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Sistemske informacije - celotne

12-8-2021 Improved sponsor offers

Yesterday, we found that the fixed parts of the new sponsor contracts was not calculated in the intended way, and for this reason the formula was updated to increase it by around 5 % for all teams and contract types. This is now live on the site and has been applied to all sponsor deals, whether they have been accepted already or not.

11-30-2021 Lucky, yet unhappy?

We have added a setting that allows managers to exclude themselves from being handed a free promotion through the “Lucky Loser” mechanism. If you feel you are enjoying your current series too much or that you are not prepared to promote, activating this block ensures that you will never promote unless you have actually won your series. You will not be given one of the free slots that are sometimes given to runners-up if there is free space in the division above

11-21-2021 Duplicate player bug fixed

During Saturday matches the Greek league was affected by a bug that caused some players that had played matches to be duplicated in the team player list. The players were never "really" duplicated, but some records them were, and this caused problems on the site for teams owning those players. The bug was fixed during the evening and the duplicate records are now erased.

11-2-2021 Facebook Login not working

If you use your Facebook credentials to log in (or if know of friends trying to sign up using the same), please be aware this is not working at the moment. If you don't already have a "regular" sign-in (Username/Password) you can set this up by using the "Forgot Password" function on the site.

We are working on restoring the functionality, but since it depends on Facebook as well we can not give an estimate of when this may happen right now.

10-25-2021 Release notes 25th October

The following improvement has been released:

• In order to increase transparency on our forums, you can now see if a post has been deleted by its author or by one of our Hattrick officials.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

9-15-2021 Release notes 14th September

The following fix has been released:

• We fixed several issues with training report graphs where many of the graphs were incorrect and didn't show the right values. This should no longer be the case.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

9-10-2021 Old inconsistency removed from total player experience

We have removed an old inconsistency in the code, that unnecessarily capped the total player experience a team can achieve at 18.5, or “high magical”. This has been reported to us as a bug in the past, and also assumed by users to only have been a presentational “bug”, but the numbers shown were always correct and the full player experience was not used to calculate player events. Now this limit has been removed, which means higher team experience can be achieved and will be used in the match simulations as well.

8-26-2021 Changes to NT achievements

In the new achievement system we replaced the old achievement for being elected NT coach with a new one. The new one required coaches not only to be elected, but also to be reelected, to gain the achievement. In this way, we wanted to discourage achievement hunters from becoming NT coaches for the wrong reasons - we would force them to do a good job for their community, so they could get elected again. after much feedback from the community we realize that the better solution to drop this kind of achievement altogether. The new achievement, “The Nation Stands Behind You”, (which no one has been awarded yet, anyway) will disappear.

The achievement given for NT success, “National Treasure Hunter”, will also change. This will continue to exist, but will have a value of 0 points in the achievement score. Put another way, we are removing NT achievements from the achievement “competition” system, to ensure healthy motivations for everyone involved in the NTs.

Of course managers that have done well for NTs sin the past still want to show this off! We managed to recreate the “National Treasure Hunter” achievement for previous seasons, which means we have added this achievements for all managers that reached at least the semifinals in the past.

8-23-2021 NT Player and Team updates

Last Friday, we encountered issues with the player updates after the National Teams matches. As a result, the team updates were also delayed. We fixed the issue earlier today and everything is catching up. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

8-19-2021 Apache League and Cup participation

On Saturday, 21/08 at 15:00 HT Time, we will create the cup matches. This means that all teams that signup after that will not have guaranteed cup participation. If you want to participate in the cup, you should signup before that.

8-19-2021 NT Updates

There was a delay on National Team daily updates. The team spirit and team confidence updates ran 6 hours after the original schedule (around 09:00 instead of 03:00 HT time).

7-8-2021 Minor hickup

Because of a minor hickup, transfers had been temporarily stopped. Transfers with a deadline between 14:10 and 14:25 (CET) have been extended by half an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

6-30-2021 Maintenance in Hattrick datacenter

On Wednesday 7/7 - 2021, the datacenter that host Hattrick, are doing a second try of a complicated maintenance on the power cords. There will be two power shutdowns, the first at 7:00 CET and the second 18:00 CET. Each break will be 5 to 10 minutes.

6-18-2021 Missing flags

Recently we changed how flag collections are archived and in the process converting for some users this didn't go entirely correct and if you appear to be missing flags, then that is because.

The good news is that our Gamemasters can quickly fix this for you if you have been affected by this bug. All you have to do is to send them a message about it. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

6-9-2021 New match time for Masters on Mondays

Please note that for the rest of this season, all Monday matches in the Hattrick Masters will be played at 16.00 HT-time instead of the regular 20.00 kick-off.

This is done to prevent conflicts with the new National Team schedule.

Remaining match times in Masters this season:

2021-06-10 20:00:00
2021-06-14 16:00:00 (NEW)
2021-06-17 20:00:00
2021-06-21 16:00:00 (NEW)
2021-06-24 20:00:00

This information has been sent out as a HT-message to all participating teams, in addition to being published as a SysInfo.

5-10-2021 Missing updates after the last Friday's NT friendly match

Last Friday, we had a few missing updates during the transition from the old NT system to the new one. We fixed the bug and made it sure that it won’t happen again next time. We worked on the actual missing data today and we have the following notes:

- From the player updates, we recovered the player Experience, the Goals and NT Caps statistics. The match will not be visible in the matches or the performance history.
- We sent the salary bonus to the owners of the NT players.
- We recalculated the Lineup Experience based on the starting formation of the match.

You will probably have a couple of missing events here and there, but the rest are just presentational. Thank you and we apologise for any inconvenience.

5-6-2021 Release notes 6th May

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We fixed an issue where no fixtures were shown for the current season on the series page.
• We added a small feature for Hattrick-ML (forum, HT-mail, etc.) to use Accesskey + I, + U or + B to quickly insert italic, underline and bold tags, same as when you click on the buttons. Accesskey varies depending on the browser, for Chromium browsers it's Alt, in Firefox it's Alt + Shift and could be other combinations in other browsers.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

4-22-2021 Downtime morning of April 22

Earlier today, around CET 10.30 our servers went down unexpectedly. The transfer market was paused shortly after, and we worked to get the system back up again which happened around 11.00 CET. All transfers were extended by 60 minutes. We apologise for the inconvenience.

3-31-2021 Maintenance in Hattrick datacenter

On Tuesday 6/4 - 2021, the datacenter that host Hattrick are doing some complicated maintenance on the power cords. There will be two power shut downs, the first at 7:00 CET and the second 18:00 CET. Each break will be 5 to 10 minutes.

3-28-2021 ISP maintenance downtime

From Tuesday morning 30-03 our ISP provider will have a scheduled maintenance between 01:00 - 06:00 CET (00:00 - 05:00 GMT) and we can expect a service interruption of around 60 minutes during this time span.

3-9-2021 Downtime morning of March 9

On Tuesday morning around CET 9.30 our servers went down unexpectedly. The transfer market was paused shortly after, and we worked to get the system back up again which happened around 11.30 CET. We apologise for the inconvenience, and will now analyse why this happened to try and prevent it from happening again.

3-2-2021 Release notes 2nd March

The following fix has been released:

• We removed the frames that you could still see on the match orders page around the player avatars.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

2-8-2021 Release notes 8th February

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• You no longer place another bid when purchasing 'Extra Autobid' if you already have the highest bid.
• We fixed an issue that was broken for a long while already with inviting another user through the invite link from a bot in your series and where we didn't actually reserve the spot.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

2-8-2021 New match times on Americas Cup and NT daily updates

After the release of the new World Cup, we received feedback from several users that the Americas Cup match times are not convenient for the national coaches. The team spirit update was too close to the match which made it difficult to use the ratings predictor and the technically, different day of the match (Saturday 01:00) created an extra complication on U20 age eligibility. To improve this, and starting from Week 6, we move all Americas Cup matches from Saturday 01:00 to Friday 23:30 and also the daily NT updates (for all NT teams) from 00:30 to 03:00. We will change the daily updates next Monday, but you can already see the new match times for Friday matches.

2-1-2021 U20 CC matches delayed in Asia-Oceania

Today's matches in the Asia-Oceania Continental Championships will be delayed for a short while as we attend to a potential problem before it happens. We expect that the delay will be less than 20 minutes.

UPDATE: Problem solved. Matches are now underway!

1-18-2021 Wrong candidates in office, now expelled

The U20 elections closed this morning, and while the election results showed on the site were correct and using the new election rules, for a short while (around 5 minutes) the wrong candidates were handed the keys to the office. This was quickly fixed, those candidates were removed and the correct ones installed, and the underlying bug fixed. We are sorry for the confusion, and for the false given to these managers that, having experienced a brilliant but unexpected moment of glory, will now have to sink back into obscurity.

1-12-2021 Season Summary Email issue

At the start of each season, we send an email with the summary of your team's last season. A bug caused some of the languages to have a broken email text. If you use one of the following languages, you were also affected

English (US)

Tomorrow, we will resend those emails. However, some of our users might receive those emails twice, from the old and the new batch. There is no need to report this as bug to our Game Masters.

Thank you and we apologise for any inconvenience.

1-11-2021 Election bug fixed

This morning, elections started. One new feature this season is that additional team owners are now also able to vote in their “adopted” leagues.

However, a bug caused most of their early votes to not be registered. If you are an additional team owner and cast your vote before 11.00 HT-time, please check the page of your candidate and vote again if necessary.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience!

12-8-2020 Archive maintenance part 3

On Monday morning 14th December we intend to finish our two year long archive project so we can continue to store match data in the future for all stats lovers. The archive will be down from 05:00 until 12:00 (CET).

When the archive is offline you're not able to transferlist or see match history for players, and you will not get correct data from old matches, stats and your flag collection.

11-4-2020 Release notes 4th November

The following improvement has been released:

• For our simple skin users we have done some refactoring which makes things easier to handle for us as well as making it look better for you. We hope you like it too.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

10-27-2020 iOS app update

Today we released a new version 4.10.0 of the iOS app which includes the ability to sign up with Apple. This means we're also adding the sign in option to the site. However, at the moment you'll not be able to connect your existing account. Stay tuned for another big app update coming soon.

9-24-2020 Archive maintenance part 2

On Monday morning 28st September we are continuing with the archive maintenance that we started on the 21st. The archive will be down from 05:00 until 16:00 HT-Time

When the archive is offline you're not able to transferlist or see match history for players, and you will not get correct data from old matches, stats and your flag collection.

9-21-2020 Archive maintenance

We are doing maintenance on the archive today (Monday 21st September). We extend the downtime of archive until 16:00(CET)

When the archive is offline you will not get correct data from old matches, stats and your flag collection.

9-18-2020 Upcoming downtime

On Monday morning 21st September, we are going to prepare the back end for the upcoming seasons and need to take down Hattrick for 120 minutes from 05:00 to 07:00(CET).

After the downtime, the archive will still be under maintenance until 12:00 (CET). When the archive is offline you will not get correct data from old matches, stats and your flag collection.

8-21-2020 Release notes 21th August

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• Youth stadium capacity and attendance to matches have been doubled
• We fixed a bug that prevented bot teams from receiving formation experience.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

8-10-2020 Supporter not activated

We are working on a problem where Supporter is not being activated after a purchase or renewal, but where money has already been withdrawn from your account. If this has happened to you, then please contact Hattrick Shop staff, so we can follow up on this as soon as the problem has been solved. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

6-22-2020 Match Engine Update

We released today the scheduled update in the Match Engine about the Unpredictable specialty as announced in the MyHT last week.

6-15-2020 New youth matches are not generated

We got reports that new youth leagues are stuck waiting for new matches. We are investigating and try to fix it as soon as possible, but the fix will be available probably tomorrow morning.

6-4-2020 Missing Global Ladder

We are facing a data loss in one of our databases and the Global Ladder, including all matches, have been disappeared from the website. We are working on the data recovery process to bring everything back. We cannot give you any estimation right now when the backup will finish, but we will keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: Everything should be back to normal now, except for matches older than May 1st. Those will be restored tomorrow.

6-1-2020 Transfers extended

We had an unexpected downtime and all transfers from 18:14 HT time were extended by 60 minutes.

5-27-2020 A bug fix in Match Engine

Today, we released a bug fix in Hattrick's Match Engine where the special event "Unpredictable Own goal" was given to the wrong team.
The SE has more chances to be given to the team which has the greater number of Unpredictable wingers and forwards on field, but it wasn't. This bug is now corrected.

5-22-2020 Missing emails

There are currently some issues with our mails that are being sent to 'hotmail, live, msn and outlook' which we hope to have resolved by the end of next week. If you are trying to validate your email account and if you have been affected by this as well, you can validate your account with another email or with Facebook or Google.

Update 2020-05-25: The problems have been resolved.

5-22-2020 Release notes 22nd May

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• You can now write match statements for your youth matches.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

5-8-2020 Release notes 4th May

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We fixed some issues with the chat and increased the time that you can see previous messages for from 2 days to 7.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

4-29-2020 New auto-bid rules

We are changing the auto-bid mechanics a little to give better priority to manual bidders. If you are making a manual bid and there is an max auto-bid of the same value, you will win the auction despite the fact that the auto-bid was placed earlier. You will also win the auction if you place a lower bid, and the system is unable to raise by the minimum amount required without exceeding the maximum auto-bid value.

The change is already active and has been put in place to avoid situations where existing auto-bids could be “explored” by users, without them committing to making an actual bid.

4-3-2020 Release notes 3rd April

The following improvement has been released:

• We have added a button in the Calendar in My Office to go directly back to the current week if you've navigated at least 2 weeks away, either back or forward.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

3-11-2020 Release notes 11th March

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• It will no longer be possible to close your additional team while you have players on the transfer market from that team.
• If you are using a club theme, then you will now find it on a bunch of pages where it was missing.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

1-10-2020 ISP maintenance downtime

From Monday 13-01 to Tuesday 14-01 our ISP provider will have a scheduled maintenance between 23:00 - 05:00 CET and we can expect a service interruption of around 30 minutes during this time span.

12-19-2019 Release notes 18th December

The following improvement has been released:

• We are now using the new live code which we've been working on recently in an attempt to improve the stability of the live experience.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

12-6-2019 Release notes 6th December

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• The secretary has been re-added by popular demand.
• We have added a counter in the left menu showing the number of unread messages in My Office.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

12-5-2019 Release notes 5th December

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We updated the My Office so the secretary doesn't show up anymore on the dashboard unless he has something to say.
• We also removed the "Hattrick on the web" box. We'll still show the latest blog post if it was posted within the last two weeks. You can access the blog at any time via the My Hattrick menu, and Facebook and Twitter links are always available at the bottom of the site.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

11-28-2019 Release notes 28th November

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We have added a page for the division battles fixtures.
• When your bid is increased because you have an autobid, you'll get a new type of manager news in My Office so it can be clearly separated from when you were outbid.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

11-26-2019 Nedostopnost zaradi vzdrževanja

Zaradi načrtovanega vzdrževanja, ki ga je izvajal naš ponudnik spletnih storitev, je bil Hattrick nedostopen od približno 3:58 do 4:51. Prestopi v tem času so bili podaljšani za 60 minut.

11-19-2019 Transfers Extended and Maintenance Downtime

Earlier this morning, we had an unexpected downtime and all transfers from 02:37 are extended.

Also, next Monday 25-11 our ISP provider will have a scheduled maintenance between 02:00 - 06:00 and we can expect a service interruption of 60 minutes during this time span.

On Tuesday 26-11, at 05:00 we will have a planned maintenance to apply a fix for the issue that caused the problem this morning.

11-18-2019 Release notes 18th November

The following fixes have been released:

• Several fixes regarding the Division Battles.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

11-15-2019 Redraw second round Division Battle matches

Because of some issues with the pairups for the second round of battle matches, for those leagues who finished their matches before 11:00 today, we had to delete and recreate the matches for the second round. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

11-12-2019 Matches rescheduled in Division Battles

For technical reasons, we had to reschedule a small part of the Division Battles to start this Saturday morning instead of this and next Friday. Only a few of the Tournaments got affected, but we advice to check your match times again for any change. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

11-11-2019 Razvojne novice, 11. november

Objavili smo sledečo izboljšavo:

• Trajanje poškodbe mladinca bo zdaj natančneje prikazano in, še pomembneje, v vmesniku za oddajo ukazov ne bo več prikazano kot "+1" za vse poškodovane igralce.

Kot vedno smo objavili še nekaj drugih manjših popravkov, da bi izboljšali vašo izkušnjo z našo igro.

10-31-2019 Nightly downtime

Last night we experienced some downtime from 00:30 to 01:59 HT Time because of a service interruption at our data center. As a consequence we have extended all affected transfers (around 400) from that period to end at some time this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

10-22-2019 On Monday's downtime

Our planned maintenance on Monday ran into problems, and we needed to keep the site offline for longer than we expected. As a result of this, we also extended transfer deadlines. Transfers with deadline between 13:34-17:30 were postponed by 8 hours, and transfers with deadline between 17:30-19:30 were postponed by 4 hours. After the site came up just after 19h, the forums and youth system have continued to be down. They should hopefully be up again during the night. Sorry for the inconvenience, but these maintenance windows are necessary to prepare for the new season.

10-21-2019 Scheduled maintenance today

Due to database maintenance later today, Forum and Youth Clubs will not be available approximately from 12:30 to 15:30.

Thank you for your patience and have fun everyone!

10-14-2019 Release notes 14th October

The following fix has been released:

• From now on the position of a team in the series and the ranking on the team page while playing a match will be hidden.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

10-4-2019 Razvojne novice 3. oktober

Objavili smo naslednje popravke in izboljšave:

• Pomočnikom trenerja v reprezentancah smo popravili prikaz ocen po sektorjih in še nekaj manjših hroščev na strani za oddajo ukazov.
• Zdaj je mogoče deliti igralce na trgu na družbenih omrežjih. To lahko naredite direktno z igralčeve strani, pa tudi z ligaške strani svoje lige.

Kot vedno objavljamo še nekaj drugih, manjših popravkov in izboljšav, s katerimi želimo izboljšati vašo izkušnjo na strani.

9-16-2019 Release notes 16th September

The following fixes have been released:

• We fixed a bunch of match and live related issues.
• We also released a fix regarding the Manager License for users who signed up from mobile.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

8-28-2019 Release notes 28th August

The following fix has been released:

• We have fixed an issue where it could happen that the live page got stuck occasionally.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

8-1-2019 Razvojne novice, 1. avgust

Objavili smo sledečo izboljšavo:

- Začetna stran ima izboljšan dizajn in veliko boljšo zmogljivost.

Kot vedno smo objavili tudi nekaj izboljšav in manjših popravkov hroščev, da bi izboljšali vašo izkušnjo z našo stranjo.

6-27-2019 Razvojne novice, 27. junij

Objavili smo sledečo izboljšavo:

• Naredili smo manjšo spremembo na strani, kjer oddajate ponudbe za igralca na trgu. Do zdaj sta bili prikazani dve polji za vnos številk (eno za ponudbo in eno za maksimalno ponudbo) in en gumb za oddajo ponudbe. Zdaj pa imamo eno polje in dva gumba.

Kot vedno smo objavili še nekaj drugih, manjših popravkov in izboljšav, da bi izboljšali vašo izkušnjo na naši strani.

6-27-2019 Web servers

There are some access issues with the web site right now, causing new connections to be sometimes denied while those on the servers can continue to use the game as they please. We have paused the trabsfer for now and will reopen it on the morning. Even if you get an error message when trying to visit Hattrick.org, you can try to access it on m.hattrick.org or directly on one of the web servers, such as www91.hattrick.org or www93.hattrick.org - tjis seems to circumvent the problem.

5-14-2019 Release notes 14th May

The following fixes and improvements have been released:

• We now show a bot icon in league tables for teams without an owner.
• It will no longer be possible to move the start date of your youth league sooner than allowed.

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

4-3-2019 Negative income

We have received several reports from users who report that on their dashboard is shown that they received a negative income from their match. This is only a presentational error and will be corrected tomorrow morning. There is no need to send your GM reports about this error.

3-7-2019 Release notes 7th March

The following fix has been released:

• We fixed a bug where HT-mail wasn't shown as "New message" (it was directly moved to read)

As always we also release other minor bug fixes and improvements to improve your experience on our site.

3-5-2019 Hrošček v posodobitvah moštvenega vzdušja za reprezentance

Pred nekaj tedni smo začeli preiskovati hroščka, ki se je pojavil v reprezentancah. Uporabniki so ugotovili, da je padec moštvenega vzdušja hitrejši, kot navadno. To se je pripetilo v nedeljski posodobitvi, kjer se je koda lahko sprožila dvakrat (kar pomeni dve posodobitvi zaporedoma) ali sploh ne. Ker se moštveno vzdušje spremeni za vse ekipe hkrati, to pomeni, da se nikoli ni zgodilo, da bi nekatere ekipe dobile dve posodobitvi, nekatere pa nič. Kakorkoli, hrošček je odpravljen in zdaj ta posodobitev že dva tedna zaporedoma poteka brez problemov.

2-27-2019 Razvojne novice, 27. februar

Objavili smo naslednje popravke in izboljšave:

• Dodali smo možnost, da najdete točno določenega mentorja po uporabniškem imenu.
• Ikonam tipa tekme, ki jih najdete na strani s tekmami in v arhivu, smo dodali tudi povezave do samih tekem.

Kot vedno smo objavili še nekaj manjših popravkov in izboljšav, s katerimi želimo izboljšati vašo izkušnjo v naši igri.

2-22-2019 Trening vzdržljivosti

Trenutno preiskujemo, zakaj se ta teden trening vzdržljivosti ni odvil.

Posodobitev: težavo smo odkrili in ugotovili, da se je trening vzdržljivosti zgodil, samo spremembe sposobnosti vam niso bile predstavljene. Samega hrošča smo že popravili, tako da bo naslednji teden spet vse po starem. Prikaz spremembe vzdržljivosti za ta teden bo izveden v ponedeljek.

Če želite že zdaj preveriti, ali ima vaš igralec spremembo vzdržljivosti, lahko pogledate v igralčevo zgodovino tekem. Če je v tem trening tednu odigral tekmo, bo pri njej shranjena vrednost njegove vzdržljivosti, tako da lahko primerjate s prejšnjo.

2-12-2019 Razvojne novice, 12. februar

Objavili smo sledeče popravke in izboljšave:

• Ukazi za pokrivanje mož na moža se več ne shranjujejo v privzete postavitve (pri tem smo izbrisali tudi vse ukaze za pokrivanje, ki so bili v privzete postavitve shranjeni do zdaj). To nima vpliva na običajne postavitve ali shranjene postavitve (takšne z imeni).
• Avatarji mladincev niso več sivi (razen ozadja) in uporabljajo enake barve kot pri članski ekipi. S tem je mogoče določiti drese tudi mladincem.

Kot vedno, tudi tokrat objavljamo manjše popravke hroščev in ostale izboljšave, s katerimi želimo izboljšati vašo izkušnjo na naši strani.

2-6-2019 Razvojne novice, 6. februar

Na svitlo smo djali, kot bi rekli v času Prešerna, sledeče izboljšave:

• Težava, zaradi katere razpoloženje igralca na avatarju na strani z rezultati iskanja ni enako kot drugod, je popravljena.
• Zdaj spremembe članstva v navijaškem klubu prikažemo tudi v absolutnih številkah poleg sprememb v odstotkih.
• Popravili smo hrošča, ko se je v poročilu s tekme Trdoživ igralec poškodoval, v resnici pa je zaradi svoje specialke dobil le obliž.

Kot vedno smo izdali tudi ostale manjše izboljšave in popravke, s katerimi želimo izboljati vašo igralno izkušnjo.

12-13-2018 Cups issues fixed

The following Sapphire Cups have been affected from a bug yesterday.

România, Schweiz, Hong Kong, Kenya, Makedonija, Bénin, Tanzania, Comoros

Teams that supposed to be on the next round on Sapphire Cup were missing. We fixed the original bug and we recreated the next round with the correct teams. We will contact all the users that participate in the next round to inform them about missing match orders.

We are sorry for this and hope you all have an enjoyable competition despite this problematic week!

11-21-2018 Razvojne novice, 21. november

Sledeči popravki so bili objavljeni:

• Popravili smo hrošč, ko ni bilo mogoče dokončati managersko licenco s hitro ponudbo.
• Za mladince smo popravili komentarje skavtov, ko se vrnete na stran pregleda.

Kot ponavadi smo objavili tudi druge manjše popravke in izboljšave, da izboljšamo vašo izkušnjo na naši strani.

11-14-2018 Težave s prijavo v novih ligah odpravljene

Odpravili smo težave, ki so jih nekateri uporabniki imeli, ko so se prijavili v nove lige, ki smo jih odprli včeraj. Te so v glavnem zadevale uporabnike s Platino ali Supporterjem, ki so izkoristili akcijsko ponudbo. To smo popravili danes zjutraj:

* Omejitev 16 tednov, ko lahko odprete nov dodatni klub, je bila začasno odstranjena. To je povzroalo težave z zapiranjem enega kluba in odpiranjem novega. Omejitev se bo mogoče v prihodnosti vrnila, ampak med trajanjem akcije ne bo aktivna.
* V vseh novih državah je bila dodana četrta liga in nove ekipe so bile premaknjene v to ligo.
* Mladinske akademije za nove lige naj bi zdaj delovale.

Hvala za potrpljenje in uživajte!

11-6-2018 Datumi tekem za generacijske pokale

Današnje jutranje tekme za generacijske pokale so bile odigrane do 4 ure kasneje, kot je bilo mišljeno. Težavo smo zdaj odpravili, od vključno 4. kroga naprej pa bodo tekme odigrane po pravilnem razporedu.

11-6-2018 Nov izgled, Foxtrick in možnost izbire

Kot ste videli na strani Moj Hattrick, smo danes izdali nov izgled za sposobnosti igralca, ocene in stran z rezultati iskanja prestopov. Verjamemo, da bodo te spremembe Hattrick izboljšale in nam omogočile, da pospešimo razvoj v prihodnosti, saj imamo zdaj na celotni strani in tudi v aplikaciji podoben način prikaza pomembnih informacij.

