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World Cup XXXII está en la ronda II Liguilla
Próximo partido: 3-5-2021 20:00

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Hattrick Masters aún no ha comenzado.
Próximo partido: 2-8-2021 20:00

Campeones reinantes

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China China Alemania U-20 Deutschland Caesar Spor II Luzern Swan
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Hattrick Press

1-11-2021 Interview with Caesar1, winner of the Hattrick Masters S76!

Caesar1 (5526856), a manager who already acquired quite some HT-fame after winning several league titles and national cups in both Switzerland and Senegal, and winning the Supporter Week Trophy with his Senegalese team Caesar Spor II, was invited for an interview after now also winning the Hattrick Masters title with Caesar Spor II (2044544) in season 76!

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11-29-2020 China writes history

20th of September 2020, a date which from now on will not only be celebrated for the 71th birthday of George R.R. Martin, but more important this date will be remembered as the day China wrote HT history!
On this specific day, China won their first World Cup, which was also the first gold medal for any Asian country. After the celebrations in China and Asia cooled down a bit, we had the pleasure to interview pashaoye (13221097), who was the assistant coach of Chenxiaolin (12188748).

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11-8-2020 Meet the game developers: HT-Tasos

One of the most active HT's in the forums and the guy behind the now extinct (we've got news about it) HT-Tools. We'll also talk about the new World Cup format, Power Ratings, and much, much more.

Please welcome, HT-Tasos!

Written by Mod-Fleming (10382507) and HPE-rikdaan (13289066)

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Selecciones Nacionales - Anuncios de Prensa

1-28-2021 Ucrania U-20 Ukraina: Ukraine U20
1-28-2021 Ghana U-20 Ghana: U20/21 Ghana
1-27-2021 Costa Rica U-20 Costa Rica: Costa Rica U21 Informa
1-27-2021 Perú U-20 Perú: Estructura Perú U20/U21
1-27-2021 Yemen U-20 Al Yaman: Team info
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