi Arabia - Bid for XVI World Cup

We need your support.

1907 views Written by najran_sa

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