Če vam spremembe niso všeč, lahko izberete stari izgled ocen in sposobnosti. Pojdite pod Nastavitve in tam izberite Klasični izgled, s katerim bo vse ostalo po starem.

Dodati želimo še to, da če uporabljate dodatek za brskalnik Foxtrick in vam ta z novim izgledom deluje slabše, je zdaj pravi čas, da naložite novo, beta verzijo Foxtricka. Ta verzija namreč dobro deluje z novim izgledom, čeprav ima še vedno nekaj manjših težav. Klasični izgled pa bo s Foxtrickom še naprej deloval perfektno.

10-29-2018 Vzdrževalna dela 1. novembra

Ker bo naš ponudnih spletnih storitev izvajal vzdrževalna dela na svoji opremi, se 1. novembra med 2. in 6. uro zjutraj lahko pojavljajo motnje delovanja strani.

Vsi prestopi v času, ko stran ne bi bila dosegljiva, bodo podaljšani.

10-28-2018 Podaljšani prestopi

Ponoči smo imeli težave s funkcijo prerazporejanja uporabnikov po spletnih strežnikih, zaradi česar login na strani ni deloval, mobilne aplikacije pa ja. Da ne bi prišlo do nepravičnih prestopov, so bili prestopi ustavljeni, in ko je bila težava odpravljena, so bili roki podaljšani za 10 ur. Vse spet dela, kot bi moralo.

9-3-2018 Razvojne novice, 3. september

Objavljeni so bili sledeči popravki in izboljšave:

- Izboljšali smo videz igrišča pri prikazu tekme v živo.
- Sedaj prikažemo usmeritve, ko prikažemo ocene igralcev v HT-live in v Analizi ekipe.

Kot vedno smo tudi objavili več manjših popravkov hroščev in izboljšav, da bi bila vaša izkušnja na naši strani bolj prijetna.

6-22-2018 Izboljšana porazdelitev ponovitev

Kaj je novega:

• Povprečje domačih in gostujočih golov več ne vključuje zadetkov iz streljanja enajstmetrovk.
• Če je tekma odigrana s pokalnimi pravili, dodatna vrstica kaže razmerje zmag, remijev in porazov po 120 minutah.
• Podatki so zdaj bolj podrobni.

5-21-2018 Razvojne novice, 21. maj

Objavljeni so bili sledeči popravki in izboljšave:

• Prenovili smo stran za primerjavo prestopov. Med drugim lahko zdaj tam najdete tudi posebnosti igralcev.
• Namesto po petih sezonah zdaj lahko spremenite avatarje vaših igralcev že po eni sezoni.
• Hiša slavnih po novem prikazuje tudi nastope igralcev za reprezentance in odigrane tekme v Hattrick Mastersu.
• Uporabniki lahko zdaj sledite HTjem brez uporabe več zaznamkov. Če vas zanima, kaj HTji delijo s skupnostjo, lahko to možnost omogočite v Nastavitvah foruma. To orodje je na voljo tako za Supporterje kot nesupporterje.

Kot ponavadi smo objavili tudi manjše popravke in izboljšave, da bi bila vaša izkušnja na strani prijetnejša.

5-7-2018 Načrtovana nedostopnost strani danes zjutraj

Ko smo danes zjutraj po načrtovanem vzdrževanju želeli Hattrick spraviti nazaj v omrežje, se nam je dogodila težava z enim izmed podpornih sistemov, tako da smo morali podaljšati nedostopnost strani za dodatnih 35 minut. Prestopi med 5.00 in 7.30 (srednjeevropski čas) so bili podaljšani za 5 ur.

4-27-2018 Nedostopnost strani in podaljšanje prestopov

Danes zjutraj se nam je na nekaterih mestih v igri pojavila napaka, tako da smo morali stran za slabo uro zapreti, da smo lahko osvežili indekse podatkovnih baz. Zdaj je spet vse v najlepšem redu, prestopi pa so bili podaljšani za dve uri. Opravičujemo se za to nevšečnost!

4-14-2018 Počasen Hattrick in napake v aplikaciji

V zadnjih nekaj urah smo imeli težave s hitrostjo strani in pojavile so se napake v aplikaciji. S situacijo smo seznanjeni in vas bomo obveščali, čim bomo imeli več informacij. Hvala za potrpljenje.

Posodobitev: našli smo težavo in hitrost strani bi morala spet biti na običajnem nivoju. Hvala za vse prijave težave.

4-4-2018 Razvojne novice, 3. april

Objavljeni so bili sledeči popravki in izboljšave:

• Na strani Finance smo reorganizirali informacije o denarju.
• Popravljen je bil hrošč, ki se je pojavljal za nesupporterje pri shranjevanju privzete postavitve.
• Ligaške tabele takoj po koncu tekem niso več prazne.
• Uporabniki se lahko ponovno prijavijo za mesto na Stage strežniku, kjer testiramo nove funkcije igre.
• Posodobili smo priročnik za Hattrick International.

Kot ponavadi smo objavili tudi manjše popravke in izboljšave, da bi bila vaša izkušnja na strani prijetnejša.

3-30-2018 Spet zamude v Vrstniških pokalih

Nocoj smo spet imeli zamudo pri organizaciji naslednjega kroga Vrstniških pokalov. Zadevo smo zdaj uredili, tako da bo naslednji krog odigran v soboto ob 2. zjutraj po HT-času. Vzrok za zamudo je tokrat Pokal tedna Supporterjev, ki se tudi ni začel po načrtu, a smo uredili tudi tega. Upamo, da je to zadnje velikonočno jajce z naše strani. :) Še enkrat se opravičujemo za te težave.

3-29-2018 Napredovanje v Hattrick Internationalu

Zaradi določenih težav z bazo podatkov smo morali vnovič zagnati proces napredovanja v Hattrick Internationalu (kvalifikacijske tekme za napredovanje/nazadovanje). Prepričajte se, da imate nastavljeno pravo postavo za te tekme.

Mimogrede: od te sezone dalje bodo v HTI pravila za napredovanje enaka kot v ostalih ligah, z izjemo III. in naslednjo sezono II. divizije - v višjih divizijah so trenutno samo bot ekipe.

3-28-2018 Novice glede Vrstniških pokalov

Ker smo imeli z organizacijo tekem še dodatne težave, bomo tekme drugega kroga večine Vrstniških pokalov prestavili na jutri zvečer, začele se bodo okrog 18. ure po HT-času. Te tekme bodo vidne od sredinega jutra.

Pokal legend in Pokal junakov leta 2018 se bosta nadaljevala v skladu z včeraj zvečer objavljenim razporedom. Opravičujemo se za dodatno zamudo!

3-27-2018 Zamude pri tekmah Pokala junakov

Zaradi tehnične težave tekme drugega kroga Pokala junakov niso bile ustvarjene. V naslednjih urah bo stopil v veljavo popravek, tekme pa bodo preložene za 8 ur.

3-26-2018 Zamuda pri Vrstniških pokalih

Ta konec tedna smo imeli težave pri organizaciji tekem za Vrstniške pokale. Težave smo zdaj odpravili, urnik pa se spremeni, kot navajamo spodaj:

Pokal legend: prvi krog je bil odigran po pričakovanjih, do drugega pa nato ni prišlo. Ta bo zato odigran v sredo z začetkom okrog 2. ure zjutraj po HT-času.

Vsi ostali pokali bodo s prvim krogom začeli v torek okrog šestih popoldne, drugi krog pa bo odigran v sredo zjutraj.

Povedano drugače: VSI turnirji bodo imeli 24-urni zamik glede na prvotni razpored, in sicer vse do finalnih tekem.

Za nevšečnost se opravičujemo in upamo, da boste uživali v tekmovanju kljub tej zamudi.

3-8-2018 Razvojne novice, 8. marec

Objavljeni so bili sledeči popravki in izboljšave:

• Odpravili smo težavo dostopa mentorjev do strani z oceno napredka pri treningu, če mentoriranec ni Supporter.
• Odslej bolje prikazujemo stvari v pregledu na strani za oddajo ukazov in v Analizi nasprotnika, če nasprotnik v bližnji preteklosti ni odigral tekem z veljavno postavitvijo.
• Platinasti in Diamantni Supporterji nimajo več omejitev pri nominacijah za Hišo Slavnih.
• V Turnirjih, na Lestvah in v neposrednih dvobojih vas bomo odslej obveščali o vremenu.
• Igralcu na klopi lahko ukažete, naj pokriva nasprotnika mož na moža. To lahko storite na strani pregleda, začeli bodo s pokrivanjem, ko stopijo na igrišče.
• Zdaj lahko vidite doprinos svojih pomočnikov trenerja formi v ozadju na strani osebja. Učinke smo dodali tudi v tabelo v poglavje priročnika o osebju.
• V tabeli s porazdelitvijo šans (po tekmi) se netaktični streli od daleč zdaj prikazujejo kot "Drugo".
• Posodobili smo priročnik z nekaj odstavki o pokrivanju mož na moža. Najdete jih v poglavju "Postavitev: Osnove".

Kot ponavadi smo objavili tudi manjše popravke in izboljšave, da bi bila vaša izkušnja na strani prijetnejša.

2-8-2018 Odpravljen hrošč Super Ponovitev

Približno 700 Super Ponovitev med 31.01.2018 in 05.02.2018 je bilo pod vplivom internega testa, ki smo ga izvajali v teh dneh. Hrošč smo odpravili in smo tudi posodobili vse ponovitve, ki so imele to težave, s pravimi vrednostmi. Vrednosti so v predpomnilniku in potrebujejo nekaj časa, da bodo na razpolago na vseh strežnikih. Hvala za vaše razumevanje.

2-7-2018 Razvojne novice, 7. februar

Objavljeni so bili sledeči popravki in izboljšave:

• Odpravili smo težavo, kjer je napoved hitrosti treninga za ekipo prikazala različne vrednosti od napovedi hitrosti treninga za posameznega igralca.
• Ko odstranite nominacijo za Hišo Slavnih, je mesto za nominacijo spet na razpolago. Poleg tega bi se morali nadimki igralcev sedaj prikazati povsod.
• Objavili smo tudi nekaj popravkov za stran za oddajo ukazov, med temi za nepravilno odstranjevanje kapetana in strelca prostih strelov pri nastavljanju strelcev enajstmetrovk, pa nekaj specifičnih težav v dizajnu za Firefox.

Kot ponavadi smo objavili tudi druge manjše popravke in izboljšave, da bi izboljšali vašo izkušnjo na naši strani.

1-10-2018 Nov žreb Hattrick Mastersa

Med zadnjo posodobitvijo Hattrick Mastersa smo imeli tehnične težave, tako da je sistem za nekatere ekipe planiral več tekem (namesto ene) v naslednjem krogu. Da bi popravili napako, smo žreb ponovili. Če ste ukaze za tekmo že oddali, jih morate oddati še enkrat. Hvala za razumevanje.

12-15-2017 Stari tekmozaver

Vse tekme (razen mladinskih in tistih na lestvah ter turnirjih) bodo do ponedeljka zjutraj odigrane s starim tekmozavrom. Tako smo naredili, da petkove reprezentančne tekme ne bi imele težav z novimi posebnimi dogodki.

12-15-2017 Težave z mladinskimi tekmami

Včeraj smo imeli težave z mladinskim tekmozavrom, posledica česar so bile tekme, odigrane z napačnimi postavami, to pa je tudi vplivalo na trening. Problem smo rešili včeraj, danes pa smo poskusili popraviti podatke in trening, a smo žal bili neuspešni. To pomeni, da tekme ostajajo, kot so. Trening sicer ni izgubljen, so pa ga dobili igralci, ki so igrali v teh napačnih postavitvah. Za to nevšečnost se iskreno opravičujemo.

12-14-2017 Razvojne novice, 14. december

Danes smo objavili izboljšanje časa nalaganja (brez vrtljaja) za stran za oddajo ukazov in za analizo ekipe.

12-9-2017 Ni še tekem za naslednji krog vrstniških pokalov

Naslednji krog Vrstniških pokalov še ni bil ustvarjen. Iščemo razlog in bomo težavo odpravili čimprej.

Opravičujemo se za morebitno nevšečnost!

Dodatek: ustvarili smo tekme naslednjega kroga in bomo čez vikend spremljali situacijo.

12-4-2017 Novi razpored tekem za vrstniške pokale

Glede na visoko število sodelujočih v vrstniških pokalih, smo bili primorani spremeniti razpored in dodati 5-minutne razmike med pokali. Vsi novi urniki tekem so na razpolago na glavni strani pokala.

Opravičujemo se za morebitne nevšečnosti!

11-23-2017 Kratka nedostopnost

Ob 14:00h (SEČ) bo stran za krajši čas (približno 20 minut) nedostopna zaradi vzdrževanja strežnika podatkovne baze. Prestopi z rokom v času nedostopnosti bodo podaljšani.

Posodobitev 14:20h (SEČ): Vsi prestopi z rokom med 14:03h in 14:20h so bili podaljšani za 30 minut.

9-28-2017 Spremembe za NT in U20 tekme

Prejšnji teden smo organizirali anketo na forumu za selektorje o možnosti podaljšanja skrivanja ekipe pred tekmami. Opcija za podaljšanje časa skrivanja je zmagala s 65%. Od naslednjega tedna dalje (6. oktober 2017), vsi podatki, ki zadevajo NT in U20 ekipe, ne bodo na razpolago v javnosti 8 ur pred tekmami namesto 4 ur.

9-22-2017 Popravljeni hrošči in izboljšave na strani za oddajo ukazov

Danes smo objavili novo verzijo strani za oddajo ukazov s sledečimi popravki in izboljšavami:

1) Hrošč: Ni bilo možno odstraniti igralca iz zavihka izvajalcev prostih strelov
2) Hrošč: Rešenih več manjših predstavnostnih težav v zavihkih postavitve, moštvenih ukazov in pregleda
3) Izboljšava: Potencialni nivo sposobnosti ni bil viden pri mladincih, če je bila izbrana nastavitev, da namesto merilcev sposobnosti prikaže samo tekstovne vrednosti. Sedaj je potencial prikazan kot merilec sposobnosti v ozadju.
4) Izboljšava: Spet smo poskusili s prikazovanjem informacij o igralcu pri gibanju kurzorja miške nad igralcem (hover). Ko je kurzor na igralcu, se bodo informacije o njem prikazale v fiksni kartici na dnu seznama.
5) Izboljšava: Dodali smo fiksno kartico tudi v zavihku z moštvenimi ukazi.

Če imate težave s spremembami, svetujemo, da počistite predpomnilnik svojega brskalnika.

9-18-2017 Nedosegljiva stran 18. septembra

To noč in jutro Hattrick ni bil dosegljiv zaradi vzdrževalnih del, ki jih je izvajal naš ponudnik internetnih storitev. Ta dela so bila prestavljena z zgodnejšega datuma in bi naj trajala le eno uro, a se je nekaj zalomilo in tako je bila naša stran nedosegljiva veliko dlje. Prav to, da je vzdrževanje bilo prestavljeno, je vzrok, da vas nismo vnaprej obvestili. Za to se vam opravičujemo, seveda pa nam je žal tudi za trajanje izpada, na kar pa žal nismo mogli vplivati.

Prestopi z rokom po 2.08 (srednjeevropski čas) niso bili izvedeni in so še vedno odprti, podaljšali pa smo rok vseh prestopov, ki bi se iztekli med drugo in deveto zjutraj, in sicer za 12 ur. Prav tako smo za tri ure podaljšali vse prestope, ki bi se končali do 15. ure, da bi uporabniki imeli čas se zopet prijaviti in oddati ponudbe.

Nekatere stvari, kot denimo posodobitve ligaških tabel, lahko zaradi tega zamujajo, večina vsega pa bi morala delovati, kot se šika.

Dobrodošli nazaj!

9-13-2017 Težave z menjavami na mobilnih telefonih

Trenutno imamo nekaj težav s premikanjem igralcev skozi menjave na mobilni aplikaciji. Na računalniški verziji deluje vse, kot je treba. Težave bomo odpravili jutri.

9-8-2017 Razvojne novice 8. september

V veljavo stopajo sledeče izboljšave in popravki hroščev:

- Uveljavili smo mnogo popravkov tako za mobilno kot za namizno stran, upoštevajoč vaše odzive na nov vmesnik za oddajo ukazov.
- Na strani Analiza ekipe se bo Supporterjem na začetku naložilo le 8 ekip namesto 16. Maksimum ekip, ki jih stran prikaže naenkrat, pa še vedno ostaja 32.

8-28-2017 Posodobitve nove strani za oddajo ukazov

Med vikendom smo zbirali odzive uporabnikov o tem, kako bi lahko izboljšali uporabniško izkušnjo na novi strani za oddajo ukazov. Danes smo delali na tem in naslednji teden tako načrtujemo izdajo izboljšav, ki jih navajamo spodaj.

- Dodali smo možnost, razvrstiti igralce po vseh sposobnostih
- Stopnje sposobnosti so zdaj izpisane z besedilom, ko podržite kurzor nad sposobnostjo
- Če imate privzeto postavo ali če ste že oddali ukaze za tekmo, se vam bo obrazec za oddajo ukazov odprl na drugem zavihku, torej Postavitev. Če pa igralec iz privzete postave manjka, ker je bil prodan ali odpuščen, bo odprt prvi zavihek, da boste lahko naložili drugo postavitev ali začeli s prazno.
- S kartice s podrobnostmi o igralcu smo odstranili podatek o plači, da bo malo manj natrpana
- Kartice igralcev se bodo same razširile, ko podržite kurzor nad njimi v zgoščenem načinu. Da bi pa to vklopili, morate kurzor pomakniti desno in ga držati nad prikazovalnikom pripravljenosti. Seznam igralcev si boste lahko ogledovali, ne da bi se kartice avtomatsko razširile, tako da boste imeli kurzor pri vrtenju koleščka na levi strani seznama (na imenih igralcev), če boste ga imeli na desni, pa se bodo kartice odpirale. Če imate razširitev vklopljeno in se pomaknete stran s seznama, se bo izklopila, da ne bo vmesnik preveč "poskakoval". Ta učinek smo omogočili tudi za vse igralce v polju in na klopi.
- Da bo postopek izdelave individualnih ukazov jasnejši, smo dodali zasenčeno ozadje pri igralcu, ki je trenutno izbran. Tudi barve kurzorja smo spremenili v invertne. Novo ozadje bi tako moralo poudariti robove med igralci in s tem zmanjšati tveganje, da pomotoma igralca, na katerega se osredotočate, nimate več označenega.

Popravljeni hrošči:
- Razvrščanje po številkah igralcev ni delovalo v mladinski akademiji
- Razvrščanje po kategorijah je imelo različen vrstni red na strani za oddajo ukazov v primerjavi z igralčevo stranjo
- Način za trening ni deloval, če je tekma med tednom bila pokalna.

6-1-2017 Težave s Paypalom

Trenutno ni možno nakupov v trgovini uspešno plačati s Paypalom. S svojim ponudnikom plačilnih storitev skušamo najti vzrok in čimprej odpraviti težavo.

Če je le mogoče, prosim izberite drug način plačila, dokler ne odpravimo težave. Se opravičujemo za morebitne nevšečnosti.

5-28-2017 Sobotna nedosegljivost

Stran je bila nedostopna za približno eno uro in pol v soboto zvečer, in sicer med 22.30 in 23.45 po HT času. Do tega je prišlo zaradi izpada elektrike v podatkovnem centru, kar je povzročilo sesutje celotnega omrežja.

Hattrickovi strežniki niso bili prizadeti, ampak ker tudi sami nismo mogli dostopati do njih, nam ni uspelo pravočasno ustaviti trga prestopov med nedosegljivostjo strani. Ko je bila stran spet dosegljiva, smo prestope preložili za 90 minut, da omogočimo uporabnikom, da spet dostopajo do strani.

Opravičujemo se za morebitne nevšečnosti!

5-9-2017 Zamude pri pokalnih tekmah

Na žalost pokalne tekme resno zamujajo. Se ukvarjamo s težavo in upamo, da jo bomo rešili čimprej. Se opravičujemo za nevšečnost.

Posodobitev: Sedaj bi vse moralo delovati v redu, potrebno je le nekaj časa, da sistem nadoknadi zamudo.

4-28-2017 Nagrade v Hattrick Internationalu

Obveščamo vas, da je določeno število ekip, ki so se v tem tednu pridružile Hattrick Internationalu, prejelo denarno nagrado, namenjeno ekipi, ki so jo nadomestili. Če ste prejeli denar za prejšnjo sezono, a v njej niste sodelovali, prosimo, da tega zneska ne porabite. Če ste ga slučajno že, pa spremljajte naše objave glede tega, kako bomo popravili vaše denarno stanje in ukrepali glede prestopov, ki so morda že bili izpeljani. Lahko se tudi zgodi, da bomo v nekaterih primerih izbrisali ponudbe na igralcih, ki so še na trgu.

POSODOBITEV: Napačno dodeljene denarne nagrade smo ekipam, ki jih to zadeva, sedaj odvzeli. Ker večina teh klubov ni porabila tega denarja, se zanje nič ne spremeni. Odkrili smo zelo majhno število moštev, ki so zapravila pridobljen denar. Tem ekipam bomo ponudili možnost preklica nakupov, da se bodo tako lahko izognile bankrotu.

4-25-2017 Popravek ocen igralcev

Že dolgo smo v igri imeli hrošča, zaradi katerega je bila povprečna ocena igralca na tekmi prikazana tako, da je konec tekme imel veliko večjo težo kot katerakoli druga minuta. Zaradi tega so ljudje mislili, da ocena igralca predstavlja njegov prispevek s konca tekme, v resnici pa bi morala prikazovati povprečje.

Zdaj smo ocene igralcev res pomaknili na konec tekme. Zaradi vpliva vzdržljivosti bodo tako videti videti nižje kot do sedaj.

4-25-2017 Aktivacija zlatih vstopnic

Odkrili smo nekaj težav, povezanih z dodeljevanjem zlatih vstopnic in njihovo aktivacijo. Nekateri uporabniki niso mogli aktivirati svoje ekipe, čeprav so vstopnico dobili - popravek tega bo stopil v veljavo v naslednjih minutah. Če težava z vašo ekipo še ni rešena, prosimo, poskusite znova malce pozneje. Druga neželena zadeva pa je ta, da so nekateri uporabniki po tem, ko so dobili novo ekipo, izgubili dostop do nje. To bo rešeno tekom dneva, ampak boste žal morali vnovič zaprositi za dodelitev ekipe.

Obveščamo pa vas tudi, da nobena od novih ekip z zlato vstopnico ne bo napredovala v peto ligo, ne glede na položaj bot ekipe, ki jo bo zamenjala.

3-23-2017 Razvojne novice 23. marec

V veljavo so stopile naslednje izboljšave in popravila:

• Na klubski strani v podmeniju Pokal zdaj lahko vidite, koliko krogov še ostaja do konca
• Nekaj popravil hroščev za Live prikazovalnik in Analizo ekipe
• Popravili smo problem s shranjevanjem postave za uradne tekme.

3-20-2017 Zamude tekem med vikendom

Mladinske, ligaške in turnirske tekme so se minuli vikend začele z zamudo. Ko smo jih popravljali, smo danes odkrili vzrok za težavo. Zdaj so problemi odpravljeni, le mladinske tekme bodo potrebovale še nekaj ur, da se zaženejo.

3-16-2017 Razvojne novice, 16. marec

Tokrat smo se ukvarjali predvsem s spremembami v ozadju, glavna izmed njih je izboljšava hitrosti strani Analiza ekipe.

3-10-2017 Hrošč pri oddaji ukazov za tekme

Ta teden nam je težave povzročal hrošč, ki je v primeru oddanih ukazov gostujoče ekipe domači ekipi izpraznil klop za rezervne igralce, s tem pa tudi razveljavil vse nastavljene menjave.

Hrošč je prizadel SAMO tekme na turnirjih, lestvah in direktnih izzivih - vse druge tekme, vključno z ligaškimi in pokalnimi, so bile odigrane normalno.

Poleg tega se je hrošč pojavil le na tekmah, za katere so bili ukazi oddani s Stage strežnika med sredo ob 17. in četrtkom ob 10. uri. Tako je skupno bilo problematičnih nekaj sto tekem.

Če v prihajajočem tednu igrati v turnirju, direktnem izzivu ali lestvi, vas prosimo, da preverite, ali vaši ukazi za tekmo zgledajo v redu. Hrošča smo sicer popravili in novi oddani ukazi (tako na Stage kot na navadnem serverju) bodo delovali normalno.

2-17-2017 Hiter igralec prodre in poda - sprememba posebnega dogodka

Prejšnji teden smo popravili star in že javljen hrošč v tekmozavru. Gre za posebni dogodek (SE), ko hitro krilo prodre in poda soigralcu. Za razliko od ostalih ofenzivnih posebnih dogodkov je tega do zdaj lahko zaključil le napadalec. Sedaj smo preizkusili kodo in lahko sporočimo, da po novem ta SE lahko zaključujejo tako napadalci kot krila.

1-16-2017 Zamuda pri planiranem vzdrževanju

Danes zjutraj smo zaprli stran za planirano vzdrževanje, ki je na žalost trajalo precej dlje od pričakovanega. Nismo imeli druge možnosti, kot da počakamo, dokler se ni posodobitev zaključila in smo lahko stran znova odprli. Zdaj smo končno spet aktivni in vse deluje, kot mora. Rok igralcev na trgu je bil prestavljen za 24 ur zaradi nedostopnosti. Ekipe, ki so se Hattrick Internationalu pridružile v peti ligi namesto v šesti, so bile premaknjene na pravo mesto.

Uživajte v novi sezoni!

1-14-2017 Hrošč v mednarodni ligi

Dobili smo več sporočil, da se nekatere ekipe uvrščajo v peto divizijo mednarodne lige, čeprav bi vsi morali začeti v šesti. To je hrošč in vsako ekipo v peti diviziji bomo kar se da hitro premaknili v šesto divizijo. Od zdaj naprej bodo vse nove ekipe razvrščene po šesti diviziji. Hrošča bomo poskusili odpraviti do ponedeljka, a do takrat prosimo za vaše potrpljenje.

