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Arquivo de información do sistema

8-26-2021 Changes to NT achievements

In the new achievement system we replaced the old achievement for being elected NT coach with a new one. The new one required coaches not only to be elected, but also to be reelected, to gain the achievement. In this way, we wanted to discourage achievement hunters from becoming NT coaches for the wrong reasons - we would force them to do a good job for their community, so they could get elected again. after much feedback from the community we realize that the better solution to drop this kind of achievement altogether. The new achievement, “The Nation Stands Behind You”, (which no one has been awarded yet, anyway) will disappear.

The achievement given for NT success, “National Treasure Hunter”, will also change. This will continue to exist, but will have a value of 0 points in the achievement score. Put another way, we are removing NT achievements from the achievement “competition” system, to ensure healthy motivations for everyone involved in the NTs.

Of course managers that have done well for NTs sin the past still want to show this off! We managed to recreate the “National Treasure Hunter” achievement for previous seasons, which means we have added this achievements for all managers that reached at least the semifinals in the past.

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