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Season 41 is being played right now.

Has 9 regions and is located in Asia. Currency is rial.

Out of 680 available teams, of which 85 are active, 3 are logged in.

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Hattrick Press

12-30-2010 Interview with HomerJ69, winner of OPC X

HomerJ69 won the jubilee edition of the Omani Prediction Contest, a traditional competition of match predictions featuring lots of managers from all around the world. This time the OPC was very closely contested, and HomerJ69 emerged the winner with 130 points. He earned a friendly with Assim, and a lot of glory. And he deserves to be put into the spotlight now!

Interview taken on 30.12.2010.

Link: (http://leeukop.livejournal.com/309866.html)

1737 views Written by Asthfghl

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11-14-2010 The Way to Glory..

What happened to BAYERN OMAN in HT was just like what we read about and watch on TV about struggling stories.

I know and I am sure that there are greater stories in HT but I am sharing mine specially to some HT Oman managers who gave up or close to do so, or became disappointed about their luck at HT.

1756 views Written by _ABDULRAHMAN_

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8-31-2010 A song written for Oman

When OmaniMilani want to have more articles to set themselves more solid in the HT-world, I couldn't be more happier. Finally, I could write about things, take interviews, and let the poet in myself free.

So now you can see the result if I let the Poet In myself free

1679 views Written by Michael__

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8-26-2010 Interview with our NT-Coach

Today, Meet the wonderful National coach of Oman: DrMoose (1848465).

He's already 1 seasons the National Coach, and in a Man vs. Man interview with Michael__ (9145817), he tells everything about himself, his team, and the Job called NT Coach of Oman. Meet the man behind the face, hear from him what he likes at being a coach, and hear his story about his and the Oman team.
Let the questioning begin.

1705 views Written by Michael__

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8-25-2010 Oman took my heart

Hello, I am Ermo from Estonia. In this article I will explain my commitment with Oman. Or am I just selfishly using this community? This article is written because I made a deal with OmaniMilani - I'll write to Oman's Press and he'll write to Estonian Hattrick Press.

1831 views Written by ermps

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8-17-2010 Oman's new face!

I been officially appointed as the editor of Oman, that doesn't sound so difficult for so many reasons, 35 managers for instance sounds already relaxing giving that not many managers are interested in writing anything in the Hattrick Press (HP) but we don't want this to be the case anymore, Hattrick is a fun game yes, for many of us it's probably the best online soccer game ever and it's not that just because we manage our teams in a lovely way no.

1555 views Written by OmaniMilani

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4-27-2010 Interview with El_Sportfreund, winner of OPC8

We now present to your attention the winner of the Omani Prediction Contest VIII, El_Sportfreund from Germany. In his first participation in the contest, he stormed to the winner spot on the final standings, after giving a series of remarkable predictions on the contest. He now earns his place in the Omani hall of fame, as well as a friendly game with an Omani team.

Interview taken on 26.04.2010.

Link: (http://leeukop.livejournal.com/266512.html)

1658 views Written by Asthfghl

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3-4-2010 Interview with Condemor_cadista, winner of OPC6

We are delighted to present to your attention Condemor_cadista, the winner of Oman Prediction Contest VI. As you all know, the winner of each prediction contest earns an interview for the Oman Feature section, among other things. Now, albeit with some delay, we have taken an interview with the two times winner of the OPC. He is a true prediction veteran!

Interview taken on 06.12.2009.

Link: (http://leeukop.livejournal.com/240795.html)

1652 views Written by Asthfghl

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9-12-2009 A royal farewell for thetycoon

The legendary manager thetycoon (664848) has played his last match as the coach of NT Oman. The Reds ended in a goal-less draw away to Liechtenstein (238733492) at the Manni-Kaltz-Kampfbahn arena in Niedersachsen, Germany.

1510 views Written by Asthfghl

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7-18-2009 Oman's first Hattrick meeting!

I'm going to tell you about the first Hattrick meeting of Oman which took place on the 15th of July 2009. This is from my side of the story but that doesn't really matter as it will tell you all you need to know about this great and successful meeting.

1849 views Written by Assim

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