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The stadium

Your club will start off with a small stadium, which you will have the opportunity to improve throughout your Hattrick career. On the stadium page you can see and manage all details about your stadium.

Income and costs

Your stadium can have four different types of stands, each having their own income possibilities and weekly upkeep costs (which you always have to pay).

  Income Weekly cost
Terrace places 7 US$ 0.5 US$
Regular seats 10 US$ 0.7 US$
Seats under roof 19 US$ 1 US$
Seats in VIP lounge 35 US$ 2.5 US$

In the match reports from home games you're able to see how many seats were sold in each separate type of stand. The income from matches is distributed differently between clubs depending on what type of match it is:

League matches: The home team takes all the income.

Cup matches: The home team takes 2/3 of the income and away team gets 1/3, except for the last six rounds which are played at neutral venues and income is split evenly.

Friendlies and qualifiers: Income is split evenly

Your crowd appearance

How many spectators visit your stadium largely depends on your fans. Your fans' mood and the size of your fan club are the most important crowd factors. Your current position in your series, and the difference between your position and your opponent's position are also of importance (for series games).

To some extent your opponents' fan club size and fan mood matters, as some of them might like to come too. It is also worth knowing that people get more interested in attending games as the season goes by. You will generally get bigger crowds at the end of the season than at the start.

The weather naturally also matters. Fewer spectators will visit your stadium in bad weather, but those who come will be more interested in buying more expensive tickets and sitting under a roof. It is therefore possible that your total income will be similar in any weather, provided there enough appropriate stands.

Improving the stadium

To improve your stadium you order a construction company to rebuild your stadium. It'll take some time - a week or more depending on the scope of the conversion. All existing stands stay available during the construction time. You pay a set price of 10 000 US$ per conversion, together with a cost for each seat you want to add or remove:
  Construction cost Removing cost
Terrace places 45 US$ 6 US$
Regular seats 75 US$ 6 US$
Seats under roof 90 US$ 6 US$
Seats in VIP lounge 300 US$ 6 US$

It's a good idea to have a mix of different types of stands to offer your fans. Most people want to buy tickets to the terraces, therefore these should be the largest in number among your seat types. Some people only attend matches if they can have comfortable seats (and some will also demand a roof over their seats), so you should have quite a lot of those too. There is also the "prawn sandwich" brigade who only want to sit in fancy VIP lounges, they're not that many but you may not want to forget about them. Seats under a roof and in VIP lounges aren't affected as much by bad weather as the other types.

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