12-16-2016 Težave z bazo podatkov

Zaradi težav v bazi podatkov je bila naša stran težje dostopna oziroma celo popolnoma nedosegljiva. Te težave smo zdaj razrešili, prestopi z rokom med 12.34 in 13.22 (srednjeevropski čas) pa smo podaljšali za 90 minut.

Opravičujemo se za morebitne nevšečnosti.

12-5-2016 Razvojne novice, 2. december

V veljavo so stopili naslednji popravki in izboljšave:

• Ne morete se več pridružiti mladinski ligi, če imate prijateljsko tekmo preblizu prve ligaške tekme. S tem se želimo izogniti izgubi treninga.
• Končno smo popravili hrošča, povezanega s kloni!
• Popravili smo težavo, zaradi katere je program včasih brez razloga javil napako, ko ste se želeli vpisati v bazen prijateljskih tekem.
• Popravili smo tudi problem s poročili s treninga, saj so včasih podajala odvečne informacije ali pa čisto izpustila kakšen preskok.

• Zdaj vas v klubskih dogodkih čaka obvestilo tudi v primerih, ko igralca sprejmete v mladinsko akademijo in ko ga iz nje sprejmete med člane.

11-26-2016 Manjkajoča finančna poročila

Našli smo hrošča, ki je povzročil, da so pri nekaterih ekipah izginila finančna poročila. Do težave je prišlo po dejanski finančni posodobitvi zgolj na stopnji ustvarjanja poročila za prikaz, kar pomeni, da je stanje na vašem klubskem računu pravilno. V ponedeljek bomo se potrudili povrniti vse izgubljene podatke, ki bi morali biti v finančnem poročilu. Opravičujemo se za nevšečnost.

11-12-2016 Zamude tekem

Danes tekme zamujajo, začenjši s Tajvanom ob 05:00. Vse lige, ki imajo tekme kasneje, prav tako zamujajo. Smo že ugotovili, kaj povzroča zamude, in popravek je na poti. Hvala za razumevanje.

11-9-2016 Razvojne novice, 9. november

Objavili smo sledeče popravke in izboljšave:

• Dodali smo različne teme vrstici za spreminjanje kluba, tudi če nimate nastavljene klubske teme.
• Dogodki s treninga v Moji pisarni so bili prestrukturirani, zdaj so prikazani dogodki obeh ekip. Prestrukturirali smo tudi okvir s klubskimi dogodki, ki so zdaj združeni po datumu, prikazani za obe ekipi, več dogodkov pa lahko prikažete s pomočjo drsnika.
• Če je vaš stadion gostil tekme, ki so odigrane na nevtralnem igrišču, kot so npr. reprezentančne tekme, boste to lahko videli na strani stadiona. Obenem je zdaj uporaba vašega stadiona vidna vsem.

10-28-2016 Obvestila brskalnika

Od zdaj naprej lahko aktivirate obvestila v svojem spletnem brskalniku za tekme, ki jim sledite prek HT-Live prikazovalnika. Tako se vam bo ob novem dogodku na tekmi prikazalo obvestilo, tudi če imate v tistem trenutku odprt drug zavihek ali če brskalnik deluje v ozadju.

Če boste želeli vklopiti to funkcijo, boste morda morali dovoljenje za vklop dati večkrat, saj potrebujemo po enega za vsak strežnik. Če je ne boste želeli vklopiti, bi moralo biti dovolj že, da jo zavrnete enkrat. Podrobnejše obvestilo bo objavljeno naslednji teden, smo pa vas z novo funkcijo kljub temu želeli na hitro seznaniti že takoj ob začetku delovanja, saj je ta obvestila možno vključiti že zdaj.

10-11-2016 Razvojne novice, 11. oktober

Sledeči popravki in izboljšave so bili objavljeni:

• Skavti v Mladinski Akademiji. Ko iščete "katerikoli tip igralca", boste imeli priložnost, da najdete čudovito talentiranega igralca. Še vedno lahko najdete super igralca, če iščete igralca na specifičnem položaju, ampak maksimalni potencial njegovih sposobnosti bo nižji.
• Stadion na nevtralnem igrišču. V številnih primerih razporeditev sedežev na izbranem stadionu ni bila optimalna, ali pa je bil stadion pred kratkim zmanjšan. Ker na to uporabniki niso mogli vplivati, smo omogočili navijačem, da s sabo prinesejo zložljive stole na tekme, ki bi lahko privabile več obiskovalcev kot obstoječa razporeditev sedežev na stadionu.

10-6-2016 Napake v aplikaciji in zamude pri posodobitvah

V teku jutra smo dobili veliko poročil o napakah v aplikaciji na strani in o zamudah pri posodobitvah ekip. Našli smo težavo in jo odpravili. Sistem bo postopoma nadoknadil zamudo in kmalu boste spet uživali v upravljanju svoje ekipe.

9-8-2016 Izgubljen trening

Zaradi včerajšnje težave z "neznanimi igralci" na žalost igralci, ki so igrali na tekmi sredi tedna v Boliviji, Angoli in Tanzaniji niso dobili treninga, ker so bili podatki o njih izgubljeni in jih ne moremo obnoviti. Igralci, ki so poleg igranja sredi tedna nastopili tudi na tekmi med vikendom bodo dobili trening za pripadajoči čas, odigran med vikendom. Opravičujemo se za nevšečnost.

9-7-2016 Neznani igralci na torkovih tekmah

Na nekaterih poročilih z včerajšnjih tekem se igralci pojavijo brez imen, vsi igralci se prikažejo kot Neznani igralec (Unknown Player). To na noben način ne vpliva na igro, rezultate ali trening, tako da prosimo za malo potrpljenja, dokler ne popravimo te prikazne napake.

8-30-2016 Razvojne novice, 30. avgust

Objavili smo sledeče popravke in izboljšave:

• Obisk na stadionu je zdaj viden vsem.
• Checkbox (kvadratek, ki ga lahko odkljukate) na seznamu tekem si bo zdaj zapomnilo vašo zadnjo izbiro, ali si želite prikazati turnirske tekme ali ne.

Poleg tega smo objavili več manjših popravkov in izboljšav v zvezi z novim prikazovanjem tekem v živo.

8-16-2016 Razvojne novice, 15. avgust

Sledeči popravki in izboljšave so bili objavljeni:

• Popravili smo prikaz pripadnosti v prikazu ekip pred tekmo, kjer je bila prikazana vrednost nepravilna.
• Tudi če nimate taktičnega asistenta, lahko po mili volji določite stil igre v Simulatorju postavitve
• Dodali smo forumske HT-ML elemente za hitro povezavo do državnih reprezentanc.
• Mentorji lahko vidijo poročila skavtov mladinskih akademij.
• Ko iščete mladinsko ligo, so le-te razporejene po datumu začetka prve tekme, ne več po imenu.

Objavili smo tudi več popravkov hroščev, povezanih z novim prikazovalnikom tekem v živo (HT-Live).

8-10-2016 Sprememba glede trenutka simuliranja tekem državnih reprezentanc, U20 in tekem v Hattrick Mastersih

Kot mogoče veste, lahko ukaze oddate največ 20 minut pred začetkom tekme. Ta omejitev obstaja, da bi imeli dovolj časa, da simuliramo tekme pred njihovim uradnim začetkom. Ampak tekme državnih in U20 reprezantanc ter tekme Hattrick Mastersov so bile simulirane le par minut pred začetkom tekme. Odslej bodo te tekme simulirane toliko vnaprej kot vse ostale tekme.

8-1-2016 Sodniški dodatek

Vse tekme na lestvah, posamični dvoboji in turnirske tekme od danes ob 14:46 po srednjeevropskem času in naprej lahko imajo ob koncu tekme možnost sodnikovega dodatka. Če se odigra podaljšek, bo med rednim delom in podaljškom 5-minutni odmor, med katerim si lahko igralci malce odpočijejo.

7-12-2016 Novosti o zamujanju tekem in neznanih igralcih

Zadnjih nekaj vikendov so tekme zamujale in imena igralcev se niso prikazovala - igralci so bili vsi prikazani kot "unknown player" (neznan igralec).

Včeraj smo cel dan analizirali in optimirali kodo, da bi preprečili, da bi se to spet zgodilo.

Nasploh uvajamo veliko izboljšav na strani, a predvsem med potekom tekem, in bomo imeli nekoga, ki bo ob sobotah on-line, da preveri delovanje naših izboljšav in da "v živo" odpravi morebitne druge težave, ki bi lahko nastale.

Torej je to v tem trenutku naša prva prioriteta in se trudimo z vsemi močmi, da se težave ne bi ponovile.

Opravičujemo se za morebitne nastale nevšečnosti.

7-11-2016 Težave s prijavljanjem

Danes zjutraj je nekaj uporabnikov izkusilo težave s prijavljanjem zaradi problema na strežniku. Ustavili smo prestope, takoj ko smo lahko.

Zdaj smo problem rešili in vsi prestopi, ki bi se morali zaključiti med 7.30 in 9.30 po HT času so bili podaljšani za dve uri.

Opravičujemo se za nevšečnost.

7-9-2016 Zamujanje tekem in neznani igralci

Na žalost imamo težave s HT Livom in številne ligaške tekme zamujajo. Stvar poskušamo rešiti čimprej. Ni potrebno obveščati skrnikov igre o težavah, povezanih s tem.

V nekaterih ligah lestvice niso bile posodobljene in poročila končanih tekem se prikazujejo brez imen igralcev, ki so vsi poimenovani "Unknown Player". To je zaradi zamude v planiranih posodobitvah, ki jih bomo morali zagnati ročno. Na igro, rezultat ali trening to nima nobenega vpliva, torej prosim imejte malo potrpljenja s tem čisto vizuelnim hroščem, dokler ne dobimo priložnosti, da ga odpravimo.

Se opravičujemo za morebitne nevšečnosti.

7-5-2016 Novi žreb Hattrick Mastersov

Med zadnjo posodobitvijo Hattrick Mastersov smo imeli nekaj tehničnih težav in več ekip se je znašlo z več tekmami v naslednjem krogu. Da bi stvar rešili, smo žreb ponovili. Če ste že oddali ukaze, prosim, to storite znova. Hvala za razumevanje.

6-22-2016 Nedostopnost danes zjutraj

Danes zgodaj zjutraj smo imeli težavo z enim izmed naših strežnikov in je bila stran nedostopna. Ustavili smo prestope, takoj ko je bilo to možno, in smo za 3 ure podaljšali vse prestope med 7:30 in 10:00 po HT času. Hvala za vaše razumevanje.

6-11-2016 Imamo nekaj težav s strežniki, s katerimi se ukvarjamo...

Nekaj uporabnikov nam je javilo, da dobivajo napake v aplikaciji ob prijavi. Nekateri izmed naših strežnikov se obnašajo nenormalno. Delamo na tem, ampak dokler stvari ne rešimo, posodobite stran, dokler ne pridete na normalno delujoč strežnik.

6-9-2016 Razvojne novice, 8. junij

Vzdržljivost bo odslej pravilno izračunana za igralce, ki so vstopili po prvem polčasu in ki igrajo v podaljških. Objavili smo tudi več manjših popravkov za izboljšanje vaše izkušnje v Hattricku.

Odslej bomo tudi prikazovali, kdaj ena izmed vaših državnih reprezentanc odigra tekmo in objavili več novih funkcij, vezanih na državne reprezentance, ki so bile predstavljene v zadnjem uvodniku.

5-21-2016 Neznani igralci

V nekaterih ligah poročila z današnjih že zalljučenih tekem ne vsebujejo imen igralcev, ki so vsi prikazani kot "Neznani igralci". To se je zgodilo zaradi zamujanja samodejnih posodobitev, ki bodo torej zagnane ročno. Ni nikakršnih vplivov na igro, rezultate ali na trening, tako da prosim imejte malo potrpljenja s to predstavitveno napako, dokler nimamo priložnosti, da jo odpravimo.

4-19-2016 Zamujanje prijateljskih tekem

Na žalost imamo težave s HT Live in prijateljskimi tekmami od 18.20 dalje. Težavo poskušamo odpravljati čim hitreje. Ni več potrebno obveščati skrbnikov igre o težavah, povezanih s tem.

Se opravičujemo za morebitne nevšečnosti.

Posodobitev: Težave so bile odpravljene in vse nedokončane tekme bodo izračunane v naslednjih urah.

3-15-2016 Razvojne novice, 15. marec

Odslej se v simulatorju postavitve pri nalaganju strani naložijo tudi privzeti ukazi (menjave). Smo tudi posodobili oceno napredka pri treningu, da bi upoštevala "nov" učinek pomočnikov trenerja.

Popravili smo možnost prijave reklamnih pasic in obenem omogočili prijavo stranske kvadratne pasice.

2-23-2016 Trg igralcev je bil nedosegljiv

Včeraj, približno ob 3.15 ponoči, je bila naša internetna povezava prekinjena zaradi planiranega vzdrževanja pri našem ponudniku internetnih storitev. En teden od tega smo dodali funkcijo, ki samodejno ustavi prestope igralcev, ko imamo tehnične težave. Na žalost del funkcije, ki naj bi nas obvestil, kdaj se trg igralcev ustavi, ni deloval po planu. Zdaj smo spet zagnali prestope in prestopi bi vam morali biti spet na voljo.

2-22-2016 Arhiv tekem je bil obnovljen

Arhiv tekem je bil v celoti obnovljen, kar pomeni, da vsi podatki o zgodovini tekem bi morali zdaj biti dostopni preko strani. Zdaj se bomo lahko ukvarjali s ponovnim ustvarjanjem transakcij denarja za prejšnji klub, ki so bile nedokončane, upamo, da bomo to zaključili najkasneje v nekaj dneh.

2-18-2016 [Posodobitev] Obnova arhiva tekem je končana, ampak...

Uspešno smo obnovili podatke arhiva tekem iz varnostne kopije. Nismo pa še zaključili, kajti sedaj moramo spet dodati približno 2 milijardi vrstic teksta v svojo arhivsko podatkovno bazo. Za to bomo potrebovali približno dva dni (v tem trenutku je konec postopka predviden čez malo več kot 50 ur).

Ko bo to končano, bomo poskusili dokončati vse zapoznele transakcije "prejšnjega kluba". Tedaj bi morali biti normalno dostopni tudi vsi podatki o tekmah. Hvala za vašo potrpežljivost.

2-17-2016 Novice o stanju arhiva tekem

Še vedno delamo na obnavljanju arhiva tekem za sezone 40 do 44, ki trenutno niso na voljo. Za to bi lahko potrebovali še nekaj dni. Med obnavljanjem varnostne kopije, izračun denarja prejšnjega kluba ne bo deloval, ampak načrtujemo, da bomo te transakcije obračunali za nazaj, ko bo arhiv tekem spet na voljo. Ne moremo garantirati, da bo delovalo brez težav, tega še nismo nikoli počeli prej, ampak se bomo z vsemi močmi potrudili, da nobena ekipa ni na slabšem zaradi tega. Obračun denarja matičnega kluba še naprej deluje kot ponavadi. Upamo, da boste potrpežljivi, medtem ko zadevo rešujemo.

2-16-2016 Arhivi tekem na sprehodu

Med predsezonskim čiščenjem je arhiv tekem za sezone 40 do 44 izginil. Delamo na tem, da ga obnovimo iz rezervne kopije. To ne bo imelo absolutno nobenega vpliva na kakršnokoli igralno dogajanje v Hattricku (vključno s treningom) in ne predstavlja nobene težave za sezono, ki se začenja, ampak za nekaj dni ti podatki ne bodo dosegljivi na spletu. Mogoče nam bo uspelo imeti na razpolago nekaj izmed bolj svežih podatkov v nekaj urah, če bo temu tako, bodo le-ti takoj na razpolago. Seveda obžalujemo nastalo situacijo in upamo, da bo težava kmalu odpravljena brez večjih skrbi za vas.

2-10-2016 Nedostopnost in prestopi

Včeraj je bil Hattrivk nedostopen več ur zaradi tehničnih težav pri našem ponudniku internetnih storitev, ki so se začele okoli 18.30 in ki niso bile rešene do okoli polnoči. Nedostopnost je bila izven naše možnosti ukrepanja, a nam je zelo žal, da je do nje prišlo, predvsem za zamujanje tekem tistih uporabnikov, ki sodelujejo v Pokalu Tedna Supporterjev.

Kar ni bilo v redu včeraj z naše strani, je, da nismo zamrznili prestopov, kot ponavadi storimo, ko je stran nedostopna, kar pomeni, da se je veliko prodaj zaključilo brez prisotnosti kupcev v zadnjih urah pred iztekom roka, kar je pomenilo izgubo za prodajalce. Naše pravilo je vedno bilo, da v teh primerih ne kompenziramo izgub, ker nismo imeli načina, da bi pošteno ocenili višino škode. Ampak tokrat bi radi spremenili pravilo in poskusili kompenzirati uporabnike, ki so potegnili kratko. Pred nedavnim smo začeli uporabljati nov algoritem za analizo tržnih cen in mislimo, da nam lahko ta pomaga določiti pravično (četudi ne popolnoma pravične) kompenzacijo. Prosimo oškodovane uporabnike za portpljenje, kajti lahko traja nekaj dni, preden vsi oškodovani dobijo denar.

Kompenzacija bo pripadala za vse prestope, ko je igralec imel ponudbo ob začetku nedostopnosti strani in katerih rok za oddajo ponudb je potekel med trajanjem nedostopnosti. Kompenzacije ne bo za igralce z zelo nizko vrednostjo (pod 10.000 evrov).

Delamo tudi na rešitvi, ki bi prestope avtomatsko zamrznila med nepričakovano nedostopnostjo strani. Dokler ta funkcionalnost ni do konca dodelana, se zna zgoditi, da bodo prestopi začasno zamrznjeni, tudi ko ne bo "prave" nedostopnosti, a upamo, da bo relativno kmalu ta varovalka v funkciji, tako da se tisto, kar se je zgodilo včeraj, ne bo nikoli več ponovilo.

12-28-2015 Nedostopnost

Zaradi težav med vzdrževanjem v našem Podatkovnem središču je bila stran nedostopna za skoraj eno uro danes zjutraj. Vsi prestopi z rokom med 11:29 in 12:25 po HT času so bili podaljšani za 90 minut.

12-19-2015 Težave s finančnim poročilom

Prejeli smo poročila, da so bile plače osebja pri finančni posodobitvi višje od pričakovanj. Raziskujemo težavo.

Opravičujemo se zaradi nevšečnosti, ki jih je povzročila ta težava.

POSODOBITEV: Težava je bila rešena, vse finance ekip so bile rešene in popravljene. Opravičujemo se vsem uporabnikom za težave.

12-16-2015 Razvojne novice, 14. december

Objavili smo popravek pri prikazovanju vaše ekipe (oz. vaših ekip) v starejših sezonah Pokala Tedna Supporterjev.

Da bi preprečili napake v ukazih za tekmo, bo odslej ob pošiljanju ukazov prikazano opozorilo za vsako menjavo/usmeritev, ki nima nastavljenih pogojev za izvedbo.

11-24-2015 Krog Hattrick Mastersov prestavljen

Zaradi napake v izračunu števila sodelujočih v Hattrick Mastersih imamo v drugem krogu eno ekipo preveč. Da bi to napako odpravili, bomo prestavili vse naslednje kroge za pol tedna. Izbrali bomo tudi 2 naključni ekipi, ki bi tekmovanje začeli v drugem krogu, ti dve ekipi bosta v četrtek odigrali medsebojno tekmo, ki bo odločila, kdo bo igral v drugem krogu.
Opravičujemo se za morebitne nevšečnosti.

11-11-2015 Nedostopnost danes zjutraj

Zaradi določenih težav med vzdrževanjem v našem podatkovnem centru, je bila danes zjutraj naša stran nedostopna. V sodelovanju s podporo podatkovnega centra smo trdo delali, da bi stran ponovno vzpostavili čimprej in to nam je uspelo malo pred poldnevom. Uspelo nam je ustaviti trg igralcev približno 20 minut po padcu strani in vse prestope smo podaljšali za 4 ure z rokom med 9.34 in 12.45 po HT času.

Kljub temu se še vedno rešujemo nekaj težav. Glavne stvari so napake v aplikaciji, nezmožnost spremljanja tekem v živo in tudi naša mobilna platforma ne deluje, kot bi morala.

Radi bi vas obvestili, da bodo med reševanjem teh težav mladinske akademije nedostopne. Ocenjujemo, da bodo spet aktivne v teku večernh ur.

Opravičujemo se za kakršnokoli nevšečnosti.

11-3-2015 Težave s HT-live, 2. del

Na žalost imamo spet težave s HT-live. Trudimo se, da bi težavo rešili s popravkom čimprej. Ni več potrebno, da obvestite skrbnike igre (GM) glede težav v zvezi s tem.

Opravičujemo se za nevšečnosti.

Posodobitev: težave so bile odpravljene in neodigrane tekme bodo odigrane v naslednjih urah.

11-1-2015 Hrošči povezani z "novim osebjem" so sedaj popravljeni

Popravili smo veliko število hroščev, ki so se pojavili v prvem tednu tekem in vsi so bili povezani z novimi spremembami pri osebju.

Taktični svetovalec in stil igre: Veliko tekem se ni odigralo, tako kot so managerji pričakovali. Tekma je bila odigrana, kot da bi imeli nevtralnega trenerja, čeprav je bil pričakovan obrambni ali napadalni stil igre zaradi izbire trenerja in taktičnega svetovalca. To je sedaj spremenjeno, saj se sedaj upošteva trener, preden začnejo veljati spremembe zaradi taktičnega svetovalca.

Predstavnik za stike z mediji je bil odstranjen in učinki predstavnika za stike z mediji stopnje 5 naj bi bili sedaj aktivni za vse ekipe v Hattricku za stalno in brezplačno. Rešili smo težavo, pri kateri se razpoloženje navijačev ni spremenilo, tako kot bi se moralo po ligaških tekmah.

Popravki so sedaj prisotni že več ur in videti je, da vse deluje tako kot bi moralo. Jutri bomo še vedno pazljivo opazovali nove spremembe in poskušali poskrbeti, da delujejo tako, kot je bilo mišljeno. Opravičujemo se za rahlo neprijeten začetek sezone.

10-28-2015 Težave s HT Live

Trenutno je prisotna težava, zaradi katere HT Live ne deluje. Težavo bomo poskusili čimprej odpraviti.

Še vedno je možno slediti napredku tekme (sicer ne na najbolj idealen način), kjer lahko dostopate do trenutne tekme preko strani s tekmami in tam spremljate svojo tekmo.

Opravičujemo se vam za nevšečnosti, ki jih povroča ta težava.

Posodobitev ob 18:10 po HT času: HT Live ponovno deluje.

10-21-2015 Izboljšava Pokala Tedna Supporterjev

Spremenili smo sistem rangiranja ekip. Prej so bile razvrščene kot v ligi, torej po točkah, potem po gol razliki itd.
Zdaj, če sta dve ekipi izenačeni po točkah, bo ekipa z daljšo serijo zmag do prvega poraza ali remija rangirana višje. Po tem se upošteva gol razlika.

10-8-2015 Izboljšava borze prijateljskih tekem

Nekoliko smo izboljšali borzo prijateljskih tekem, kar pomeni, da boste zdaj laže dobili nasprotnika in organizirali tekmo.

8-20-2015 Posest žoge (2)

Prejšnji mesec smo vas obvestili o novi verziji tekmozavra, kjer smo začeli prikazovati dejansko povprečno posest žoge za vsak polčas, namesto da bi prikazovali posest žoge ob koncu polčasa.

Zaradi manjšega nesporazuma bi vas radi obvestili, da je ta prikaz posesti trenutno na voljo samo na turnirskih tekmah, lestvah in neposrednih dvobojih. Z začetkom nove sezone bo na voljo na vseh tekmah, tudi ligaških in pokalnih.

8-10-2015 Vzdrževanje

Zaradi vzdrževanja strežnikov je možno, da bodo forum, mladinske ekipe in arhivi tekem začasno nedosegljivi v teku naslednjih ur. Se opravičujemo za morebitne nevšečnosti.

Posodobitev: na žalost se je nekaj zapletlo in smo bili primorani podaljšati vse prestope z rokom med 16:28 in 18:00 po HT času za 200 minut.

8-7-2015 Razvojne novice, 7. avgust

Danes smo izdali novo funkcijo na strani z razporedom tekem v ligi, kjer boste našli vrstni red po vsakem krogu trenutne sezone.

8-5-2015 Zamuda mladinskih tekem

Preverjamo težavo, ki povzroča zamudo pri odigravanju mladinskih tekem. Ni potrebno, da o tem obveščate svoje skrbnike igre.

Posodobitev: težava je bila odpravljena, tekme odigrane.

8-5-2015 Težave s strežnikom

Zaradi težav s strežnikom smo danes zjutraj prekinili trgovanje z igralci. Problemi so sedaj rešeni in trg igralcev je ponovno odprt. Vsi prestopi med 8:18 in 11:18 po HT času so bili podaljšani za 200 minut.

Posodobitev 12:10 po HT času: Očitno problemi niso takoj izginili in smo zato še enkrat podaljšali čas prestopnih rokov. Tokrat so bili prestopi med 11:18 in 12:10 po HT času podaljšani za 60 minut.

Opravičujemo se za neprijetnosti.

7-21-2015 Posest žoge

Pred kratkim smo objavili novo verzijo tekmozavra. Od te verzije dalje kažemo dejansko povprečje posesti žoge v vsakem polčasu tekme, namesto da bi kazali posest žoge ob koncu vsakega polčasa.

7-7-2015 Posodobitev samozavesti

Nekateri uporabniki so se odzvali na dejstvo, da z novim sistemom posodobitev samozavesti (ena posodobitev pred ekonomsko posodobitvijo) ni posodobitve samozavesti med ponastavitvijo na začetku sezone (npr. za moštveni duh in razpoloženje navijačev/sponzorjev) in prvo pokalno tekmo. Nov sistem deluje tako, kot mora, in čeprav nam je žal, da ta detajl ni bil jasen vsem, bo ostalo tako in ne bo ne kompenzacij ne dodatnih posodobitev. Uporabniki, ki za to prvo tekmo imajo nižjo samozavest od svojih želja, bodo kmalu nadoknadili z igranjem tekem in najetimi športnimi psihologi, ti mehanizmi delujejo kot običajno.

