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All new Hattrick mobile apps

2018-09-26 12:07:00

Today, we release our new Hattrick app for Android and ioS. It has been completely rewritten and redesigned, moving the navigation closer to how the web works. It’s also faster, more stable and have a lot more functionality.

The new app has been a big project for us, taking up most of our time for the last six months. Sorry if it has been a bit quiet from our end, but we think it has been worth the wait.

We see how the mobile use of Hattrick is increasing all the time - we know even have a group of users who only ever played the game through the app. That’s why we wanted to not only upgrade the quality of the app experience, but also to make sure it is more tightly integrated with the web version of Hattrick. If you play it in one place, you should recognise yourself when you come to the other. From now on, the web and the apps use the same technical framework and also a similar navigation. Skills and ratings are shown in the same way everywhere. And, most importantly, when new features are added to the game, we can now commit to adding them to the apps quickly, as things are better integrated and works the same everywhere.

So what concrete things have changed?

The first thing you may notice is the navigation, which now has a left hand menu like the web site. From here you can access all parts of the app and also switch teams, if you have more than one. This replaces the top menu icons from the old app. The icon navigation in the bottom row of the app is still there.

We have replaced all icons in the app with new ones, creating a crisper and more consistent look. Eventually, we will also use these on the web. A move in the other direction is that we will be starting to use the new circular player ratings everywhere (now they are only used on mobile and in the new Hattrick Live). This means we will phase out the classic old star ratings, even the star itself will live on as the icon for ratings in general. There are several other other, smaller, examples of things that will now start to be more consistent between (or even within) the apps and the web. And of course we have also fixed dozens and dozens of bugs in the old app.

Here’s a list of other things that are now available in the app:

* You can change trainer in the app
* You can access individual training reports for youth players
* Youth players can be sorted by days until promotion, and senior players can be sorted by category
* If you tilt your phone, the league page will now show a more detailed series table. League page now has “Add all to Live” option as well.
* Improve transfer search. Easier to tweak a search without having to start all over. Player age and days now included in transfer search results. Extended transfer search results now include speciality and age.
* Possible to click on player details in transfer search (or other lists) and go back without losing your position in the list
* In the forum, you can now create new threads, ignore threads, bookmark threads and mark threads as read. Added reply to all option.
* We’ve added an easy way to copy ID of players, matches, managers, leagues etc (which is handy when posting about them in the forum)
* Player notes now available
* Clear dashboard notifications with single swipe
* Create new Supporter reminders
* Previous matches added to player view
* For Supporters, we have added a new shortcut feature that speeds up the navigation to certain favourite pages even more

We still have a few things that are coming to the app, so you can expect at least one more release in the next month or two.

We really hope you enjoy the new Hattrick mobile app!

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