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Hattrick Downtime FAQ

2006-07-15 10:04:00

Here is a FAQ with some initial questions and answers about the downtime.

What has happened?

Last week we upgraded our disk storage for Hattrick to a new system, capable of handling a lot more data. This was necessary as the current storage system were running out of space. The first step of this upgrade was made last week and it worked fine. However, during the second step, when we added a second core server to the storage system, we started to get performance issues on the disks. Eventually, this affected the live database as some data was damaged. Repairing such damage is done reasonably often in Hattrick and need not be too complicated, but in this case it was pretty bad. We spent Thursday repairing and restoring data to get Hattrick up without having to go to backup, but in the end that was what we had to do.

What does it mean that Hattrick goes back to a backup?

The last backup was taken at 05.00 HT-Time the night between Sunday and Monday, after the weekend games. What happened between 05.00 on Monday and Wednesday evening, when the site was taken down, have basically been lost. This included friendlies and Cup games in some leagues, transfers, and various manager-triggered team events, such as hiring and firing of staff. Once the backup was restored, the entire week has been simulated with the parameters that existed at the time of the back up – the current match orders, squads, injuries and so on. Transfers that were completed by the time the backup re still completed, but all open transfers and bids at that time has been cleared out. The transfer list was emptied and players need to be re-listed.

I won my game, but now I lost it instead. How will you deal with that?

We have had to restore a backup, which means we have lost data. The games have been replayed and we will have to accept that the results are not always identical after a replay. This is the new reality. Some users will benefit from this, and others will not. Many of you will notice small effects of this type, concerning match results, or injuries, or transfers that could have been made. These consequences are regrettable, but we will not make any individual fixes. Please accept that this is the only fair and reasonable policy for us.

I can’t find my replayed friendly – it’s not in the match list?

Click on The Club. View More Events. "A friendly was arranged". The last one will have a link to your match.

I bought Supporter before the site went down. Now I can't see it. What's that bout?

Like all other data, your Supporter status was lost in the restore. But your purchase is still on record, and it will be updated in the near future. Please have a little patience on this one, as we are still working on how to best fix this.

I was more than 500k € in debt this week and had no chance of getting back on track since all transfers were deleted. What will happen?

You have gotten one additional week to clear your debts.

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