6-18-2015 Razvojne novice, 18. junij

Danes smo poleg Pokala Tedna Supporterjev objavili novo privzeto postavitev za Supporterje, ki se lahko uporablja za turnirske tekme, tekme na lestvah in neposredne dvoboje, če ukazi za tekmo niso bili oddani.

5-6-2015 Razvojne novice, 6. maj

Danes smo objavili nekaj funkcij v povezavi z mobilnimi telefoni. Če se želite logirati v Hattrick z vašega mobilnika, boste avtomatsko preusmerjeni na m.hattrick.org. Tam lahko najdete povezavo do naše namizne strani in ob kliku lahko dokončno onemogočite avtomatske preusmeritve v bodočnosti.

V strani opomnikov imamo novo opcijo in sicer lahko opomnik pošljemo na vaš telefon v obliki potisnega obvestila.

4-28-2015 Challenging problems

Currently we receive many reports from users not being able to arrange friendlies. We are looking into the problem and hope to solve this as soon possible. It is no longer necessary to report this to your GMs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 23.30: We have now located and fixed the problem and you will be able to arrange friendlies again.

4-25-2015 Connection issues

We have been facing some problems with our servers earlier today which made it impossible to connect through the regular site. Access to our site has been restored. Please note that we have disabled login to our http site for the time being. Instead please login through (https://www.hattrick.org)

Transfers were stopped shortly after the connection problems started and all transfers between 18:23 and 19:30 HT-Time have been extended by 90 minutes.

Please note that transfers with a deadline between 19:30 and 19:45 HT-time have been extended by 30 minutes.

1-21-2015 Downtime

This morning Hattrick has been down for several hours due to a problem with our Internet Service Provider (ISP). For the same reason we have not been able to stop the transfer market and therefore there will be no transfer extensions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

1-19-2015 Release notes 19th January

From now on you will be able to see how many of your players have an individual instruction on the training page for Senior teams. You should now be able to find all players matching the criteria when searching for experience and leadership on the transferlist, no matter their other abilites. You will also be informed when you have received an invite for a youth league.

There were also a bunch of other applied fixes that didn't make it to today's release notes.

1-9-2015 Release notes 8th January

We fixed a bug where you could see that substitutes were going to happen when watching a 'Live match'. We also fixed a problem where attendance was not shown in walkover matches. And from now on you can also see which of your players have a red card in the lineup page.

Furthermore various other fixes that didn't make it to these release notes have been applied in order to give you a better Hattrick experience.

1-5-2015 Cup problems

Last week the cup games in some leagues were not played correctly. Unfortunately as a consequence a small number of teams (less than 48) have lost training. This training will not be recuperated, we are sorry to say.

12-11-2014 Shop orders not activated

During the past few weeks we have had some problems with several (not all) shop orders that were paid by bank transfer not being activated after we received payment confirmation by Global Collect. We have fixed this problem now.

There may however be some orders still left unhandled. Should your order not have been activated within 5 business days, please contact Customer Service and they will help you with seeing to it that your order gets activated as soon as possible.

Orders made after 8th december have not been affected by this problem.

11-25-2014 Small change to coach hiring

When hiring a new coach, the system will now check your actual finances right now rather than the cash your club had on the latest financial update. This small change has been done to make the coach system work closer to user expectations, as well as making it a bit safer to use for clubs that are low on funds.

9-8-2014 Youth team activation problem

Currently there is a problem with youth teams not being activated. We aim to have a fix available tomorrow latest. There is no further need to inform your GMs about this problem.

Update: Problem has been solved.

8-25-2014 Release notes 25th August

From now on, you can see how much money has been moved from and to your board reserves at the finance page. Apart from this we also fixed the set pieces bonus not being taken into account at the team training estimation page.

8-19-2014 Release notes 19th August

Today we have released a bunch of stuff that you may like. You can now see all league names in your own language. In case you do not like it, then you can change it here (/MyHattrick/Preferences/ProfileSettings.aspx)

Now all shapes, patterns and colors are available for non-supporter in the logo editor. Symbols are the only thing that is not available to non-supporters now.

Further we have released fixes to the ratings predictor which only used half of the home grown bonus. Youth league admins can now leave their league without being forced to delete them and we have fixed issues when activating your youth academy for the first time.

8-18-2014 Wrongly reported skill drops

Today some of you may have noticed an excessive amount of skill drops in your training report. Many of these reports were incorrect and we have fixed the issue, but we're still working on correcting those reports. This is only a presentational issue, so there is no need for alarm. Your players have been updated correctly.

Update 13:30 HT Time: All reports has now been corrected.

8-12-2014 Cup attendance improvements

We have fixed a bug that caused a low attendance when playing against street teams. We also improved the attendance in divisional cups so that it will generate more income than international friendlies.

8-8-2014 Tweak to new cup system

We have made a tweak to the cup system in order to prevent that the consolation cup will consist of mainly street teams. This means that losing teams in round one of the Emerald Challenger Cup and round one of the Ruby Challenger Cup will move on to the Consolation Cup. Originally only losing teams in round one and two of the Emerald Challenger Cup would continue in the consolation cup.

8-5-2014 Disturbance of the services

Tonight we suffered from some problems which caused several pages from becoming inaccessible and which forced us to stop the transfers. The problems have been taken care of now and service will continue as it did before. Transfers between 22:13:06 and 22:45:00 HT Time have been extended by 60 minutes.

7-22-2014 Weekend friendlies and qualifiers

We would like to remind everyone to check your line-ups for the weekend friendlies as they will use the friendly lineup by default, whereas you might want to use your league lineup instead.

As of this season you will now also find the upcoming qualification matches on your series page. This will help you to see in a blink of an eye which teams in your series have a qualifier scheduled.

6-26-2014 Tournaments fix

Today we have released a fix for a problem where we were charging 2 credits to Supporters when creating or restarting a Supporter free tournament. We have refunded the affected users and in that case you should find a notice about this in the credit usage log.

6-9-2014 Updates on the Manager Network

Today we have fixed some bugs for the Manager Network, and also added two new things:
- When a request has been sent out and accepted, the user who made the request will receive a notification about this in their Dashboard
- It is now possible to add a Shortcut to the Manager Network. If you have modified your default shortcuts in the past, you need to add this new shortcuts manually in your Preferences page (/MyHattrick/Preferences/ShortCutSettings.aspx). Everyone else will see the Network icon by default.

6-5-2014 Release notes 5th June

Today we have added ability to search by any specialty in the transfer market.

5-26-2014 Match engine fix

About half a year ago we applied a fix to the match engine for Tournaments, Ladders, Preparation and single matches. If you add a substitution or order change to a player on the bench that order will be executed as soon as he steps on to the field, where previously the order wouldn't be executed. Since a couple of weeks this fix is also being applied to all other matches.

5-7-2014 Release notes 7th May

As of today we will filter out all tournament, ladder and single matches from the latest matches tab when previewing an upcoming match that is not a tournament, ladder or single match.

5-6-2014 Unexpected downtime

Hattrick unexpectedly went down earlier today because of database problems. Transfers were stopped almost right away and all transfers between 14:18 and 20:00 HT Time have been extended by 10 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

4-25-2014 Release Notes April 25

We've removed the advanced newbie tutorial that was introduced in the autumn. After thorough analysis, we found it was not improving the stay-rates for new users. This means new users in Hattrick will have a first experience that is more in line with what most users in the game today had when they started, and which is also much more in line with how they game is really played. We will look at other ways to improve the game experience for new users instead.

4-22-2014 Release Notes April 22

Public Forum users

It is now possible to sign up for Hattrick without also getting a team to manage. This "light" registration is mostly intended for people that wants to participate in our forums but who are not yet ready to take part in the game. Also, the limited registration will only be available for users who reach Hattrick through our public forum pages. We don't expect to see a huge impact of "forum-only users" for now , but we just wanted to point out that they do exist and that they commit to the same forum conduct rules as everyone else.

4-15-2014 Training formulas not correctly shown

We have spotted some issues in formulas relating to the Assistant Coaches in the new staff system. Currently, the training effects received from Assistant Coaches is not correctly shown in the manual. It was also incorrectly shown in the Training Estimation tool (a Supporter feature), but this bug has now been fixed. The manual will be updated with the correct numbers this week.

4-13-2014 Youth match and Facebook login problems

We are currently investigating problems with youth matches not running and not being able to login through Facebook.

Update 21:10 HT Time: Youth matches are running again. Expect delays until tomorrow morning.

Update 9:07 HT Time: Facebook login has been fixed.

4-11-2014 Bob no longer goes to the bank

It will no longer be possible to get the achievement 'Met Bob at the bank'. Those who already have the achievement will keep it, but lose the points for this achievement.

4-9-2014 Match engine fix

Yesterday we released a fix for a small bug in the match engine related to special events.

It used to happen in a few very specific cases that a team could get more special event oportunities than it should according to its ball posession.

This has been fixed now, starting from yesterday's friendly matches.

4-9-2014 Transfers stopped

We've temporarily stopped transfers because of an urgent network maintenance from our provider that might cause the site to become unavailable.

We will restart them once everything is stable.

UPDATE: Now we've started transfers again, everything should catch up soon.

3-27-2014 Release notes 27th March

We have done a major change in the way we present banners and which hopefully will make browsing much faster for non Supporters. It should also fix some of the problems we were having with banners.

HT press articles are public now and can be accessed without login.

3-24-2014 Release notes 24th March

We have made a couple of improvements on the ratings.

1) The timeline looks slightly different. There are now 2 parts of 45 minutes (and 90 minutes if the game went to overtime), one before break and one after the break. To clarify this, there is a small divider to indicate these breaks. Finally we made it slightly narrower.

2) For live ratings we fixed the ratings shown at the beginning of the second half.

3-19-2014 Forum ignore function available to everyone

Today we have made the possibility to ignore certain users on the forums available to all users (should you have the desire to do so). Previously this was a Supporter only feature.

3-17-2014 Release notes 17th March

Starting from today's matches, you will always be able to see who is the set pieces taker. Before it was only available on the "Average", now it will be available on the minutes as well.

3-15-2014 Downtime this weekend

23.55 - We're currently (and since about 15.00 on Saturday, Hattrick time) been having serious problems with what seems to be our connections. Everything has been running fine in the background, and as soon as you're able to log on matches and updates has been completed as scheduled.

Update (00.30) - The problem has now been solved, it was indeed a problem with our ISP. Transfers between 22:55 (Saturday) and 11:00 (Sunday) has been postponed by 12 hours.

Again, we apologize sincerely for any inconvenience!

3-3-2014 Release notes 3rd March

We have removed the tournament restrictions for Supporters whose Supporter runs out before the tournament ends. This means that you can join a tournament without having to pay credits as long as you are a Supporter at the time you join the tournament, even if your Supporter will run out the next day.

Further we fixed the average match ratings for youth matches.

2-21-2014 Bankruptcy change

We have made a change to how bankruptcy works. From now on, if a team has players for sale with bids enough to reach the "safe zone", the team will not go bankrupt.

2-10-2014 Release notes 10th February

Here a few small additions:
- We increased the number of HT Press articles shown per page from 5 to 10.
- You can sort HT Press articles by views, likes and comments as well.
- Ongoing matches and old matches will now use the "new" match report page, this means the end of the old match report page.

1-31-2014 No youth matches being generated

We are looking into a problem where matches are not being generated for new youth leagues.

Update: Matches are being generated now.

1-27-2014 Release notes 27th January

This week we see a few Match analysis fixes: when you mouseover the highlights on the right, this will highlight the corresponding event in the report. Youth matches are now also shown in the new match pages.

If you have avatars is enabled, then you will now see player avatars instead of the shirts on the match order form. From now on we also show your player performances if you were confronted by a walkover.

Further we have increased the width of the simple skin.

To finish off these release notes we can mention that we earlier finally fixed the problem of the youth scouts not finding talents.

1-26-2014 Delayed matches in Germany and Poland

We are looking into a problem with delayed matches in Germany. You no longer need to notify your GMs about it.

Update: Matches have caught up now.

1-19-2014 Delayed financial updates

We are looking into a problem with delayed financial updates in South and Central America. There is no need to contact your GMs about this.

Update: The problem has been solved now.

1-2-2014 Release notes 2nd January

A few nice additions to kick off the new year with:
- you are now informed about any unsold players through the news ticker when the deadline passes
- in the clubnews we now link to a new Supporter or if he quits supporting you
- in the historical standings table, the teams currently in the series are now bolded
- we have added the user name at the page of supported teams

And of course we wish you all a happy New Year!

12-23-2013 No talent?

Apparently there are some youth scouts who still do not present a talent as said in our previous announcement. The HFA will ensure that all scouts are briefed as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.

12-13-2013 Better youth scouts

The past few days the youth scouts have attended a continuation-course which should help them to spot new talents. Because of this, the youth scouts can now guarantee that they will always propose a new talent to you when you call them. Previously it could sometimes happen that they had to tell you that they were not able to find a new talent for that week. This will not happen anymore.

12-11-2013 Match engine fix

Today we've applied a fix to the match engine for Tournaments, Ladders, Preparation and single matches.
If you add a substitution or order change to a player on the bench that order will be executed as soon as he steps on to the field, where previously the order wouldn't be executed.

11-28-2013 Disrupted services

Because of our data center doing some redundancy tests today, we were unfortunately faced with disruption of some of our services including the transfers. The problems have been solved now. No transfers were extended and all sold players should soon find their way to their new owners if they haven't arrived already. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

11-18-2013 Extended transfers

Due to a server problem we erroneously extended transfers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

11-9-2013 Delayed financial updates

Currently we are facing a problem with financial updates not running as they should. We are looking into the issue, but right now we cannot tell when things are back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 03:25 HT-time: Problems have been solved. We will continue to have delays until the match engine has caught up.

11-7-2013 Fixed substitution issues

We have fixed an issue where planned substitutions in the dying minutes of the extra time were not executed. So if you want your set pieces star to come on the pitch in the 119th minute, the referee will no longer stop him from doing so.

Also in individual cases some substitutions got delayed and executed later than planned. We also solved this problem.

10-14-2013 Release Notes 14th October

We fixed a problem where incorrect data was shown on the bookmark statistics page. Additionally we will now show the correct number of online users in a region.

Chapter 4 in the manual saw a small update regarding walkovers which have their own section now. Last but not least from now on we inform you if your transferlisted players have not been sold.

10-4-2013 Small glitch in the Hattrick Masters draw

Today in the Hattrick Masters draw for the third round, there was a small glitch that caused 3 extra matches to be scheduled.

This has been fixed now, but the affected teams should make sure to review their match orders in case they submitted them for the wrong match.

10-1-2013 Transfers extended

All transfers that had a deadline between 14:00 and 00:00 HT time have been extended by 720 minutes.

Transfers with a deadline between 00:34 and 01:00 HT time saw another extension of 60 minutes.

9-10-2013 Release notes 10th September

As already announced in our latest editorial we have now removed the 'Offerwalls'.

9-5-2013 Release notes 5th September

Today we go back in time with the updated Hattrick History with six more seasons added.

We applied many fixes related to CHPP and solved a forum application error for users without a team.

8-27-2013 Release notes

Today we released an often requested feature, being the possibility to sort players by wage and which made us naturally also add the wage to the player overview.

We fixed the head to head match link for tournament and ladder matches. Some texts that we missed earlier have been localized now.

Sending match orders for one team while having changed to your other team no longer gives you an error message. Instead the match orders are being submitted and teams are switched back again.

8-23-2013 SMS Text Message System Down

The SMS mobile phone text message notification system is down because the account that Zattikka was using has been closed by the SMS distributor. The system will continue to be down until at least Monday 2 September, and maybe longer.

8-5-2013 Problems with push notifications solved

Lately we've been having some problems to send push notifications to iPhone-devices. This was caused by an expired certificate. Due to Apple's problems with their developer center we've not been able to renew that until now. Today this was fixed and you should from now on receive push notifications as expected.
We've also fixed an issue with the push notifications for Android devices. This only affected a small portion of our users. If you've been among those that have had problems with push notifications before you should also receive them as expected from now on.

7-22-2013 Delayed ladder and tournament matches

Due to some incorrectly scheduled matches, many ladder and tournament matches have been delayed during the weekend. The issue is now resolved and the matches have been played. We apologize for the delay and for the poor information during it.

6-13-2013 Downtime Thursday afternoon

The site was down because of a database server problem for almost 1,5 hour this afternoon. Transfers have been extended after the downtime.

6-10-2013 Hattrick Masters delayed

We're experiencing a delay with the Hattrick Master matches. We're currently investigating.

The Hattrick Masters matches are now running. Sorry about the delay!

6-7-2013 Release notes

In today's code release there is one thing that stands out:

- An option to hide/show tournament matches (including ladder and single matches) on the match page. Just uncheck if you don't want to see tournament/ladder matches.

5-13-2013 Performance issue

Due to performance problems we were unfortunately forced to take down the site for approximately half an hour around noon HT-time today. Transfers with a deadline between 11:42 and 12:15 HT-time have been extended by 1 hour.

5-7-2013 Cup draw problems

A cup draw problem as well tonight, as some teams have not gotten any opponent in their cup match. We will look into this first thing in the morning (and yes, it may mean that we will have to re-do the cup draws).

Update May 8th 11:55: All affected cups have now been fixed (cup draw has been remade in all affected countries), and the problem has been solved for future cup draws as well.

5-7-2013 Tuesday evening downtime

Problems with our web servers caused the site to be inaccessible for about 2,5 hours Tuesday evening. The root to these problems have now been located and fixed.

Transfers between 19:43 and 22:25 HT time have been extended by 3 hours

4-29-2013 No WO in friendly matches

There will be no walkover matches in friendlies from now on. In case a team doesn't have enough players on the pitch when the match starts, a bunch of people that just happen to be in the neighbourhood will make sure the match is played anyway.

Basically, it will work just as it already does for youth teams, but for senior teams this will only happen in friendlies.

With this, we will also change the rules for additional clubs and allow clubs with the same manager to play friendlies against each other.

4-15-2013 Manual updates

The manual has been updated with two clarifications in the Tactics chapter:

- About counter-attacks, a clarification when the tactical penalty is applied (you have to lose midfield before the penalty is applied to obtain any tactical counter-attacks).

- New phrasing in the tactical skill section, regarding that the effect from tactics also depends on how good the players on the pitch are.

Please note that these two changes may not have been updated in your local language version yet, but if not then your language version will be updated soon.

About moving promoted/demoted teams in Season's end
From now on we will move all promoted and demoted teams to their new series after qualification matches have ended.

4-8-2013 Problems with second club registration

Heavy usage of the registration form for applying for a second club caused the site to run very slow for about 30 minutes today. We wanted the listing of leagues to show up-to-date information about number of available slots, but the number of simultaneous loads of this data was too much. The problem got worse with everyone trying to refresh the page when it loaded slowly, causing even more loads of this data.

In order to solve it we needed to add a cache that caches the data a few seconds. The downside of this is that the numbers shown in the list might be a few seconds old, but this is necessary for the page and the site as a whole to run efficiently.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience these problems caused. In hindsight we should of course have had the cache from the start, although all our testing and measuring showed that it should not be needed. Our lesson learned is that next time we will choose an approach that plays it more safe rather than trying to show absolute correct information.

Edit: For the first hour of registration you also got an error when choosing Canada, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia or South Korea. Our deepest apologies to all users affected, and especially to users in those countries who because of this could not apply at all for the first hour (as your own league is chosen per default in the dropdown).

4-8-2013 Second club registration numbers

Showing exactly how many available slots for all leagues (and keep that updated accordingly) on the registration page made the site slow. As a temporary solution we've turned that off and show fixed numbers instead.

This means that the number you currently see on the registration page is not correct, and there may me more (or less) spots than what's currently shown.

But if your application for a certain league/country is accepted (and you're able to update or remove your application), you've secured a spot. And if there isn't any available spot left in that league, your application will not go through.

3-8-2013 Release notes

There's been a busy week in the Hattrick headquarter, with the release of the new Supporter tiers and the new shop. But apart from that we've also released quite a few fixes and other things during the week:

- Marking a HT-Mail as unread now moves it to the new messages folder.
- Fixed a small bug related to series switching in the season end
- Some few users could not remove a Supporter from their list, now fixed.
- Fixed a bug in e-mail reminders (causing them not to work).
- Fixed a bug in youth match player orders, they're now visible after match as it should be
- Non-Supporters can now see player faces in the lineup page
- WO games now show your team attitude for that match
- Matches won by WO is no longer included in the series stats calculation

2-23-2013 Delayed Teamupdates

We've experienced some problems with the team updates during the night and day today. We have fixed the problem and the match engine are working on catching up. Meanwhile we may see some delayed matches.

2-18-2013 Release notes

Some fixes and stuff for you today:

- We added loyalty to Head to head (pre-match analysis).
- Forum posts by ignored users don't appear as "posts to me" anymore.
- Fixed flag collection tabs, for visually impaired.
- Type of player order change (sub, swap or behaviour change) is now visible in Player Orders.
- A problem with refresh/show bid history buttons on transfer listed players (only worked once for some users) is fixed.
- Fixed a problem with the "Any" option in the Youth League search, it only showed results from your own region. It now shows results from all countries/regions.
- Minor bug fix in default match orders for different matches, if you now set your default lineup from a cup or a friendly match - the default option is now that it will be saved as your default cup (or friendly) order.

1-31-2013 Release notes

Today we released a fix for a problem where non-Supporters were not able to see their fanclub's name in the head-to-head overview.

1-28-2013 Facebook login working again

Logging in (and signing up) with Facebook is now working again. The problem with the proxy server has been fixed.

1-25-2013 Friday evening downtime

We had experienced slowness and problems with our servers during Friday evening, causing downtime for about 3 hours. It turned out to be a problem with a proxy server causing the problems, so we had to take it out of the system until we can have a closer look on it (which will we do after the weekend).

Because of this, logging in with Facebook will unfortunately not work during the weekend.

Transfer deadlines during the downtime/problems have been extended.

1-23-2013 Delayed Teamupdates & Forums acting up

We have had several performance issues on the site this evening, which we have tried to handle as they have come up. Unfortunately this led to cup games in some leagues to be delayed, as well as to slo forums at times. This should be less of a problem now, but there could be some delays on team updates as the server catches up. We are sorry for this and wish you an otherwise enjoyable start to Season 51!

1-22-2013 Where's my club?

It seems we have a bug this morning with clubs being displayed as old clubs, and not active clubs as it should be. We're looking into this.

Update: This problem is now fixed (since around 8.30 HT-time). Some teams are now however displayed as located in foreign regions (regions not part of your country). We're looking into that.

Update 10:45 HT-Time: The region problem has been fixed now. Currently we are facing one more related problem. Transferlisted players are not showing up on the transfer page. We are working on a fix for that.

Update 13:45 HT-Time: All problems should have been solved now.

1-21-2013 Release notes

Today we released an improved transfer search. When you're searching the transfer you can not only specify the age by years, but you'll also be able to specify by days (you'll need to select advanced filters).

1-17-2013 Swwapping problem

Right now we are looking into a problem with swapping leagues and hope to be able to launch a fix for the problem shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update 11:20 HT-Time: The problem is solved now and everyone who experienced problems before should be able to try to swap again.

Update 14:10 HT-Time: We have applied another fix as we still received reports that our previous fix did not work for everyone affected.

12-10-2012 Downtime

Hattrick was down for around 40 minutes this morning because of database problems. Transfers with a deadline between 10:56:55 and 12:00 HT-Time have therefore been exteneded by 90 minutes. We apologize for the unexpected interruption.

12-4-2012 Sponsors mood fixed

The sudden sponsor mood drop has now been fixed, and the sponsors are now as happy as they should be again.

This problem was purely presentational.

12-3-2012 Transfer search change

We didn't just release a major update of Supporter today, we also released a quite nice change to the Transfer search page.

From today on you will search the whole transfer by default when doing a transfer search. So, no need to define whether you want to search for deadlines within 2 hours (and that box has also been removed).

The search result is however limited to 100 players now.

12-3-2012 Sponsor mood dropped?

We're received reports about a sudden sponsor mood drop for many users world-wide. It looks like it's only a presentational problem, but we will look into it nevertheless.

11-20-2012 Release notes

Quite a lot of stuff in this release:

- Mail character limit is increased 4000 characters (was 1000).
- The match type icons in the match result/rating page (top right) is now linked to the corresponding series or cup round.
- We have highlighted Supporter features on the site for our non-Supporters, to make the features included in Supporter more visible and overall to make it easier to see what Supporter has to offer.

11-9-2012 Training updates delayed!

We are having a delay on training updates in several countries. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Update: The problem was fixed and training has caught up. Everyone now received their complete training update.

11-8-2012 Release notes 8 November

Today we see the release of the 'My account' box where you can keep track of how many credits and days of Supporter you have left. We have also highlighted Supporter features, so you can easily see what is included in the Supporter package and what is not.

11-1-2012 Faster Android app

We have made a bunch of speed improvements to our Android app. An update with these speed improvements included are now available on Google Play.

11-1-2012 Release notes

The box to stop adding your team automatically to the pool is back, after been missing for a week. Included in today's release is also a fix for non-Supporters to opt-out from challenges (friendlies and Single matches), for some reason it didn't work after the release of single matches.

10-23-2012 Youth match delays

We are currently looking into a problem with delayed youth matches. It is no longer necessary to inform your GMs about it.

Update 13:03 HT Time: We have solved the problem, matches are catching up now.

10-23-2012 Short downtime

It was necessary to take down the site for a short period to do some urgent maintenance. The transfers were stopped during this time and all transfers until 10:30 HT Time have been extended by 2 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

10-5-2012 Skill drops update:

We have discovered and fixed a bug that caused drops to be bigger than intended on titanic and et levels. This fix will be applied from now on, but it can't be made retroactively (so there's nothing we can do about the drops that happened this Monday).

Generally about skill drops, the rule "the higher the skill, the bigger drop" is still valid.

10-4-2012 Cup match problems

We are currently experiencing huge delays with cup matches. We are looking into the problem.

Update 04:12 HT-Time: We have localized the problem for tonights delays with the cup matches. Matches are catching up now, except for Cup matches in Colombia for which we will provide a fix later today.

Update: 12.14 HT time: The Match Engine has now caught up, and the issue with Cup matches in Columbia has been fixed.

10-3-2012 Database hick-up

A little after 14h we experienced problems in one of our databases. Unfortunately we had to take the site down in order to fix it. We stopped the transfermarket while the site was down.
The site is now back up and running, the transfermarket has been restarted and all transfers between 14h and 16h have been extended with 3h.

10-1-2012 National Team Pages are down.

We are experiencing a database issue that causes the National Team pages to return with an Aplication error. We have started a fix on the database, but it will take some time to complete. We expect the problem to be solved in the course of this evening.

9-26-2012 Release notes 26 September

Wednesday is release day for once :)
This week we upgraded the arena size of all bots who still had 7k arena's to 12k capacity. Furthermore, Apple approved a new version of our iPhone App that should have solved the bug preventing the push notifications.
We also reinvited ex-users to rejoin Hattrick and not miss the start of the next season.

9-20-2012 Instant Supporter Trial for new users

From this week on new users signing up to the game will also get 30 day Supporter Trial activated immediately. Also, they will be informed about some of the major Supporter features. Earlier on, new users got this trial after about 1 month in the game, but we hope and think getting it instantly will have a positive effect on both stay rates among new users as well as the Supporter rate. At least we want to try this out.

9-20-2012 Release notes

Today's release contains some things worth knowing:
- A fix for HoF players' stats, which for some could be wrong. Now corrected.
- Fix for the star rating achievement, which said only 1 user had achieved it.
- Youth league admin is now visible on the youth league page.
- For youth leagues that are not full and lacking an admin, any members of that league are shown a note about the state of the league.

9-14-2012 Release notes 14 September

Today we released a fix for a bug in the Manager License that caused users to not be able to complete the task related to the credits.
Some other various small bugs were fixed as well.

9-12-2012 Forum downtime friday 14\09

The forums will be down this friday between 6AM and 7AM (HT time) due to a database move.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

8-23-2012 Release notes 23 August

A number of bugs were fixed this week, the most important ones were related to the recruitment center and finished tournaments.
- Users that signed up through invites ended up with different country in manager and team.
- There was also a bug that messed with the way finished tournaments were showed, now the last 5 tournaments will be showed.

8-16-2012 Manager License, for me?

We accidently happened to switch on the new revamped Manager License for all users. We're on this and it will be removed within a short while (any money collected will also be removed later). Naturally only new user should get this.

8-10-2012 Training settings for new teams

Since yesterday, new teams that join Hattrick start with 100% training intensity and 15% stamina share per default.

8-9-2012 Release notes 09 August

We added a 15th Anniversary category to Hattrick Press where the best articles from the writing contest will be displayed.
We fixed a bug in the Recruitment Centre dealing with pending invites.
We fixed some other minor bugs.

8-2-2012 Release notes 02 August

New users now need to validate their account by email or Facebook in order to write HT-Mails or forum posts or bid on players.
We added the 'Add round to live' button for World Cup games.
We fixed various other minor bugs.

7-27-2012 Release notes 27 July

We have released some new features today:
- The trainer will now allways have a face, even for non-supporters.
- We added a top 50 for our top-recruiters in the recruiters in the Recruitment Centre.
- We also fixed some minor bugs.

7-24-2012 Friendly pool problem

Several users report that they get 'CouldNotCreateMatch' as an error message when trying to join the friendly pool. We will look into the problem and hope to release a fix as soon as possible. It is no longer necessary to report this problem to your GMs.

7-10-2012 Cleanup unread 'my office' messages

From now on we are going to mark unread 'my office' messages as read, two weeks after they have been issued. This is to prevent managers stockpiling unread messages as some managers are believed to have collected over 300 messages.

7-10-2012 Hattrick United problem

There is currently a problem with Hattrick United. We are looking into the problem and hopefully have it fixed soon.

Update: Everything should be fixed and back to normal now.

6-6-2012 Cup draw problems

We are currently looking into a problem with the cup draw. It is no longer necessary to inform your GMs about the problem.

Update: The problems with the cup draw have been solved now. Cup matches for the leagues where the draw went wrong have already been created or will be created in the next few hours. Tomorrow we will delete the matches of those users who managed to book a friendly because of the cup draw problems

5-31-2012 About transfers

The transfer engine is stopped since 19:32, which means no transfers will be executed. It will remain so until we're more sure that normal situation is restored, then we'll start it again. Transfers will then be extended, and given what time it is now (22.00 HT-time) - deadlines are likely to be extended by 24 hours when that happens.

Update: All transfers with a deadline between 19:32 and 00:30 HT time have been extended by 24 hours.

5-31-2012 Unexpected downtime

Tonight we have been confronted with an unexpected downtime (17:20 – 18:50 HT time) because of a firewall problem. Because of the very same problem we were also unable to stop the transfer market and therefore we are unfortunately not able to extend any transfers that ended during the time the site was unavailable. We are very sorry for the consequences this may have for the affected managers.

Update 19:00: We managed to extend the transfers of the last few minutes of the downtime as they had not been finished yet. Transfer with a deadline between 18:47 and 19:15 have been extended by half an hour.

Update 19:37: The site went down again at 19:07 until 19:36 HT time. We have immediately stopped the transfers (from 19:31:52 onwards) when we were able to and will not restart it before we have ensured we are good to go.

Update 19:50: Right now we have strong suspicions pointing towards us having been confronted with DDoS attacks.

Update 21:50: We were down again from around 19:55 to 21:40. Let's hope we can get back to normal again now. For the time being, transfer engine will continue being stopped.

Training updates, youth matches etc have happened just as they should during these problems to reach the site.

5-30-2012 Key players

We have added a little feature called key players, which is aimed mostly as a help for new players. But naturally everyone get access to it. You find your key players (in your trainer's opinion) in the top right box on your players list page.

5-29-2012 Power breakdown

Due to a power breakdown in the server hall, we were down from just before 12.00 HT-time to around 12.50. Transfer deadlines have been extended by 90 minutes.

5-27-2012 Finance updates facing problem in some leagues

There is weekly finance updates problem in some leagues. Unfortunately it is hard to solve, we are sorry that this can not be solved by tonight. We will try our best to tackle the problem tomorrow.

5-26-2012 Old Team Events are not available at the moment

Please be informed that all the old Team Events are temporarily not available until we solve the problem next week.

5-26-2012 Delayed updates

We have problems with some post-game updates being delayed, such as league table generation and top scorer updates. These will tick through eventually, we are sorry for the trouble this may cause in the mean time. Transfers are also executed with some delays tonight. We are working to solve this, but we will probably see delays throughout the evening.

5-22-2012 Release notes

We've released some small fixes today:

- On the tournaments page, the displayed date for the last match round is now correct.
- Fixed a bug in the dashboard that could cause old editorials to be published again.
- In the simple matchorder form, the Supporter feature "played since last training" is now shown (for Supporters).

5-12-2012 Server reboot

We restarted the server on saturday morning, causing about 30 minutes downtime. This to solve issues on the site during the morning. Transfers were delayed two hours from around 10 HT-time.

5-10-2012 Release notes

Today's release contained mostly stuff in the background and some pretty minor changes/improvements for newbies. But some fixes worth mentioning were released as well:

- Some fixes for the blue border indication in the match order (for Supporters), for RTL languages and older IE versions.

- Fixes for a few bugs that could cause pages to crash (transfer, youth player, bid history and youth player history pages).

5-7-2012 About match income (related to the delayed updates)

Please note that if you played a home match during this weekend, for most people the income ended up as an income for last week on your finance page (because of the delayed update).

We had some cases where teams received double match takings (they played at home last week and got that income for this week as well), probably because their updates were running at the same time as matches were played. These cases have now been fixed (double income removed). The vast majority of these teams played in Denmark, but there were some few other cases in other leagues as well.

5-7-2012 The aftermath of the delayed team updates

In some leagues the effect of the delayed weekly updates was just that the update happened later than usual. But in some leagues, the update happened after the league matches, and then it also had out of the ordinary effects on team spirit and team confidence.

This is naturally not a good thing, but there's really no way to fix it in a good way afterwards. So, we will not try to compensate this in any way - as it's just not really possible to do. We unfortunately just have to accept the consequences and that they're not really fair. This is also how we have dealt with issues like this in the past.

The issue causing the delays in the first place is fixed and will not happen again. We will also look into our routines, so we can catch problems like this one at an earlier stage.

Sorry about all this!

5-6-2012 Team updates delayed

Due to a database issue, the weekly team updates (including financial updates, youth scout call and more) are delayed for many countries. The issue is resolved and the remaining updates will occur soon.

5-3-2012 More improvements for new teams

Apart from the Tournaments update release earlier this week, we have focused on doing a lot of (small) things to make the newbie experience better, just as we did last week. Some of these things are worth to mention for everyone:

- New teams are automatically added to the friendly pool in order to get a friendly (their first week only, after that it's up to the manager).
- New teams' trainers automatically arrange a preparation match in the beginning of managers' careers.
- New teams now gets a passable trainer with weak leadership by default.

4-26-2012 Clarification when restarting a tournament

A clarification about something that hasn't been clear enough: When you start a new season of a tournament, the old matches disappears when a new season is created. We have now added information about this when you start a new tournament season.

For all other tournaments which aren't restarted, matches stay for 2 seasons. The final standings are always saved and archived, even for restarted tournaments.

4-26-2012 Release notes

Mostly stuff for new teams today:

- New team activation is now done every 5th minute (previously 15)

- Fixed lineup assistant for preparation matches

- For all teams, the trainer will field a simple lineup to avoid WO if the managers hasn't set any lineup at all (= if team has 0 players in the lineup). Will more or less only occur for new teams.

- The first time a new manager visit the order page, a default lineup is created automatically (4-4-2, as suggested by the lineup assistant)

- We started testing if showing player faces have an impact on new users' stay rates. 50% of the new users will see player faces (despite not being Supporters), the other 50% will see the silhouettes as normal.

- Added some missing leagues to the Currency exchange rates appendix.

4-21-2012 Severe delays

We've had severer delays and slowness on the site today which we have worked hard to diagnose and fix. We took down the server to reboot the database, and now all systems are up and running but the site is still not responding as quickly as we'd like. We are continuing trying to solve this. In the mean time, we have postponed all transfers from between 9 and 17 today by between 12 and 3 hours (so they all have deadlines tonight). If necessary, we may extend these deadlines again. We are very sorry for not making it possible for all our users to enjoy their games today.

4-21-2012 Server to restart

We will take the site down to make a full restart of all system. We hope this can resolve the slowness we have experienced today.

3-31-2012 Morning issue caused delays

We had a small hiccup with the database this morning between 9.10 and 10 HT-time. The site is now running as it should again, but with some delays that should recover within the next hours if not sooner. Transfers between 8.30 and 10.30 were postponed by 3 hours.

3-30-2012 Still occasional problems arranging friendlies

We are still suffering from some occasional errors when trying to arrange a friendly, just as the two past weeks. We have done quite a lot of troubleshooting and work on this, but we haven't nailed the root to these errors yet. We will naturally continue to work on this until a solution is found.

If you get a strange error (Can't create match) when trying to arrange a friendly, please just try again.

3-30-2012 Friday morning database issue

During early Friday morning our database ran into some issues, which affected the site. The site was hard to access (ultimately not accessible at all). This was solved around 7.30 and we then also postponed between 6.48 and 8.00 by 3 hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

3-20-2012 Release notes

Some fixes for you today:

- Fix for fixed team spirit level in tournament games, now works on content level as it should.
- Fix in MLC, some new users did not get the 3 credits as they should get after completing challenge #17.
- Removed Facebook like for RTL languages (until that API has better support for RTL), as it caused the site to move to the right instead of being in the center.
- Fix for the occasional application error you could experience when going to the world or country (league) page.

3-16-2012 Occasional problems arranging friendlies

We have got some reports about occasional errors when trying to arrange a friendly. If you get a strange error (Can't create match) when trying to arrange a friendly, please just try again.

We will look closer into these problems on Monday.

3-15-2012 Release notes

Some bug fixes and small additions included in today's release:

- Fixed a presentational bug in the fan number changes, the fan loss when changing region or team name was not included.
- Fixed a recent bug in the arena page, which messed up the look of the arena page in case you changed something related to the arena (such as cutting pattern or arena name).
- Added matchtype icons to match report
- Added "Points per played game" to Historical standings

3-13-2012 Small change in Tournament start time

The distribution for the tournament starting time wasn't working as it should (it should pick a time within the selected 55 minute range), so all tournaments created so far had an exact starting time.

We have fixed it and have changed the time for tournaments that are not filled out yet, adding the corresponding minutes.

Tournaments with already created matches have not been affected.

3-13-2012 Release notes

Apart from the major feature Tournaments (see editorial space for more info), today's release also contains some fixes:

- Fix for a (presentational) issue when changing coach
- Fix for flag tooltip problem in the friendly pool

3-8-2012 Newbie matches, removed evil spirits and more in today's release

The biggest news in the today's release is Newbie preparation matches. New users can set up and play instant preparation matches, making it easier for them to find players' best positions and get a better understanding of how the matches work.

New users set up these matches from the match list page, and are matched against another newbie also wanting a match. If no other user is found within some minutes, you play against a bot team instead. The match start 30 minutes after setting it up and orders have to be submitted 5 minutes before match start.

These matches are available for new users for their first 60 days in the game. You can play 3 matches per 7 days. However, you can't play a preparation match if you're already playing a game or if your next match starts within 150 minutes.

Apart from this, we've cast a few magic spells to remove the evil spirits that has affected players since the end of last week (players have had angry faces). We have also:

- Fixed a few site problems for RTL languages
- Fixed a login bug for users using IE7
- Fixed a few bugs related to our big code optimization last week
- Made a few SEO (search engine optimization) improvements

3-5-2012 Forum downtime at 12:00 today

The forums will be down from 12:00 HT-time today, because of maintenance. We are moving the forum to faster disks.

We estimate that this move will take about 1,5 hours.

Update @12:35
It seems we're getting errors on other pages when closing down the forums, so the forums are up again. We're troubleshooting this, and while doing so you may experience errors from time to time.

Update @13:15
We have called this forum maintenance off, we will not move the forums today. We'll do it another day instead (after we've sorted out what's causing the errors).

2-29-2012 The past weekend's delays: Reasons and solutions

There were several reasons for the delays this past weekend, which in combination - and together with the heavy load on the site - caused the severe delays we experienced. Because it's important to remember; the load on the servers and the database is always heavier during first league round (mainly because the large number of online users), which decreases the normal 'safety margins'.

Here are a short summary of the reasons, and what we do about them:

- We have optimized the code and database functions on several places, and more optimizing will take place before the end of the week. Because it's apparent that some new code released the past couple of months wasn't efficient enough to cope with this heavy load.

- One disk in our disk storage system broke down in the beginning of the weekend. While rebuilding itself to a spare one (which takes quite a while), the system is slower than usual. On Sunday this spare one broke as well (Mr Murphy, we will keep an eye on you from now on!). Both these disks have now been replaced by new ones.

- We have moved the forum to a new database, to allow main Hattrick more resources (bigger safety margins).

- We have moved several processes and updates that don't have to be run on match days to other days instead, also to allow main Hattrick more resources (bigger safety margins).

2-28-2012 Forum down

The forum will be down until approximately 12:40 HT-time due to it being moved to another database to increase the performance of Hattrick.

2-26-2012 Delayed games from saturday

The delayed games from yesterday that cannot be viewed, probably won't be available until tomorrow. The games have been played but can't be shown properly, and we need a code release to fix this, something we can't do today with causing new delays. But training, finances, etc should be safe. We are sorry for this and hope for your patience in this matter.

We were able to make the changes to the system and now this problem should be solved.

2-25-2012 Delays and general slowness

We are experiencing some problems now which manifests themselves to you as delays and a slow site.

We're working on solving the issue.

Transfers between 14:00 and 15:30 (HT-Time) has been extended with 180 minutes.

We had to take the site offline for a while to help the system catch up a bit.

We now hope the system will start to catch up but it will be a slow process. Delays are to be expected through out the day.

UPDATE SUNDAY MORNING: No delays any longer, and Sunday morning games have started on time. We have made several changes to the system over the night which we hope will have effect. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no delays today and we will monitor the site closely.

2-24-2012 Series stats change and added match icons in today's release

Most of our time is devoted to the upcoming feature Tournaments, so today's release will not exactly be remembered as one of the biggest in our history. But it does include things we know will be very welcomed.

- From this season on only league matches (not qualifiers or other games) will count for series stats and series ranking.

- We have added match type icons when you load the list of past matches lineups (in the match order form). Gives you a better overview.

2-18-2012 Wrong teams advanced in U20 world cup

When the groups for round 2 in the U20 world cup was drawn someone had been mixing up the tables, and the wrong teams ended up in next round while some teams were wrongfully eliminated. The tables will be corrected and round 2 will be recalculated as soon as possible.

Update: The tables for round 1 and the groups/matches for next round has now been corrected.

2-15-2012 Logos Upload

There is a problem with uploading logos to hattrick, including match kits.
We are in process to solve the problem, and it will work in the next few of hours.
In case you are missing some logos, they will also appear soon.

2-15-2012 Double friendlies

Because of the delays yesterday evening there are some teams who've arranged double friendlies this week. However, we will not remove/delete these friendlies in this late hour as it would be unfair to the opponents (who then might not get to play a friendly at all).

2-15-2012 Major match delays

Tonight we've had some major delays caused by the creation of matches for the cup that starts next week. Unfortunately we won't be able to fix this tonight, so the delays are likely to increase even more. We're sorry for any inconvenience, we're working as fast as we can.

The matchengine caught up during the night and we've been working today on optimizing the creation of cupmatches, so hopefully it will run smoothly from now on. Thank you for your patience.

2-13-2012 Release notes

This release includes a lot of small changes and improvements (some 1000-2000) to the background code, mostly related to how matches are handled. This is nothing you will really see anything of, but nevertheless it's worth to mention. All this was needed for a coming feature we're working on, but will also be great help (and sometimes needed) in general in our future development of Hattrick.

Apart from all this we've also fixed a problem related to the rating achievement:

- There's been a difference between how the average match rating is calculated in the match report and for the rating achievement. This is now fixed and both use the same calculation (the one earlier used for the match report). Please note that this change will only apply for any new achievement you get from now on.

2-1-2012 Release notes

Some small fixes for you:

- Fixed rounding issue on sector ratings prediction (causing inconsistency between viewing the ratings in bars and denominations)

- HT-mails with only blank spaces in subject are now possible to open

- Added missing HT Live links on the cup match page

1-27-2012 Release notes

In this week's release there are a few fixes you should be aware about:

- The training report for non-Supporters is now shown in My Office, as intended.

- When a cup is finished, the last round of it is also shown.

- The option to set team attitude (play it cool, match of the season) for a youth match has been removed from the order interfaces. This because the team spirit in youth teams is always the same (team attitude settings don't effect team spirit after a youth game has been played).

- The flag map in French is now working as it should again.

1-17-2012 Short interruptions

After the today's downtime we've experienced two short interruptions, and there might perhaps be a few more. Although it can be a bit irritating, it's nothing to worry about. It's just due to some relocating work in the server hall, but there will not be any interruptions after 18:00 (when matches start) at least.

Sorry about this, we'll try to keep it to the very minimum.

1-11-2012 Forum posts not being marked as read

We have received notice that forum posts are not being marked as read, which can be very annoying. We are aiming to release a fix for this problem tomorrow.

Edit: This problem should be sorted out now.

1-9-2012 Various youth academy problems

During the weekend we've had problems with the youth academies, of various kinds. Matches have been late, some youth leagues are waiting for fixtures, etc. We're looking into this.

Update: These problems should now be sorted out. If you still encounter any problem, please report it to your local GM using the contact form in the Help section.

12-10-2011 Concerning failed transfers

There were some failed transfers between HT time 08 Dec 2011 23:00 and 09 Dec 2011 06:00, i.e. players sold not move to the new team; players bought not move to the new team. Some teams have received the sale's amount more than once.

If you are affected, please do not re-list your player and do not spend the money not belonged to you. We are trying to solve the problem.

Updates: We have decided not to move the failed-to-transfer players. All the buyers will get money refunded, all the sellers will get sale's money deducted and transfer fee refunded, teams that received previous club and mother club money from the failed transfers will also get their money deducted. Sellers can go ahead to re-list their players. Everyone affected will get receive a Staff message explaining the amount of money refunded/deducted.

We will update you when this is finally solved. Until then, thanks for the patience and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Lastly, we will find the culprit of the failed transfers and fix it for good.

12-5-2011 Problems with financial updates in some leagues

We are looking into problems with the financial updates in some leagues, where (some) teams received too much money from the weekly update. We don't yet know if it's possible to correct this, but we are investigating which leagues (and which teams in those leagues) are affected and then we'll see what we can do about this. More info to follow.

Update 14:00
These problems have now been solved. Four leagues (Poland, Sweden, Austria and Ukraine) were affected, and most teams (but not all) in those leagues got a erroneous update.

Please note that some of your income for this week may be displayed as income from last week (if you were affected). This is however just a presentational issue, the amount of money is correct.

12-1-2011 Release Notes December 1

Some minor changes in the release today.

* Fixed a bug that caused the MLC to break for returning users
* Fixed a bug that caused the youth match archive to display incorrectly
* Fixed a bug that caused the series page to sometimes display the wrong amount of recent visits
* Fixed a recent bug that caused notifications for transfer-listed bookmarked players to not work

11-28-2011 Release notes November 28

This release contains many small tweaks and fixes to recently released things, such as Gears, youth files for CHPP, Stats, and the option for returning users to skip the MLC. One visible thing that has changed is the fixing of a rounding error of the Loyalty values in the match order interface.

During the past week we have also devoted a lot of attention to improving the overall speed on the site. We have fine-tuned many pages which had reduced the overall load on the database to around one third of what it was before. This means the site should be perceived as more responsive at any given moment. However, we still have problems with team updates and matched being delayed, and we are continuing to work on this.

11-26-2011 Match delays

We have several leagues with delayed matches today. We have been working hard on optimizing the site in the last 2 weeks, which has led to a faster overall site, but we have still not been able to prevent the match delays, for which we are sorry. But we are working on this!

11-17-2011 Release notes for November 17

This week we have worked on backend stuff, such as further tweaking the new stats. But we have also released new files for CHPP developers, who will now be able to access player pages of the youth academies. It will be interesting to see what comes out of that. Here are the other things we have changed that may be of public interest this week:

- Bug fixed in Rating Prediction: Away team was being treated as always being in a derby game
- Fixed that sorting did not work as expected after clicking links on the series stats page, when reaching it through a link
- At signup, new team names will be checked against a list of blacklisted names
- Price info about Gears was added to About Gears page
- Fixed rounding error in Loyalty ratings - now it works similar to all other skills
- Added possibility for returning users to skip MLC
- Fixed bug that prevented U20 coaches from using the simple match order interface
- Fixed bug that teams could (very rarely) go without a trainer, something which caused pages to break
- Fixed error in ratings bars and numbers displayed when actual rating value was non-existent
- We removed some broken links on the Hattrick Downweb page (let's hope we never get to see it again, anyway!)

10-31-2011 Loyalty bugs

We're currently looking into two bugs related to loyalty (which has just been released today):

- Players bought directly from the mother club are shown as they will get full loyalty even in their new club.
- Rating predictor, some strange behaviour reported.

Edit: These two bugs have now been fixed.

10-28-2011 Release Notes for October 28

It's been a busy week at Hattrick HQ, in anticipation of next week's releases. For the release today, the obvious thing is the new election system which went live this morning. Apart from that, these are the fixes and updates that we want to share with you today:

- Added support for coming Loyalty feature in the Ratings Predictor

- Fixed a layout issue in RTL Simple skin where the sidebar box got shifted 10px only in match setup page, updated styles ...

- Fix for no captain in lineup blocking order form load

- Removed unnecessary white spaces in youth series page

- Langificiation issue in the youth league admin page

- Sort by shirt number by default for youth players in match orders page

- Bug fix login issue on new startpage

10-26-2011 Database problems

We're currently having some trouble with the database being heavily overloaded. This can result in various actions not working, sacking players for one. We're working on it and expect to have it back to normal before midnight. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

10-25-2011 Hardware failure

Due to a hardware failure our site was unavailable for slightly more than half an hour. Because of this, transfers between 16:00:35 and 16:35:00 have been extended by 1 hour. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

10-20-2011 Release notes for Thursday 20th October 2011

This week we have mainly worked on things that will be released in the coming weeks, such as the loyalty change. But there is a collection of smaller changes to the site as well:

You may notice some minor changes to the training page, including a new box for training status summary and a right hand menu link to training status page. Individual instructions page has been tidied up.

A bug that caused an application error when clicking the breadcrumb links of a series was fixed.

We added a qualifier icon to the "next season" series table, to clarify what teams may end up where

We have done a few fixes to the ratings predictor during the week, to make sure it works as described.

10-13-2011 Release notes for Thursday October 13th 2011

Today is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you :

- The lineup suggestion tool for newbies and the ratings predictor are now available in the simple match order form.

- As announced last week, a player sold while his team is playing a match doesn't change team until after the game is over. This exception also applies if the buyer is playing a game. The transfer is blocked from 15 minutes before the game starts to 10 minutes after the final whistle. A message on the player's page will inform you of this change, 120 minutes before the end of the transfer.

- The ratings predictor always took overcrowding into account when giving ratings, we have now fixed it so that overcrowding is factored in only when it occurs.

As always there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience.

10-8-2011 Summary of today's downtime

Starting at around 14.30 the site became unavailable. The system itself (databases and game engine) worked fine, but the web was overloaded and we started troubleshooting this. This is fairly normal, it happens daily and most of the time users never notice since the system automatically handles this. But when the site is more busy we sometimes need to give the system a hand ourselves.

In any case, this didn't work so we had to look at other potential causes. The firewall did not respond which is very rare, so we took the site down and restarted it manually. We also started checking through all code changes in the last weeks to see if we had added anywhere something that might cause heavier load on the servers. It turns out we had, and those changes have been reverted.

It is a weakness of Hattrick that problems like this (which are, after all, natural when you have a system that constantly evolves) are often exposed on Saturdays, when we have most people online and bottlenecks are more likely to emerge. We are very aware of this and try to time releases so that we minimize these kinds of risks, but we will try and think of other ways to avoid this happening again.

Because of the problems we decided to extend all transfers which had their deadline between 14:30 and 21:00 HT Time by 24 hours.

10-6-2011 Release notes for Thursday October 6th 2011

This is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you.

- As some of you may have noticed, we have had issues with re-Live recently. These should all be fixed now and the "next" button should work as intended.

- We have removed the Most Expensive transfers on the Stats Players page, as the data there wasn't correct and it was misleading.

- We've added a cookie that remembers your last login date so that we can distinguish returning users from new users and better cater which login page is shown to whom. The privacy policy has been updated to reflect this change.

- We've added a link called On going match that will show up in the header during your matches. With it you can easily access the live page for your on going match if you surf away. It also acts as a reminder that you have a match going on right now.

As always there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience.

9-29-2011 New transfer compare

As you may have noticed, a new transfer compare was announced in the release notes. The changes focus on giving better comparisons with a focus on removing behaviors which created an option to exploit the tool to making profit while improving the quality of the results. There are no fixed ranges anymore for skills in certain domains. Each skill, if it is high enough, is compared in a range (and not an exact value) which is no longer set in stone.

The tool now compares, in range of ages, unique players and not that common old players. To compensate for the range of ages, the range of skills that are of third and fourth in order of importance are compared in a wider range with an upside bias.

9-29-2011 Release notes for Thursday September 29th 2011

This is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you :

- We've slightly modified the House rules in regards to federations, to more closely represent the rules applied.

- We've modified the formula for Transfer Compare to give you a more accurate comparison. (more details in the other system info)

- If there is an error during the saving of a lineup, you will no longer be redirected away from the match order page.

As always there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience.

9-28-2011 All coaches finally know when they arrived.

All coaches that have not been "Hall of Famed" now know when they have joined your club. As for the coaches in your Hall of Fame, there is no plan right now to fix their dates.

9-27-2011 Coaches finally know when they arrived.

It has been a long lasting bug in Hattrick that when you converted a player into a coach, the date of his joining your club would be reset. This is no more! Coaches converted from now on will now show the original date they joined your club.

We are still working on fixing the dates for past coaches. We will keep you informed once it's done!

9-25-2011 Service Unavailable

We had a short down time in our services and had to stop the transfers because of it. The service is back to normal now and transfers with their deadline between 13.32 and 13.40 have been extended by 15 minutes.

9-22-2011 Release notes for Thursday September 22nd 2011

Today is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you:

- You can no longer report federation posts. But the link is still there and it explains to you how things should be dealt with when you stumble upon a post or situation that you think is unacceptable.

- It used to be that once you had booked a match through the friendly pool, you couldn't unsubscribe from it, until you had entered it again. This has now changed. You can now unsubscribe from the friendly pool at anytime.

- Now to reset your password you only need your login name or email address instead of both.

-Also some of you may have come across some weird text on your match order interface these past couple of weeks. This was a problem with caching of the interface. We've now resolved those caching issues, so they don't happen again in the future.

- For the past few weeks, the colours on the player list in the match order interface had mistakenly changed making it harder for some to differentiate them. We've brought back the old and trusted shades.

- And finally, still in the match order interface, the player skills are now ordered the same way as on your players' page.

As always there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience.

9-19-2011 What's in that tea? Stamina bug fixed.

Thanks to Lizardopoli's research, we were able to discover that ever since we have moved to minute based training, any player being substituted in at minute 51 or after would perform at max level with no drops, no matter if he had excellent or disastrous stamina.

So this has now been fixed. We have changed the recipe for the half time tea and players entering in the second half will perform according to their stamina level.

9-15-2011 Release notes for Thursday, September 15

Today we have made a release, and the list is a little longer than usual since we did a Bugsmash workshop to clean up our to do lists a bit after the summer.

This went live today:

- A bug fix in the match highlights when showing substitution + reposition without formation change
- Simplified interface for rejoining the friendly pool
- Invite links in series table removed for users who are already waiting to have an invite accepted
- A big pile of small RTL (Right-to-left) issues
- We now display the average age stats with years and days more correctly
- We activated player-swap also on the simple match order interface (released for advanced on Monday)
- The ability for HtPress authors to delete comments was removed
- We now allow CHPP developers to moderate their product forums
- We localized some texts in press announcements page (so that it can be read in your user language rather the just english)
- We added 20 minutes to the IsPlayingMatch-check before the game starts. This means the warning about players on the transfer market who may be about to play a game has been extended
- Error-box if something went wrong while saving match order is now shown
- Former users now shown as "Previous user" in PA comments
- Skillbars added to the matchorder interface for youth
- Fixed bug in flip match orders for IE7/8
- Fixed bug with datepicker on forum page
- Final SMS when bidding closes is now sent
- Mother club and previous fund money are now given when buying your own player
- NT achievement is given when period is finished instead of when it starts
- Fixed corrupt data for Cup round achievements
- Inactivity e-mail reminders now include the loginname
- Small tweaks to the start up and registration pages, part of an ongoing project to encourage visitors to sign up for a team. Includes things like screenshots, updated About Hattrick page, slimmer registration form, etc. These are tests only which means features may come and go.

Finally, some changes from last week:

- The match order form now takes user preference for show skill bars into account
- Made phone number required on shipping details
- Added downloads page for wallpapers and moved them from About Hattrick to downloads
- Added new wallpapers with the correct aspect ratio
- Bug fix on Stamina graph on playerchart
- Made the arena usage percentage an option (from pie charts) in the site preferences.

9-7-2011 Small hick up

We had a small hick up in our services and had to stop the transfers because of it. The service is back to normal now and transfers with their deadline between 14:26:25 and 14:44:00 have been extended by half an hour.

8-31-2011 Incorrect data about formupdates

We have had an error in the old form data for some players. This error can be seen in the latest form changes on the trainingpage for supporters where the old form is wrong for some players.

The data will be corrected at the next training update.

8-29-2011 Not possible to promote youth players and application errors

At the moment it is not possible to promote youth players. At the same time several pages give application errors. We are looking into the problems and try to fix them as soon as possible. There is no further need to report this to your GMs.

Update: These problems have been solved now.

8-27-2011 Delayed youth matches

We are aware matches in the youth academy have delays. We are investigating the causes and try to have them up and running as soon as possible.

Some club officials are also working hard on printing player names on the match jerseys. Right now they are missing for players in several youth matches and therefore they appear as unknown player in the match report.

Update: Matches have caught up.

Update2: The club officials have caught up with printing the player names and there should be no more unknown players now.

8-20-2011 CHPP Closing

It seems that the problems with CHPP are still with us, so we are opting to turn off all CHPP for the time being.

We will keep you updated as we monitor the situation.

We thank you for your patience as we try to solve these problems once and for all.

Update : CHPP is now back on. We will work this week again on solving the issues CHPP has been causing.

8-18-2011 Training page not responding

Some of you may experience an application error when trying to access your training page. This mostly affects new users.

Due to a planned database maintenance, we are unable to fix it right away, but we will get it sorted as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Update : The pages should now be accessible by everyone once again.

8-18-2011 Release notes for Thursday August 18th 2011

Today is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you :

- On your CHPP Products preferences page, you can now find the dates at which those products were last accessed.

We have been hard at work on fixing the issues with CHPP that have been causing the problems on Saturdays. We are hopeful that this time, they are solved for good!

And of course as usual there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience.

8-13-2011 CHPP closed this weekend

We believe we've finally pinned down CHPP as the cause of the delays during the weekends lately. Because of this CHPP will be completely closed for the rest of the weekend. Not only for Live viewers as previously stated, but all CHPP programs.

We will now start to investigate exactly what in CHPP it is that is causing this, and hope that next weekend we can finally be rid of all the delays!

We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes you and thank you for your patience.


CHPP was reopened on Monday morning and we have since then worked on the issue that was causing this problem. We believe that it is resolved and that we will be able to have CHPP running this weekend (and onwards).

8-12-2011 CHPP Live viewers disabled this weekend

In an effort to solve our performance problems on Saturdays, starting tonight after the NT matches, we will disable the Live xml files. This means that all CHPP Live viewers will return errors when trying to access that information. In essence those files gives CHPP products live data during matches.

We thank you for your patience while we try to solve those problems and we are sorry for any and all inconvenience this has caused you.

8-11-2011 Release notes for Thursday August 11th 2011

Today is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you :

- We've brought back the live tables to HT Live.

- We fixed some minor bugs in the match order form.

And of course as usual there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience as we keep working on fixing the problems that have been plaguing the site on weekends.

8-5-2011 Wage reduction

All players who aged in the night of Thursday to Friday and should have had a salary update haven't.

We are looking into it. There is no need to report it to your local GMs.

Update : Players have now aged properly and gotten their salary update.

8-4-2011 Release notes for Thursday August 4th 2011

Today is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you.

- You can now add a comment when reporting a forum post explaining why you feel it needs a moderator's attention.

- In the Youth Academy match reports have had weird formations appearing after certain swaps. This presentational bug has been fixed.

- We've temporarily removed the live tables from HT Live to see if it helps solve the weekend delay problems.

- The Hall of Fame is viewable again for non supporters. This had been removed by mistake.

And of course as usual there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience.

7-28-2011 Release notes for Thursday July 28th 2011

Today is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you :

- Directly from Gusy's goody bag, you can now search your received or sent HT-Mails by alias or user ID.

-There was a bug in the match order form, in regards to the click and swap from subs to player list, making the player on the subs bench disappear but no player coming in to replace him. This has been fixed.

-Show faces settings is now available for non supporters under site preferences.

-Walkovers shouldn't be breaking the series fixtures any longer.

And of course as usual there were other tweaks and fixes behind the scenes to better improve your Hattrick experience.

7-23-2011 Matches delayed

Due to a problem with the server running matches, all matches are currently delayed. The matches are running at full speed and will catch up eventually.

Update: Matches have caught up.

Update 2 : Matches and updates are late. The engine will eventually catch up. This goes for youth matches as well.

Update 3: Seniors matches are back on track. Youthmatches will probably need most of the day to catch up.

Final update : The engine has finally caught up to everything. Matches are now being played as scheduled.

7-21-2011 Release notes for Thursday July 21st 2011

This is release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you.

-You can now delete in one click, all the finished transfers that you had hotlisted.

- On the youth player page, in the right column, you now have a drop down menu to all your other youth players, just like you can find on your senior players' pages.

There were other fixes and optimizations done behind the scenes to better your Hattrick experience.

7-7-2011 Release notes for Thursday July 7th 2011

And we are back to our regularly scheduled release Thursday and here is what we have coming for you.

- You now have alternative video links in the Hosting competition page should the content of Youtube be blocked where you are.

- We've added a new FB like button to the Start page. This is part of a bigger Facebook integration project, that is starting slowly. You will eventually get a setting for Facebook in your preferences, once the project is further along.

There are, as always, many other tweaks and fixes mostly behind the scenes to give you a better Hattrick experience.

6-30-2011 Release notes for Thursday June 30th 2011

This week we have a second release!

-A much awaited feature is being introduced on your team page. You can now find out, from the source itself, what series you will be promoting or demoting to.

-We've also added a new ball on the system info page for CHPP. That way, if for a reason or another we need to deactivate CHPP, you will be able to find out at a glance!

-When, or rather if, we have to disable the dashboard, also known as My Office, you will now find the System info box on the MyHT page.

-You can now hotlist a player directly from the transfer search result page.

-The problem caused by banners with the match order form and the invitation page are now solved.

There are, as always, a few other minor tweaks and fixes.

6-29-2011 My Office's disappearance

You might have noticed My Office missing on and off for the past few days. As we are doing some optimization work on it, we have had to do that.

It is disabled right now, and will remain like that till tomorrow at the earliest. We are sorry for the inconvenience this creates to new users especially, but to everyone who has gotten used to seeing it there.

You can find the system info messages by clicking on Help and then System info and you can read the latest news by clicking on News.

6-29-2011 Another down time, another transfer extension

Because of a down time of a few minutes the transfers between 11:42 and 12:00 have been extended by 30 minutes.

We know these problems are irritating, we are doing what we can to regulate the situation.

6-28-2011 Extended transfers

Because of short down time transfers between 21:50 to 22:30 HT Time have been extended by for 40 minutes.

6-28-2011 Release notes for Tuesday June 28th 2011

Today is release Tuesday and here is what we have coming for you :

-Today we are releasing player swaps to the Youth Academy.

-We've added a tool tip to explain the different types of default lineups. Make sure you have a look, it might clear things up for you.

-The privacy settings are back for non supporters. They were mistakenly hidden.

- The current match box on the team page will now show the right information when facing a walk over.

- There is a new Hattrick United widget for National Teams

- There is now a link on the national team page leading directly to the group of the team.

There were also some other minor tweaks and fixes.

6-27-2011 Exceptional down time transfer extension.

Transfers set to finish between 10:10 HT Time this morning and 23:00 HT Time tonight have been extended by 24hours.

6-26-2011 Weekend woes.

Because of the issues we've had this weekend, some of the teams got their qualifiers given before the league tables were updated with this week's results. This caused some teams to not get their deserved qualifying match and others to get a match they shouldn't have gotten.

We are aware of the situation and we are working on it.

Keep in mind that in the affected leagues, the qualifiers will need to be recalculated. We can't say exactly when this will happen, but it will be done in good time before the games next weekend and there will be a My Hattrick message informing the leagues concerned.

We've also brought back My Office. In order for it to work as it should, you might need to log out and back in.

6-25-2011 Transfers extended, again.

Because of slowness on the site again, transfers between 14:15 and 15 HT time, they have been extended by 60 minutes.

We recommend that you set a lineup as soon as possible, in these unstable times, it is best to be safe than sorry.

UPDATE: Transfers between 18:05 and 19:05 have also been extended for 60 minutes because of the site being slow again.

6-25-2011 Transfers extended.

Transfers between approximately 12:30 and 14:00 HT Time have now been extended by 90 minutes.

6-25-2011 Saturday Slow times

In a continued effort to solve these slow times on Saturday, we are having to disable Foxtrick. This is to see if they could be the cause of the problems.

Update : We have also now disabled My Office.

Update 2 (13:30) : We have now re-enabled Foxtrick.

6-24-2011 Problem setting lineups

If you are encountering problems accessing the match order interface. Try clearing your cache, ctrl F5 will do the trick on most browsers. Try even a couple of times.

We are investigating the issue to fix it permanently but until then, this might work.

6-21-2011 Working on problems

As we are working to solve the problems that have been causing the down times on Saturdays, we need to disable My Office for a few minutes to eliminate it from the suspects list. It will be back promptly.

6-18-2011 Unplanned maintenance

We had to take the site down for unplanned maintenance after the system experiencing a lot of problems throughout the evening. We were completely down for around 30 min. Transfers between 18:00 and 20:40 unfortunately could not be extended. Transfers between 20:40 and 22:20 HT time have however been extended by 2,5 hours. There might still be some lingering problems for CHPP apps but this will sort itself out in an hour or so. Thanks for your patience.

6-18-2011 Transfers extended.

Because of today's down time, transfers between 13:10 and 14:30 HT Time have been extended by 3 hours and transfers between 14:30 and 15:05 have been extended by 2 hours.

We are still investigating the cause of these frustrating Saturdays down times. We thank you for your patience.

6-13-2011 Maintenance information

Tomorrow between 8:00 and 11:00 HT Time we are running maintenance on some of our servers. The application running the transfers will be down, so we've extended transfers between 8 and 11 tomorrow by three hours.

The site will be up and running as usual. You will still be able to place bids during that time, simply no players will have deadlines scheduled then.

Also matches on HTO will not be played for those three hours.

6-10-2011 Transfers extended.

We had a short down time this evening. We were able to stop transfers at 19:35 HT Time. Transfers between 19:35 and 19:50 were extended by 30 minutes.

We thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

6-8-2011 Release notes for June 8th 2011

Today is release Wednesday and here is what we have coming for you.

We've tweaked many of the supporter features released last week in regards to avatars and press announcements.

You will again be able to see editorials on the news page. A bug had made them disappear.

And for those who didn't have an avatar but want one, the page will now allow you access.

There were also minor tweaks and fixes.

6-7-2011 Short downtime

Around 22.30 HT-time we had a short downtime, and because of this transfers were extended by 30 minutes. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

6-7-2011 Avatar edit

For those of you who are supporter but never picked an avatar before, you are probably running into problems now trying to edit an avatar that doesn't exist.

We are preparing a fix for this, but in the mean time feel free to use this link (/Club/Manager/avatar.aspx) to create your avatar and then edit it to your heart's content!

6-4-2011 Transfers extended

Because of slowness on the sites this evening, the transfers between 18:50 and 20:00 HT Time have been extended by 90 minutes.

We again want to thank you for your patience.

6-1-2011 Release notes for June 1st 2011

As part of release Wednesday you will notice that your Secretary's eyes and mouth might have changed. This is, in fact, to reflect his correct mood.

The Hattrick Open background has also been removed.

There are other tweaks and fixes released, but nothing really worth mentioning for now.

5-26-2011 Release notes for May 26th 2011

Today is release Thursday and here are some of the things we have coming for you:

- We launch a new transfers page, it is more complete and has all the correct information. You will find it where the old one used to be.

- You will no longer get ticker notification from ignored users on the forums.

- A message will now be displayed to inform you that the transfer engine might have been stopped if transfers are delayed for more than 5 minutes. That message will be visible on the transfer page, and on the players who's transfer should have ended more than 5 minutes ago.

- The Hattrick United widget on your team page is now active for supporters.

There were also other minor tweaks and fixes.

5-24-2011 Extended transfers once again.

Because of an attack around 11:37 HT Time, transfers between 11:37 and 12:30 approximately have been extended by one hour.

We thank you for your understanding as we find ways to prevent these attacks from spoiling your and our fun everyday.

5-23-2011 Transfers extended

As we suffered another DDoS attack we have extended transfers between 11:30 and 12 HT time by 60 minutes.

We are working on countering these attacks. We have been somewhat successful in that they now don't last as long as they once did. But we're still not there yet! So we urge you to plan ahead and make sure you make your lineups, so that you aren't caught off guard.

We thank you for your patience.

5-21-2011 No access for some CHPP programs

We have discovered a security problem that have forced us to close the access for those CHPP applications that still use the old security code access method. The new access method that has been available since November has been implemented by most CHPP apps works fine though. If your CHPP app cannot connect to Hattrick, you will not be able to download data from Hattrick for the time being. Once your program has an update to the new access method available, you will be able to install this and resume access.

5-21-2011 Network issues

During Saturday, we have again had network problems making it hard to reach the site. We are sorry for this but believe they have now been resolved. Transfers were extended by 90 minutes.

5-20-2011 CHPP Product connexion problems

CHPP products using the security code as a connection method are not able to connect right now. We are looking into this situation.

CHPP products using the new OAuth token system are not affected by this problem.

Update : CHPP apps using the security code should work again now.

5-18-2011 Transfers extended

Due to a new ddos attack the Hattrick site was temporarily unavailable. We stopped the transfers around 17:12 HT-time and have extended all transfers until 17:30 with half an hour.

5-18-2011 Release Notes for May 18th 2011 - Operation Bugsplat

Today is release Wednesday and after Operation Bugsplat we have a lot of fixes coming for you!

-NT games are now visible in a player's match history

-We still had a few events that would pop up in the ticker untranslated, those are now fixed.

- If a Hattrick Master's match went into extra time, the results could be seen before the end of the match on the team's page. This is no longer the case.

-It is no longer possible to see the star rating for a rookie before the end of his first match

-Likes, on your Press Announcements, by people you have blocked are now silently ignored.

-All the tabs that are available for club teams on the future match pages are now also available for National Teams.

- There has been a few Right to Left languages issues fixed.

- The National Cup winners are now showed next to the correct season.

-There were some players that had lost their bodies. Thankfully we've been able to find them!

- For youth players who've scored a hat trick and signed a contract, these events are shown as youth but also stay with the senior player when they are promoted.

- You can now comment on and like Hattrick Press articles.

-We had youth players who aged one year in one day because of how the age was displayed when being pulled. This should no longer be the case.

-Fan mood doesn't update before the end of a match any longer.

-When your Supporter package expires and you do not renew it, your friendly and cup default lineups will now only be kept for 7 days.

-As it is impossible for you to bid on players that you can not afford, we've added a 5% deduction to incoming available money to account for fees you will not receive. This doesn't impact the money you receive, just the money the system thinks you have available.

- Substitution behaviours when the individual order remains the same are now shown explicitly

-Teams who had subscribed to the friendly pool but were still in their National Cups will no longer be shown in the friendly pool. Their subscription will remain active and once eliminated from the Cup they will be entered in the pool again.

-Players who were being brought into a game as a keeper as a default will now be marked as keeper for those minutes played for training purposes.

-Player bookmarks are now sorted by Extra Information when that option is selected.

There were also other minor tweaks and fixes.


5-17-2011 New youth engine out and running

We have a new version of the youth engine now, for a final test. This engine includes a few fixes and minor improvements:

- Non-tactical longshots now work as they should. The bug which stopped any non-tactical long shots from happening is sorted out.

- When your captain leaves the pitch (either because of injury or a substitution), the captain's armband will be handed to the player most suitable to be a captain still on the pitch.

- If a player is given a new behaviour order which is illegal for the position he's currently playing in, that order will be cancelled and not go through at all.

- Bug fix for youth players' experience, youth players can now be pulled with wretched experience again.

This engine also supports player swaps. That functionality will however be tested on Stage first, to make sure it (plus the user interface) works properly.

As mentioned above we will test this engine for youth. As soon as we know it works as it should we will use it for senior teams.

5-16-2011 Transfers extended after new DDoS attack

We were again the target of a DDoS attack today, and the site was slow or unavailable for about 30 minutes. We managed to stopped the transfer engine this time, and transfer deadlines between 14.36 and 15.30 have been extended by 1 hour. If you're wondering what a DDoS attack is, you can get some basic knowledge on wikipedia: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ddos_attack).

5-15-2011 Delays and transfer extensions

Many of you may have experienced delays, site slowness and occasionally even not able to log in. Because of this we had to stop the transfers. The problems have been solved now and transfers between 21:55:55 and 00:45:00 have been extended by 3 hours.

It may take some time still before all updates have caught up.

5-14-2011 League Tables

For a few weeks now you may have noticed that your league tables disappear after your matches or are not visible for about 30 minutes there after. You might also experience delays in receiving the money from your ticket sales

We are aware of the situation, so there is no need to contact your GMs about it.

5-12-2011 Match reports in different languages

Last night the reporters for your matches decided to swap notes. Which had for effect that your match reports can be in many different languages. It might also affect past match reports. We are working on getting them back to your language settings.

You might have noticed also that some of the player names have gone missing in your match reports. We are working on getting those back as well.

Update : Your match reports should now be back to normal.

5-7-2011 Transfers extended

Because of this new down time. Transfers between 17.45 and 18.30 were extended by 45 minutes. We urge you again to make sure you have set your lineups as these down times might happen again during the weekend. We thank you for your understanding.

5-7-2011 Downtime because of DDoS attacks

Hattrick was down for about an hour because we were the target of a massive DDoS attack. As long as such an attack is going, there is very little we can do about it.

As Hattrick was unreachable, we couldn't stop or extend transfers this time.

About two weeks ago we were also down because of DDoS attacks, which lasted for a few hours. However that time we chose not to make that information public.

So a good piece of advice now is to make sure to set your orders for your match, because there is naturally a risk that this can happen again during the weekend.

5-5-2011 Database issue resolved and transfers extension.

We have solved the database issues and we now need to give our servers time to catch up. So it might take some time still before all updates are completed.

Transfers from 17:30 to 19:40 have been extended by 2h30.
Transfers that originally ended before 17.30 have had their deadline extended with another hour.

5-5-2011 Server problems and delays

Currently we are still having server problems and because of it we experience delays with the updates. It is possible we may have to close the site again in order to let our servers catch up. For the same reason we have stopped the transfers. Transfers will be extended when we feel it is okay to start them again.

5-5-2011 Transfers extended

Because of a problem with the database, we had to take the site offline for about 45 minutes . Back online we had to keep the transfer engine stopped for another hour.

We still experience some problems in the backend, but we don't see a need to keep transfer stopped anymore. Transfers deadlines between 13.30 and 15.30 have been extended by 2 hours.

5-5-2011 Release notes for May 5th 2011

Today is release Thursday and we have a few fixes coming your way!

- You can now disable the Hattrick Open background via the preferences, under site preferences. Please note that if you have used an Adblocker to remove it, you will need to first disable that to be able to remove it.

- We've removed the forum sneak peak from the World page.

-Youth player memorable moments now show scored hattricks.

- And we have kept the best for last! The mail counter bug that has been with us since the creation of NewD is no more. You will now have a notification on page reload of any new incoming mail. The cache is renewed every minute. So keep that in mind.

There were also, as always, a few other minor tweaks and fixes.


4-27-2011 Late youth matches

We are aware matches in the youth academy have delays and we are investigating the causes.

4-15-2011 Server woes and transfer extensions

Since our servers acted up again and the site was unavailable for a bit, we've extended the transfers during the down time by 30 minutes.

With all the problems we've been having today, it would be wise to make sure you have default lineups saved for your up coming match this weekend.

4-15-2011 Connection problems

We are experiencing internet connection problems today. We don't know yet what is causing these problems, more than it is out of our control. At times it seems our servers lose connection to the internet.

We are naturally investigating with our partners for the reason of these problems.

4-7-2011 Cutting pattern is here to stay!

We've decided to keep the cutting pattern in the arena. Only for fun, as these patterns will of course have no impact on the game itself, but we can now relax with a little gardening between matches!

We've also released a few other tweaks and fixes today, but nothing worth mentioning.

Update : It seems some of you have trouble finding where to look for the new patterns, once changed on the arena page, you will be able to see it on your match order page for matches played at your stadium.

4-1-2011 Late NT and U20 matches

U20 and National Team matches are late. We are working on it.

Update : matches have now started.

3-31-2011 Salary bug fixed

There was a bug in the salary discount for older players; older players didn't get the correct salary after the change at the start of this season. This bug is now fixed and the salaries for all older players are now correct.

3-31-2011 Release notes for March 31st 2011

Today is release Thursday and, again, we have a much awaited fix being released.

The match order interface is now usable on mobile phones.

There were also a few other minor tweaks and fixes.


3-29-2011 Transfer engine stopped again

We are still having problems with the transfer engine. So it is stopped again. Transfers will be extended once we are able to bring it back up. We know this is very frustrating and we are working as hard and fast as we can to fix the problems. We appreciate your patience.

Update : Transfers haven't been extended as the site was up and you were still able to place bids on players. So everything will be processed once the engine catches up.

Update 21:30: The transfer engine has now catched up and the servers behaves as they should.

3-29-2011 The server problems after today's downtime

We have experienced server problems all day long after the downtime, it's been close to impossible to login through the normal front page. Because of this the transfer engine has been stopped and all transfer deadlines have been extended regularly.

We have now found a temporary solution for the server problem and it's possible to login through our front page again. And as the site now works ok (it might be slower than usual though), we have started the transfer engine again.

Even though the site now works ok, we'll keep the 'server ball' above deflated until we've managed to resolve the server problem for real.

3-29-2011 Today's downtime

The planned downtime for server maintenance today took a while longer than expected, and as if that wasn't enough we ran into a server related problem which caused us to be offline for another hour. Sorry about that. We were finally back up around 12:30.

All transfers during today's downtime have been extended.

3-24-2011 Release notes for March 24th 2011

Today we have one, much awaited, feature being released.

For those with a Youth Academy, the sorting of Senior players and Youth Players are now separate.


3-23-2011 Two updates in the manual

These updates have been made in the manual (please note that it might take some time before they're translated and available in your language version):

Youth chapter, regarding youth systems:
Your weekly youth accademy costs also counts for your scouting network level (even if it's inactive). This make moving from a youth academy to a scouting network a lot swifter, as you don't have to build the scouting network up from scratch.

Training chapter, a clarification about stamina training and transfered players:
A player only recieves stamina training for the minutes he's played for your team during the week. 90 minutes give full effect, less than 90 minutes give 75% plus a share for each minute played. Players who have not played for your team during the week (which includes transfered players who've only played for their previous team) and who are healthly enough to train recieve half the effect.

3-21-2011 Player History

It seems that since the maintenance down time this morning, the player match history has disappeared. We are aware of the problem and are investigating.

Update 14:00: This problem is now fixed.

3-13-2011 Delays for qualification matches

We are experiencing delays in qualification matches. We are working on the issue.

Update : This problem was only affecting Netherlands, and is now fixed.

3-10-2011 Release notes for March 10th 2011

Today is release Thursday and here are some of the things we have coming for you :

- Some more Right To Left language bugs have been fixed.

- We've taken Financial income off the Economy reports of seasons since it has been removed. It is still visible on prior seasons.

-Top scorers are now visible on your league event page.

-The challenges "accept" and "reject" buttons now have a tip when you hover over them, to help clear up the confusion.

-On the latest matches on a player's page, you can now see if he's played on different positions.

Again this week, we've been hard at work on the new Dashboard. And there are, as usual, other minor tweaks and fixes.

3-7-2011 Alltid taken off line for some TLC (tender loving care)

As of this morning 8.00 HT time and for one week, Alltid is taken offline so we can try to solve some of the corrupted data issues by rebuilding the database.

We are hopeful that this will solve some of the issues that have been plaguing Alltid for most of this season.

Update : We have been able to run the maintenance in the background, and things are running smoothly. But be prepared for an extended down time on Friday.

3-3-2011 Release notes for March 3rd 2011

Today is release Thursday and here are some of the things we have coming for you :

-We have fixed some more Right to Left language issues.

-NT and U20 coaches are now able to view player orders in lineups for the national team they manage.

-We've added player nicknames to the lineup interface when they are used to distinguish the players.

-Youth team links are now available when not logged in.

-The bug that would sometimes give you an unhandled error when joining a federation and accessing the forums has been fixed.

-The ellipses in the Press Announcement league overview is now only used when needed.

There are, as always, few other minor tweaks and fixes. And we have been hard at work on the development of the, soon to come, new dashboard, which you can read more about on the Hattrick Dev Blog.

2-24-2011 Release notes for February 24 2011

Today is release Thursday and here is a sample of the fixes we have coming for you:

-We've remodeled the shop. It now looks better and more shopper friendly than before!

-We've tackled a lot of Right To Left language bugs.

-A few tweaks were made to the Press Announcement comments.

-We've corrected the flipping in IE that didn't work correctly before, we've also corrected the flipping of the minifield for all browsers.

And a few other minor tweaks and fixes.

2-17-2011 Release notes for February 17 2011

We have two really productive weeks behind us. As you can see on My Hattrick we've completed another upgrade for Hattrick Supporter, but apart from that we have also added some new features and made a bunch of other things. Here are the most important:

- You can now flip the matchorder form if you want. You can also flip it permanently in your preferences.

- A tiny, but important, fix in chapter 5 (match basics) in the manual. In the table "A normal case" for Defence left/right wing: Defending right/left winger is now placed before Defending goalkeeper, as it should be. Also, for Defence middle: Defending inner midfielder is now placed before Defending goalkeeper, as it should be.

- Press announcements are moved from the series feed to their own place on the series page.

- For Football teams (/Community/IRLTeams/) we've added a list of all fans (and info about their last and upcoming matches etc) for each team. Click on the number of fans to see the list.

- Fix for the series page, live text over the table was too long in some languages.

- Fixed an issue for match statements for right to left languages.

2-16-2011 Downtime Wednesday night

Our database decided it needed a breather this evening, and the site was down for about one hour. Things seems to be working fine now, but we have some delays on matches. Also, all transfers with a deadline during the downtime has had their deadline extended by two hours. We are sorry for this disruption in the service.

Update: 01.00
All friendlies have now been played.

2-12-2011 Downtime

It has not been possible to log on to the Hattrick servers between approximately 00:40 and 01:40 HT-time last night due to failures on our servers. Unfortunately we have not been able to bring the transfers to an immediate stop before 01:02. Transfers with a deadline after that time have been extended by 90 minutes.

2-8-2011 Match engine maintenance

We are going to make a short maintenance of the Match engine between 18:35 -18:45 HT Time

2-1-2011 Problems with Cup matches and friendlies

Right now we are having problems with matches not being displayed in Germany. We are investigating the issue.

Update 18.45: We have located the problem and all matches that have a start time of 18.30 HT time or later are being played now. We are still working on fixing the matches that were supposed to start earlier.

Update 19.05: Unfortunately this problem has also affected the Cup matches in Italy with a start time of 19.00 HT time. Other matches in Italy are not affected.

Update 19.35: The problems have been solved and all missing matches are being played now.

1-24-2011 Continued delays for youth leagues

Unfortunately matches being played in our youth system still suffer from delays. Right now we are troubleshooting the problem and hope to have the problems solved shortly.

Update 12.25: We have now managed to fix the problem. However there may be delays for the rest of the day since the youth engine has to catch up.

1-23-2011 Youth league delays

Some youth leagues that play games today are delayed. We have fixed the background cause and are now waiting for games to catch up. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

1-10-2011 Release notes for January 10 2011

The first release of 2011 contains a little bit of everything:

- Added ratings and number of users to CHPP products listings. You can now rate CHPP products and also see how many users that are using a certain product.

- Formation experience on training page: Your last choice of text/bars is now remembered and used the next time you visit the page.

- Youth skill bars (for Chrome users) have had some fixes for left to right languages. You may need to refresh your cache to get the fixes.

- Teamphoto for national teams added (link on players page).

- We increased the maximum number of forum subscriptions you can have to 75.

This release also includes some changes in the invite functionality as well as a bunch of other small stuff behind the scenes.

1-6-2011 Youth Academy problems

Because of a database issue, a small number of users who's matches were yesterday afternoon seem to be stuck in youth leagues that should have ended. We also have those same matches that don't appear on the league page, and the coaches from those teams might not have sent a training report. We are aware of the situation and are investigating.

Update : The problems were fixed.

12-26-2010 Youth matches not visible

Currently we are experiencing problems with youth matches not being visible. We are investigating and hope to be able to fix the problem soon. It is no longer necessary to contact your Gamemasters about it.

Update: the problem has been fixed now, but since the game engine has to catch up there will be delays for the rest of the day.

12-25-2010 Troubles with forum and more

One of our database servers has been causing us problems today, making the forums inaccessible. We are working on bringing it up. We also had to take the site down for a short while tonight because of this. Transfers that were supposed to take place a that time have been extended.

We have been forced to take the site down again around 21.30 HT-Time. Transfers are stopped and will be extended.

Update at 22:00
The site is up again, transfers have been extended and the forums are working again. The Alltid Hattrick statistics site will still have some problems until at least tomorrow.

12-21-2010 Release notes for December 21st 2010

Here is a sample of some of the things being released today :

- It should now be possible to add an extra fed slot as announced a season ago.

- We have now deferred the loading of the team photo to when the link is clicked. This should have the effect of speeding up the load time on the players' page in standard theme.

- Fixed an issue in the new posts tab where threads accidentally showed as read even if they weren't.

And a few other minor tweaks and fixes.

12-16-2010 Release notes for December 16 2010

In today's release we have lots of small tweaks and fixes coming your way. Here's a sample of what you'll be able to find.

- You are now able to report posts on the forums. This feature is to help moderators, we encourage you to use when needed, but do not abuse it!

- We've added forum sneak-peaks on the related pages. For example if you go to the World page, you will see a sneak peak of Global English.

- We've brought back the recommended forums. It now works a bit differently in that it suggests the most subscribed forums by users in your league.

- Some minor tweaks and fixes to the forum layout that you might not even notice.

- The progress bars in simple skin now shows divine as divine and no longer as utopian.

12-10-2010 Short downtime

We had a short 5 minute downtime this morning at around 08:35 (HT-time). The transfer was stopped and deadlines extended 30 minutes.

12-6-2010 Interest rates gone crazy

Some of you might have noticed that the interest rates calculated this weekend were not done on the right amounts. This has now been rectified for the concerned users.

12-6-2010 Release notes for December 6th 2010

-We've changed how the html works and you might need to update your CHPP tools and clear your cache (ctrl F5 works on most browsers) to get it to look right again.

-We've also removed a box from the log in page, that made IE and Safari not want to save passwords.

-Some of you may have already noticed but youth player IDs are now linked to senior player IDs.

12-4-2010 Accountants a bit too eager!

We have had a problem with Bankruptcy Warnings during this economic update. What this means is that some teams have received a warning that they shouldn't be getting and some may not have received a warning that they should have. The warnings will be corrected today. A small number of teams have been put into Bankruptcy because of this, when they shouldn't have.

We are working on resolving the effects for these teams now. We wont reopen them until we are done, to prevent actions to be taken by users that could jeopardize this operation.

The bug itself has been fixed and won't affect tonight's updates.

12-2-2010 Transfer deadlines extended

We had a little down time. Transfers between approximately 9:30 and 10:30 HT Time have been extended by 1 hour.

11-30-2010 Shop issues

We are aware that some orders placed up to 10 days ago have not been processed yet. This is due to a problem in the communication with our payment partner. The problem is now fixed and the payment information is being processed, so please wait a little longer before contacting customer services about this.

Update : Users who got a message saying that their order was canceled, but still have status "paid" on their orders, do not need to contact Customer Service, your order will be fulfilled soon. But if you have had your order status withdrawn, and you know you have paid for it, please contact Customer Service so we are aware of your situation and can remedy to it.

11-29-2010 Transfer woes

It seems that some transfers have happened twice, where some teams either paid twice or received twice the money for the sales. We are aware of the situation and are investigating what is causing this.

Also be aware that if you've received the money twice, the situation might be rectified and the extra money taken away. So only spend what is rightfully yours. As for teams who have been debited twice, we will also try to rectify that situation.

We will update you with more information on details and fixes when they are available.

11-22-2010 National Team matches delayed

Unfortunately we are unable to make contact with our commentators in the stadiums. We are working hard to restore contact with them as soon as possible.

Update: We have succeeded in restoring the connection

11-18-2010 A short stop

We just experiended a short "hiccup" on the site, and the site was unavailable for about 10 minutes. Transfers between 16:32 and 16:50 were extended by 20 minutes because of this.

11-11-2010 Downtime and extended transfers

Because of a problem with our main database server, Hattrick was down for around 45 minutes just after noon today. Because of this, transfer deadlines between 12:07 and 13:00 HT-time were extended by 90 minutes.

11-4-2010 Problems with CHPP products connecting to Hattrick

We are currently investigating the reports that some CHPP products aren't able to access data on Hattrick. We will keep you informed, once we've found the source of the problem.

Update : A patch has been released that should fix the issue.

10-31-2010 Transfer deadlines extended

Because of tonight's down time, transfer deadlines ending after 23.45 were extended to start ending approximately one hour from now.

10-30-2010 Bidding issues

Some currencies have problems allowing bids on the transfer market. We are working on a patch right now.

Update : The patch has now been released. Bidding should work again.

10-29-2010 Release notes for October 29th 2010

Couple of things note worthy for you on this Friday morning :

-We have now put in a better safety net to help prevent users from adding a 0 too many while making a bid on the transfer market.

-Some minor fixes on the match order form for RTL languages.

10-28-2010 Parallell youth investments removed

Until today, a small percentage of Hattrick teams have been paying for, and maintaining the levels of, both youth systems - despite only actively using their Academies. This was due to them not actively closing the old system when the grace period ended. We have now manually removed this extra investment. The only visible change for these teams will be less expenses every week.

10-27-2010 Release notes for October 27th 2010

Today on release Wednesday we release one fix :

Email reminders for Supporters are BACK!

10-16-2010 Really short downtime

Because the team updates in China didn't go through as they should, we had to take down the site for a short while (some 15 minutes or so) around 00.30 HT-time. This in order to fix the underlying problem with the one team that was failing and then to update a database table. After that, the Chinese updates went through as they should.

Transfers between 00.28 and 00.59 was postponed by 30 minutes because of this.

10-14-2010 Release notes October 14

Some minor fixes and additions have been released today:

- We have fixed a few issues for rtl (right to left) languages in the matchorder form
- We have added a link to the match order from the match page for youth teams
- We have added a missing youth event for CHPP programs
- Added possibility to search for youth matches on Search page
- Fixed bug with missing date when only one entry in guestbook
- Fixed bug where forums would be unsubscribed at random
- We added another color theme to the economic charts - Excelsior - based on the default color theme of Excel 2007

10-10-2010 Short downtime

We apologize for the 20 minute downtime on Sunday evening. This was due to a web server problem. Servers have now been rebooted and are working fine again. Transfers affected were extended by 60 minutes.

10-4-2010 Match kits and logos not visible

Currently logos and match kits which are stored on our servers are not visible. We are looking into the problem and hope to be able to solve the problem shortly. It is no longer necessary to report this problem to your GMs.

Update: The problem has been fixed now.

9-24-2010 Extended transfers, yet another time

And again we experienced another hiccup, and the site was unavailable for a few minutes. Transfers between 14.52 and 15.22 have been extended by 30 minutes because of this.

9-22-2010 Extended transfers again

We experienced another hiccup, and the site was unavailable for a few minutes. Transfers between 19.12 and 19.22 were extended by 20 minutes becausee of this.

And around 21:20 we experienced another hiccup. Transfers between 21.21 and 21.41 were extended by 20 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, we are working hard to find the root of this problem. We've taken a few actions so far, but unfortunately none of them have helped restoring normal operation.

9-22-2010 Transfer Feature on Mobile Site Disabled

Because of some problems with the transfer and bidding features on the Mobile site (http://m.hattrick.org), we've opted to disable them temporarily to avoid anymore wrong bids being placed.

We will work on fixing it and will inform you once it's relaunched again. For now, you can still follow matches on the Mobile site.

9-21-2010 Extended Transfers

Tonight around 21:50 or so we had another hiccup in service. Transfers between 21:52 and 22:10 were extended by 30 minutes.

We are working hard with our provider to investigate the leak that is causing these problems.

9-20-2010 Problem In The Match Order Interface

As some of you may have noticed, the little box that pops up when hovering over a player's name, in the match order form, doesn't show all the information.

We are aware of the problem, so there is no need to report it further to your local GMs. We are working on a fix.

9-15-2010 Transfers extended 15 minutes

We just experienced a little hiccup, and the site was unavailable for a few minutes. We managed to stop the transfer engine at around 16.20, and transfers between 16.20 and 16.34 was extended by 15 minutes because of this hiccup. The transfer engine is running again.

This hiccup is caused by a memory leak. The good news is however that we managed to get a memory dump this time, and we now can analyze it and hopefully find the leak.

9-11-2010 Another downtime

As if we haven't had enough problems lately, we experienced another downtime today. From around 11 to 13.40. The reason for this downtime was a totally different thing than the recent problems, it was due to problems with our firewall.

Transfer deadlines between 11.20 and 14.20 have been extended by 3 hours.

9-9-2010 Youth Academies Planned Down Time

The down time in Youth Academy that was planned to complete the disk check on our new database is no longer needed. The parity check is done and all is running smoothly over there.

9-8-2010 Release Notes For September 8th 2010

Today is Release Wednesday and here is what we have coming for you.

-Non supporters who played 2 matches this week in the Youth Academy, had a forgetful coach who had lost his notes. He's found them again, and you should be able to see training reports as intended.

-We've added a scroll bar to your old matches listings on the match order interface.

We've also fixed some things in the back that will allow us more flexibility with the match order interface. Of course, we have the usual minor tweaks and fixes.

8-27-2010 Youth Academy

The Youth Academy is up and running. You may now set lineups call scouts etc.

Keep in mind that since everyone will be calling their scouts in a hurry, that pools will empty quite fast, so you might want to wait a few days if you can.

8-26-2010 Release Notes For August 26th 2010

Today is release Thursday and here are some of the fixes we have coming for you :

-Because of the down time in the Academy, we've enabled for non supporters, the ability to check training for the past 2 weeks. This will be removed in 8 days, to give everyone the chance to take notes of what your coaches are reporting. You will be able to see those reports when the Academy is reopened.

-We've fixed the date to reflect when you will be able to fire staff again; before it showed the date of hire.

-The History page has been updated with seasons 40 through 42.

Some more minor tweaks and fixes behind that scenes.

8-26-2010 Impossible To Fire Staff / Part 2

It seems that some users were unable to fire staff again. We've now rewritten the code, and you should be able to fire any staffer you need to, barring that it's been at least 7 days since the last hire of that type of staff.

8-26-2010 Youth Academy Down Time Update

We are having to keep the academy down, still, the new estimate is tomorrow mid day.

The estimate of today noon was made when we still thought that performance on the new disk system, that is going through a disk check, would have been enough once the youth match engine had caught up to its schedule. But the tests we made yesterday afternoon and this morning showed that that was not the case. We now have to wait for the disk check to complete.

During this down time, matches booked are played and training is occurring.

We again apologize for all inconveniences this may cause you.

8-25-2010 Youth Academies Down Time

The Youth Academies will remain closed for longer than originally planned. Right now we dont have an estimate to give you. We are monitoring performances of the Youth Engine catching up. And as soon as we know more we will of course let you know.

Update : Right now, it's looking like we might not be able to bring back the YA up today. Estimation is Noon tomorrow. The process is taking a long time. Alot longer than expected. We're monitoring it, to see if it can't/ won't speed up. We'll keep you informed on developments.

8-24-2010 Downtime: Why we can't postpone matches

Some users are asking us why we don't postpone matches in situations like this. Postponing matches is tempting, it would be relief for many users and ourselves as well in situations like this. But the system isn't really designed for it. And doing it - without ever testing it - would be to open Pandora's box for real, and it could lead to a lot of problems (matches not starting, failed updates etc) for many months to come. It's just not worth it.

Bear in mind that during the past season we had problems with the German national cup and also World Cup matches being out of schedule, which caused a lot of frustration among users. We don't like today's situation either, but we simply don't want to risk making it any worse.

This is why we always recommend you to set a default order, for reasons of precaution.

8-24-2010 Down Time : What Does This Mean For My Team?

Anything you have done on the site during that time (aprox 15:00 and 15:30 on Monday) doesn't exist for Hattrick anymore. Lineups made don't exist, friendlies weren't booked, youth pulls have disappeared, transfers didn't happen, forum posts read or written aren't, staff and players fired are still with your team, staff hired never showed up, etc.

There is one exception to all this, HT-mails. The HT-mail back up goes back to around 5:00 HT time yesterday morning. So all correspondence sent after that has vanished.


All transfers taking place between 15:00 yesterday and 15:00 today were extended by 24 hours, but we've added an extension on top of that, so that no transfers should end before 20:00 HT time.

Youth Team

Youth teams are still down to allow the youth engine to catch up. They should be back shortly.

We've had to close down a handful of Youth Academies that were stuck in activation during the crash, for those users, you will have to start a new YA.

Promoted Youth that happened during that time is showing in both senior and academy, this will get sorted.

Training in the Youth Academy did however take place as it was supposed to.

It should be noted that the Forum server is slow. We are aware of the situation.

Supporter will be extended as usual for this unplanned down time, during the uptime review the first day of next month.

8-23-2010 Impossible To Fire Staff

Some of you may have noticed that you aren't able to fire staffers, despite them having been on your team for over 7 days. We are working on solving this issue.

Update : It has now been fixed. You may fire staff now.

8-19-2010 Email Reminders Not Working

We've been notified that the email reminders aren't working as they should. We are working on a solution right now and we'll let you know when it's fixed. Other reminders work fine.

8-12-2010 New Groups For Round 2 of the WC

The groups for round 2 of the WC have been redrawn, now that all correct teams are known. And the new matches populated.

8-11-2010 Release notes for August 11th 2010

This is Release Wednesday and here is what we have coming for you:

- There was a problem with friendly pool subscription, where it would boot you out once you've booked your first friendly. This has been fixed. Please make sure that you are still in the pool if you were counting on the tool to book it for you.

- There was an issue with some German users not being able to see their matches because it showed as to be played on the 24th of August. This was a cache problem on our side, and it is sorted now.

- Sorting youth matches on HT-Live works as it should again.

8-9-2010 Up again - what happened during downtime

We're now up again after the scheduled maintenance. The game engine however still has some catching up to after the downtime.

During this downtime we have apart from the seasonal database cleanup and the release of the seasonal changes also released:

- Your staff page is now up do date with the staff changes. Accountants are removed (free of charge) and club boards around the Hattrick world have fired staff members to meet the new limits. If your board have fired any staff member for you, you'll find the cost for it among your temporary costs.

- We have changed the rounding of how fans join (and leave), as the old rounding could lead to some weird situations over time. We don't think you'll ever notice any difference, but you should at least know it will work a lot better now.

- The manual has also been updated.

- New fixtures are being used this season. A MyHT telling you more about it will be published on Thursday.

8-8-2010 Transfer problems fixed

The transfer is now running as it should again. Transfers with deadline between 11.15 and 13.40 Ht-time have had their deadlines extended by 4 hours.

8-8-2010 Problems with transfer and more

Due to a database problem you may have experiences problems with the transfer (now stopped) and that mother club money, previous club money have not been delivered (yet).

Also you may have experienced messages about challenges and other things not being delivered.

We're working on the problem

Update : There is also a problem with the Economy data for last week showing just zeros. This is a different problem, and this one is presentational. It should be fixed by Wednesday's release.

8-5-2010 Problems booking friendly matches

It seems that teams who had booked a friendly match with cup participants and had their match deleted are not able to rebook a new one.

We are working on a fix right now.

Update : The fix is now live and everyone, who isn't in their national cup, should now be able to book friendly matches.

8-5-2010 Release Thursday

It's been a few weeks, I'm sure you've missed them...
This is release Thursday and here is what is coming for you.

-New users who could not enter their finance page, are now able to.

-Also you should all be able to see your correct currency on the y axis label.

8-4-2010 Problems entering finances page for some users

Some users report they can't enter the finances page, and if you experience the same you don't need to report it. We will have a look at this as soon as the problem with the cup is solved.

Update:This is fixed, but a code release is needed to make the fix live for all users.

8-4-2010 Cup & Friendlies Rescheduled

Update 23.30: We can now close this subject.
New cup matches have been created in all affected leagues, and the cup matches that have been created the "normal way" during the afternoon/evening are correct.

All friendly matches involving a team playing the cup have been deleted, which means some teams not playing in the cup need to find a new friendly. It's now totally safe to submit orders for your upcoming friendly/cup match.

A problem with the cup ranking formula this week has caused incomplete and incorrect Cup games to be created for next week. These games have now been erased.

We are still working on validating the correct rating, and only when this have been done will a new cup draw be created. Please be aware that this affects all teams, as we will also need to remove many friendly games that have already been booked, as teams with friendlies may be heading for the cup instead.

Do not book new friendlies, and if you have, please wait for further information as to what will happen with your scheduled game and any match orders already submitted. We are working hard on getting the schedule right but do not expect to get a final green light on next weeks games until tomorrow.

Update 16.50: We're hopefully starting to see an end to this problem. The faulty ranking has now been dealt with, and new cup matches are currently being created.

Update 20.40: New cup matches for most leagues have now been created, and affected friendly matches have been deleted. We have some stuff left to fix though, in particular the cup matches for Germany, before we can close this subject.

7-29-2010 Problems With Youth Matches

We are experiencing problems with the youth match engine. Matches starting after 17:35 are delayed.

Edit: Matches have now started the engine will catch up.

7-24-2010 Top Scorer rewards too low? Yes, and no

We have reports that the top scorer rewards being paid out this weekend are too low: 1/10 of the correct value to be precise. However, this problem is only presentational. Please do not contact your GM about this, we will sort out this presentational error once all leagues have ticked through.

7-18-2010 A taste of what is to come

This weekend, we gave you an unplanned taste of some of the changes that are coming to the match engine next season. The updates to how we handle overconfidence and cup experience events, as well as some changes to how Special events are created, went live on Friday, a few weeks ahead of schedule. The effects have been visible in some NT games as well as in the league games this weekend. We are sorry about this, while the code has worked correctly we had no intention of releasing this before we gave you a more detailed presentation of the changes. Before the Cup games this week, these changes will be reversed. In the upcoming season break, we will make a proper release of these changes.

7-12-2010 Database Problems

As some of you may have noticed, we are experiencing problems with the forums and some delays with youth academy matches and updates. This is because our database servers are running at full capacity. We are doing some maintenance on them as I write this, to try and fix the problem. Hopefully everything will be in order soon, but be advised that the site might have to be taken down in order to ensure that they have enough capacity to get the maintenance job done and catch up with updates and matches.

Update : Things are now sorted, and the engine is catching up. Thank you for your patience.

6-23-2010 Lineup interface

For those having problems with the lineup interface where only some of your players show up on the right hand side, if any at all : using the simple lineup interface should work.

We are investigating the problem and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

update : The problem should now be resolved. Using both lineup interfaces should work.

6-23-2010 Problems with disappearing forums

Some of you may have noticed your subscribed public forums disappearing. We are aware of the issue and are investigating it.

Also, sadly your preference settings for those forums are likely lost. You should be able to add them to your list again and sort them.

This problem seems to affect a small number of users.

6-23-2010 Release Notes for June 23rd 2010

Today is release Wednesday.

Match Order Interface:

-We've added + and - buttons on the slider in the substitution tab, to allow for minute by minute setting.

-The reset button also has been changed to clear.

-For teams with players who sport the same name, the initial was added.


-On the finance page, we've eliminated a source of confusion by removing the week number. Now it states only "Last Week" and "This Week".

There were other changes made on the back end that you'll feel but not see, such as implementing version numbers for certain things which will help when you had to clear your cache at times for things to function properly.

It should also be noted that the 15 minute cut off for providing match orders doesn't always work properly. We are aware of the problem and are investigating it.

6-19-2010 New Finances page showing you strange numbers?

There is a problem with the new Finances page showing the wrong numbers (for the previous week). This happens during the weekend to many but not all users. It depends on the difference between when your league has its weekly economy update in comparisson to when the Hattrick Week is officialy incremented to a new week.

We're currently working on a fix for this.

Update: A fix has been released which should now mean that the previous week in the current finances view is displayed with the correct numbers. We will continue to work on this issue and check the other views as well. It may take a few days until all things are settled but most important is that you now can see your current financial status correctly.

6-16-2010 Release Notes for June 16th 2010

Today is release Wednesday and here is what is coming your way :

-There was a bug that protected forwards from getting carded in matches. That has been fixed, they are no longer immuned of naughty behaviour.

-Today we release the new and improved finance page. It should be known that it only shows financial data dating back to week 8 of last season and for fans and sponsors moods dating back to week 13 of last season. That is when we started collecting these informations.

There were a few other tweaks and fixes, but mostly on the back end of things.

6-14-2010 Paypal problems

When creating an order in the shop you are usually able to pay by using Paypal. Due to a software problem we are having problems with Paypal at the moment. We hope this problem will be fixed during the week.

Update: The problem should be fixed now. If you run into problems using Paypal please contact our Customer Services department from the Contact page.

6-9-2010 Release Notes for June 9th 2010

Today is release Wednesday and here are a few fixes coming your way:

Match order interface :

-Some presentational bugs were fix in the normal form.

-On the simple form, in the sub orders, the in and out boxes were wrong for right to left languages. This has been fixed.

-On the simple form, there was a problem with the form interpreting the wrong player as Keeper when trying to change orders. This has now been fixed.

-Now when you place a match order for your youth team, the checkmark should appear both on your match page and the league page. In the past, for away teams, it didn't work.

Match Engine:

-The format of the minutes in the countdown was fixed.

-For NT and U20 players, you could see in their stats on the National Team's page what was going to happen in the match they were currently playing. These will now be hidden until the match is over.

-On the transfer market, in some cases the minimum bids prompted were too low. This is now solved.

-From now on, when scouting a player in the academy, if your scout gives you a specialty, it will be indicated on your player's page.

-The insurance premium for injured NT and U20 players will be paid at 21.45 as it should be.


-5 latest logins accessed through the left side menu is now fixed.

-When challenging teams for friendly matches, your session will remember venue (home or away) and match type (normal or cup rules)

And a slew of other minor tweaks and fixes.

6-2-2010 Release Notes June 2nd 2010

Today is release Wednesday and here are a few fixes coming your way:

In the Youth Academy :

-You might have noticed that you now get messages that secondary training has topped for one of your players. That didn't use to happen, it is now fixed.


-In certain circumstances, sending an HT-mail or challenge from the manager's page would, instead, send it to you. This is resolved.

-Editors can now edit articles directly.

-You can now sort by leadership and experience on your players' page.

-There were problems with the latest 5 loggins visible on manager's page. It's now fixed.

On the match order interface :

-Attitude and tactics now also get reset when pressing the reset button.

-You can now sort by category, age, TSI, leadership, first name and last name.

-Category, age and TSI were added to the player card.

-The order of the subs has been switched and now go from top to bottom as opposed to bottom to top previously. In order to help with usability, sub orders have also been numbered now.

-Added the 15 minutes warning to Youth matches and NT matches.

-For non supporters, the default sorting is now last name.

Match reports:

-The presentational bug in regards to formation after a sub was executed is now fixed.

-The problem, after an order, of players playing from normal to normal instead of, for example, towards wing to defensive, has been fixed.

-A few changes to the right hand side of the match report. Added information.

Some other minor fixes and tweaks were also made.

6-1-2010 Scouting network instead of youth squad

We're changing the name of the old youth system (youth squad) to Scouting network. This because the old name could lead to confusion and mix-ups with the youth teams (youth academies).

Please note that this name change will only be made in languages with confusing names (English for example). Many languages already have clear names which aren't too similar, and these languages will naturally keep their current names.

Please also note that even if we have now changed our 'master language version', it may still take a few days before your local language administrator (including English LAs) have had the opportunity to amend the changes.

5-26-2010 Release Notes

Today is release Wednesday and here are a few fixes coming your way :

Engine fixes:

- Some of you may have noticed, when you had conditional substitutions in a game, it would scramble the order in which your players were listed at the start of the game, giving away possible outcomes to the game. This has been fixed and will no longer happen.

- Your coach will help your team regain organization before extra time if you've suffered confusion.


- You can now send messages and challenges directly from the manager's page, not only from the team's page.

- Experience and leadership are now visible on the players' page.

- Best Players are now visible on the head to head supporter stats page. Since the new engine they weren't.

- For supporters, you can now erase the comments made by your players, by editing to an empty one.

- It was sometimes possible to transfer list a player without him having played a single game, or the right amount of games for your team. This is not possible anymore.

Match Order Interface:

- There is now a check in place that will make sure your captain and setpiece taker are in your starting lineup.

- When editing a lineup, some users were experiencing a hanging rotating star when trying to save. The work around was to delete your subs and start over. This is now fixed.

- Since the new engine, sub orders, attitude and tactics given in a default lineup were not carried out. This has now been fixed.

- There were situations when 16 minutes or so before a game, the engine would reject the orders. This is now back to 15 minutes as it should be.

As the devs were having a sort of bug boot camp, there are other minor fixes and tweaks that were also done.

5-19-2010 Release Notes

Today is release Wednesday and we have a few fixes for you.

As you can see, system infos are now visible on the MyHT page for 7 days. Make sure you check back here, as sometimes there might be important information for you.

In the Match Engine :

When a set piece taker is injured or red carded, the first player available on the penalty takers' list will be replacing him. (It was meant to be that way from the beginning, but it never worked according to plan, now it does)

In the order form :

We've also added an abbreviation to the in coming sub, on the subs/orders tab, that is linked to the position given in the minifield, in advanced conditions.

5-12-2010 Left Forward Training Bug

There has been a bug where forwards played in the left slot didn't receive scoring training. This bug has been in effect since the first match with the new engine. It is now fixed and so training this week is not affected. Form and Stamina were not affected by this bug. Neither was the Youth Academy.

We're sorry to say that there will be no compensation, as that is impossible to do in a fair way for everyone involved.

5-11-2010 Release Notes

This week the release is one day early.

In the match order form :

-There are now abbreviations in the boxes on the field.

-We've added occupied highlights on the minifield in the substitution tab.

In the simple form :

-The substitutions have been completely revamped.

-We've added the shirt numbers for supporters.

5-5-2010 Release Notes

Today is release Wednesday and we've got a few fixes for you.

Fixes for the simple form :

-You can now load lineups from previous matches

-You can now save lineups with names

-You can now sort players

Fixes for the normal form :

-Importing previous matches lineups should now work

-Default sorting is now numbers for supporters

-You should also be able to delete formerly saved lineups

-The names of boxes on the bench have now been moved below so that you can see what each box is even when there is a player there.

Fix for the Shop:

-The shipping cost is now only added at the end when you check out.

4-29-2010 Server problems the sequel

As soon as the earlier sysinfo went live, the servers went down again. Transfers were stopped at 21.05 and restarted at around 22.00. The affected transfers were extended by 60 minutes this time.

4-29-2010 Server problems

As some of you may have noticed, we've experienced server problems this evening. The transfer engine was stopped at 19.35 and restarted at approximately 21.00. The transfers were extended by 90 minutes.

4-28-2010 Release Notes

Today is release Wednesday and here is what we have coming for you :

In the Order form :

- We've changed the way of saving default lineups. We are back to the good old trusted check mark. More about this in the MyHT

-You now have new sorting attributes, and more are coming.

-We've fixed some compatibility issues with earlier versions of Firefox, that lead to a hanging rotating star.

-You will now have access to your past 4 away lineups and 4 home lineups under the Matches tab on the Lineups button.

In the simple form :

- You can now set a default lineup. By ticking the box at the bottom of the page.

- We've switch the behaviour and new position boxes. It makes more sense this way as the behaviour affects the position, not the other way around.

Lineup page :

- The Captain and Set piece taker swapped places on the lineup page to match the order form. We've also removed the big gap on the lineup page.

- For the sake of consistency, we've disabled the preference which allowed you to flip the old flash order form, because it also affected the lineup page. This feature will eventually be brought back.

In other news :

- The user manual is now up to date

- The new xml files for CHPP applications are now fixed an available.

4-26-2010 Problems booking a youth pool friendly

Some teams are having problems booking a youth friendly via the friendly pool. We're investigating.

Update: This problem is now fixed.

4-22-2010 Two interface fixes

When collecting a previous match order you will now also get the substitutions and penalty takers orders for that match.

We've also fixed a 'left is right' bug in the form for visually impaired.

4-21-2010 Release Notes

-We've changed how things work a bit. For teams who haven't entered a lineup, for example new teams or teams who haven't logged on, a 442 lineup will be made "on the fly" by the engine. So that a Walk Over doesn't happen.

The one important condition that needs to be met for this to happen, is that the lineup needs to be completly empty. If there is as little as one player saved, this functionality will not work.

-Also with regards to some teams fielding 0-0-0 lineups despite having submitted orders. We are adding an extra check, that will notify you if there is something causing your orders to not be accepted by the engine. Wether the error is human (ie yours), or technical (ie ours), if your orders can't be saved, you should get a notification.

- It should also be noted that orders fielding less than 9 players, or without a keeper won't be accepted anymore.

- Formation experience for NT and U20 teams is now showing all formations that the new engine allows.

-Sub orders were shown as "playing normal" in the right panel of the match report, regardless of what the real order was. This has now been fixed and it was only presentational.

4-20-2010 Too strong bots

As some of you may have noticed, we had bot teams with really strong lineups in some of today's cup matches. Their lineups were selected randomly, which lead to stronger players, than usual, entering the pitch. This has now been fixed. This fix takes effect for matches scheduled to start Tuesday evening at 22.00 (HT Time) and there after.

4-20-2010 More stuff for the interfaces

Some stuff has been added and some fixes have been made for the order interfaces.

Normal form:
- Saving a lineup now requires an unique names
- Some fixes for national team coaches (and more will come later today)

A general note: If you experience a hanging rotating star when trying to save your orders, it's most likely because of a sub order has become obsolete. Deleting your subs and putting them in again will solve your problem, until a proper fix is included.

Visually impaired form:
- Subs are now included
- Full names in the dropdowns

Note that the subs part is not in its final shape yet. For now:
- To change behaviour for a player, put him in both the out and in dropdowns.
- For the minutes field: 0 minutes = any minute.

4-14-2010 Release Notes

Lots of things being released on this Wednesday.

There was a bug which caused the swapping of forwards and wingers on the bench. This could lead to the wrong player entering the field. That bug has been fixed. We've swapped them in both stored orders and lineups. So you might want to double check to make sure you have things the way you intended them to be.

The bug causing formation experience not to be updated correctly has now been fixed. It will work for matches being played from now on. Regrettably this fix is not retroactive for the friendlies played before it's release.

There was a presentational bug on formation experience above excellent. You might see your experience go down, but that is only presentational. The true value hasn't changed.

From now on, substitution orders, with wrong behaviour, will be changed to normal and be executed by the match engine.

Latest match played by a player will now be visible on his match page. Training has occurred, this was just a presentational bug.

Fixes in the match order interface :

You are now able to remove penalty kickers.
Lots of presentational issues were fixed for IE

Fixes released for the visually impaired interface :

New header for Tactics
The left is right, right is left bug
Unique players as penalty takers
An IM can now play defensively
Team attitude only shows up when it should

4-14-2010 Cup Reredraw

All cup matches have been redrawn. And this time they should all be correct. Third time's a charm as they say.

We appreciate your patience in these tumultuous times.

4-14-2010 Formation experience

We have an issue with how formation experience is updated for teams that made tactical formation changes during their match. We are working on a solution for this.

4-14-2010 Cup redraw

The Cup was redrawn yesterday evening, but it is still not correct. Another redraw will be made tomorrow. If you expect to play the Cup, please do not book friendlies for next week as they may be cancelled.

4-13-2010 Cup Matches

The matches for the first round of the Cup that have been drawn are wrong. We are working on solving the issue.

But please hold off on booking a friendly until they are drawn again, and corrected.

4-13-2010 Transfers.

The transfer engine was stopped at 12:50pm HT time. The deadlines have therefore been extended by 6 hours. For the transfers that happened between 12:25 and 12:50pm, we're sorry to say that we weren't able to stop them in time.

The merging is still taking place. We've run into some hurdles. We hope to have it all sorted as soon as possible. So if your player's names are missing from your match report for instance, this will eventually be sorted.

4-13-2010 Downtime

The preparation of the database for the new engine is taking a little longer than expected. The site is now back up, but you will notice that your player names are still missing in the match reports and that the last match section of your player details page is also empty. We are importing those data from the old format to the new format as I write this. It should be done shortly.

4-11-2010 Relegation and promotion

We've been made aware of problems with the relegations and promotions in some countries. We are investigating the issue.

As well the problem with the Youth matches was found, and the engine is catching up now. Your matches should be played soon.

4-9-2010 New fixes for the both match order forms

Here's a new batch of fixes released today

For the match order form:
- Subs
- Links to older form (from match preview page)
- Info box covering player list in some languages
- Moving a selected player doesn't remove him from penalty takers
- Orders not send if you save your linep at the same time now fixed

For the form for the visually impaired :
-Team attitude and tactics will now be correct.
-Save Lineup will be a normal button.
-No players in attitude or tactics dropdowns.

A new list of possible improvements should be published soon.

4-9-2010 Bug fixes in new order form for seniors

This post will be continuously updated with information about the bugs that we are aware of in the new order form for seniors. Most importantly, it will also show when we have fixed a bug.

Known bugs
- Substitutions are not working. They are in fact saved in the database, but the code that should read them again when a match order is viewed is not working correctly. Will be fixed ASAP.

- Some links still point to the old order form. These are the links on the match page, in the preview panel and the tabs. This is fixed and will be released Friday morning.

- In the simple form, the dropdownlist for tactics actually contains team attitude values, and also lists all players. Conversely, the attitude dropdown (only visible for non-friendlies) contains tactics values. This is fixed and will be released Friday morning.

Fixed bugs
- Formation experience was shown as non-existent for 4-4-2 and the new possible formations. This was due to the database not yet having the new starting values stored and of course had no impact since these values will not be used until the matches are actually played with the new engine next week.

4-7-2010 Better star ratings in youth

Many have been concerned on the forums about their youth players getting a much better star rating now (in the new engine). This is however not a bug.

The reason for youth players getting a better rating now is partly because of the changes now, but in fact more due to past changes (up to two year old changes) which have not been included in the youth until now. In particular we have had a star rating change for senior players to better show their true contribution on the pitch, and this change comes into effect in youth now.

Overall all players will get more stars, especially forwards because they got a boost now (on addition to the past changes). Moreover, the increase is also more noticable for multiskilled players than for monoskilled ones.

4-6-2010 Youth update

A summary on problems/bug in youth related to the new engine release:

- The problem with no player names in training reports (and no visible player ratings as well) for matches played earlier than 06.50 today will be taken care of during the night/morning HT-time. This problem is not really related to the new engine, it was caused by a database error.

- Formation experience was only updated partly in matches between 09.00-17.05. This problem is fixed in matches started 17.10 and onwards. We'll see if anything can be done for the affected teams tomorrow.

- Matches with cup rules were played as normal matches. This is fixed, and in effect for matches started after 14.

4-6-2010 Bug in youth matches played 09.00

Because of a bug in the youth matches scheduled to 09.00 HT-time today, all teams played with a 5-5-0 formation. Unfortunately we can not replay these matches, so there is nothing we can do about it now. This bug is now fixed and will not happen again, but we understand that it's not much comfort for those affected by it. :(

Please note that this bug only affected matches starting exactly 09.00 today.

4-6-2010 Some youth info not accessible

Because of an error in a database table some youth match info (player ratings, player names in training reports etc) is not there for matches started earlier than 06.50 today.

This information is not lost - but it will take some time to get it accessable again. We are working on this, but it will probably take all day at least.

3-31-2010 Release Notes

-You will now have to wait 12 hours after having sacked a Youth Academy player to sack another one.

-Also for the Youth Academy, we've now added the new available formations to the list on the training page. You will however not gain nor lose formation experience for 4-4-2 and the new formations before Tuesday 9.00.

*Some of the new interface bugs were fixed, you might want to check the Order interface bug system info to see which ones.

3-29-2010 Match delays

Currently there are some problems with the game engine which are causing tonight's league matches not being played and updates not taking place. We are investigating the situation, but right now do not have an ETA at this time when everything is running as it should again.

Update 2010-03-29 08:00
The problem has been fixed and the game engine is playing all matches that where delayed.

Update 2010-03-29 09:45
All matches have now been played.

3-26-2010 Order interface bugs

Most bugs are now sorted out in this beta, see below. This post will also be updated with the current bug status, just so you know what's reported and recently fixed.

Fixed bugs
- Fixed a cache problem in Internet Explorer. This cache problem made it look like your lineup wasn't there (you needed to logout and login again to see your order).

If you still experience problems saving your lineup, try clearing your cache.

Pending bugs
- In Internet Explorer 7, if you deselect a selected player he doesn't turn back to green in the sortlist.

For improvements (things not yet implemented in the interface), see our post below.

3-25-2010 On our todo list for the new match order interface

As we release the new match order interface to the youth academy as a beta, we thought we'd keep a list of known issues here for you to know what we are working on. The list might evolve, as some of you report new issues to us, so make sure to check back and see what's happening. Happy testing.

on the list for normal interface:
- Player age and shirt number should be amongst the sort criteria
- Positions (IM, CD etc) for the sub boxed (to get a better overview)
- Show occupied positions in minifield
- When selecting a position in the minifield, other relevant sectors should also be selected.*
- Remove non-possible behaviour options for sub (for example offensive keeper)

3-25-2010 On our todo list for the match order form for the visually impaired

The version we are releasing today is an early beta. So we would appreciate your input on it. Feel free to come to the Hattrick Access forum to help us improve the usuability for you. Here you will also find a list of known issues we are working on. Please note that in order to get the new interface you will have to go to your preferences, under Site Preferences and select Match order form for visually impaired.

On the list:
-Javascript validation (so that you can't use a player twice etc)
- Subs
- Cards
- Default lineup
- Health
- Player skills
*This form is also to be used by mobile phones and older browsers such as IE6

3-18-2010 Unbalanced loadbalancer

I'm sure you've noticed the return of webserver numbers in your address bar. With all the performance issues (downtimes, firefox problems, slowness etc) we've experienced in the past month or so, we've now decided to pull the plug on the new loadbalancer. It seems it was the culprit for everything. It just never managed to do what it was meant to do, and the hardware vendor had no immediate solution to this. So we are back to the old, long trusted, method of balancing the load on our servers. The site should be faster than it has been lately and the reliability should be what it ought to be. We might revisit the load balancer solution later on, but for now it was wiser to end the madness. I guess sometimes there is nothing like an old comfy pair of jeans.

Also released this week is a fix for the disappearing matches bug in the live viewer.

3-17-2010 Midnight Blues

We had some downtime between 01 and 02 HT-time, which led to transfers being postponed for one hour. We have some hard love therapy booked with the servers tomorrow morning and hope they will start seeing things our way very soon indeed.

3-16-2010 Nasty Forum bug

For those of you, who experienced the forum disappearing bug this morning: the fix is to stay logged out of Hattrick for 15 minutes and then come back. You should then be able to re-add your forums and reset your forum settings.

The problem was with a webserver cache, 15 minutes should give it time to clear.

Should you keep experiencing this bug, after having tried the fix, feel free to report it to us.

Also, while we are talking of bugs, if you have trouble logging on with Firefox, try clearing the cache of your browser. Closing all tabs. And launching it again. That should do the trick.

3-10-2010 Sorting matches in HT Live

It's now possible for you to sort your matches in HT-Live, so you choose your preferred order. Just hover a match tab and the sorting arrow(s) will appear.

You may need to refresh the cache in your browser in order to see and use the new sorting arrows as intended.

3-3-2010 Behold! A light in the (server) tunnel!

We are now quite sure we have found the reason for the recent server problems, it's because of memory leakage. Something just consumes a lot of memory, and with time the memory level gets so low that it causes the server managing all user sessions to break down - taking the web with it. We're relieved that we found the reason, but at the same time you should also know that it's really hard to find exactly what's causing the memory leakage and it will take time to find it.

But as we now know what's causing the problem we can also take measures against it, to prevent the site to go break down because of it. This is also what we've done now; most of these measures are now active (and more will follow). We don't think you will notice any difference when using the site, and we hope that these measures will put an end to all the breakdowns we've experienced recently.

(That said, exactly what's consuming a lot of memory still has to be found before we can actually guarantee that this problem is out of the world).

3-3-2010 Transfer accessible from all places again

With today's release we fixed the transfer link problem (see below) from yesterday. Apart from that it's not that much more to tell this week, most of our current work is about the upcoming changes (see editorial space) as well as investigating the recent/current server problems.

3-2-2010 Reaching the transfer

Currently there is a problem reaching the transfer page if you go via your team's transfer page or the quicklink (top right). Going via World --> Transfer search (under International) works though.

It should be noted that all links work in some browsers.

2-27-2010 Downtime again

We had yet another downtime today for about 40 minutes. We are having problem with a server that is central to the system but which goes down occasionally and without warning, taking the web with it. We are still working on solving this issue, but in all likelihood we will still have problems today and tomorrow. We will do all in our power to limit further downtime as much as we can, and hope to see a permanent solution by next week.

2-26-2010 Server problem once again

During Friday morning we experienced server problems and some downtime again. Just as last week the server which is managing all user session data was involved (it's almost like it's trying to say that it doesn't like weekends), even though it was not exactly the same problem now.

Because of the nature of this problem we couldn't get a downweb message up at first. The transfer engine was however stopped, and all transfer deadlines during the downtime have been extended.

Needless to say, we will do everything in our power to make everything work as it should. Downtimes like this are not acceptable.

2-24-2010 Release notes

During the week we've got some reports about the final result has been shown in HT Live before the end of the match. When investigating, it turned out it only happened when a user used Livefox (a CHPP add-on). We're quite sure we've now found a solution for this problem, but we'll still keep an eye on this to be totally sure.

Other stuff released today:
- This system info page has now got an archive (link at the bottom of this page), if you for any reason want to reread older messages at some point in the future.
- Fixed a bug which made it impossible to promote youth players who were 17 years and 0 days.
- A bunch of small forum fixes and tweaks.

2-21-2010 Downtime Sunday

Unfortunately, we have had a new episode of downtime today, during the Sunday games. The cause is the same as during Friday and Saturday, the server responsible for managing the user sessions breaks downs and needs a restart. This results in the web servers not accepting new connections, and it looks like the entire site is down (although some people already logged in can keep surfing). Needless to say, this is not acceptable and will be sorted, but so far we have not been able to eliminate the problem. We are sorry for this.

Transfers that had a deadline at around 1400 HT-time have had their deadlines postponed by 2 hours.

2-19-2010 Brief downtime again

We have had two more episodes with our server trouble today. The problem is a server that is handlig the session data of the people online, this server was upgraded yesterday but this seems to have introduced some kind of new problem. We are of course working on solving this. Deadlines of transfers that happened during the second downtime has been postponed by an hour.

2-19-2010 Prestopi podaljšani po nedosegljivosti strani

Hattrick je bil nedosegljiv zaradi težav s strežniki. Vsi prestopi, ki bi se sicer zgodili med tem obdobjem so bili podaljšani za 2 uri.

Popravek: Prestope smo podaljšali še za eno uro, saj so imeli nekateri uporabniki težave s prijavo na stran.

2-19-2010 Težava s trenerskimi licencami rešena

Težava s trenerskimi licencami (glej spodaj) je bila rešena. Vse ekipe, ki jih je ta težava prizadela, bi že morale imeti svoj denar na računu.

2-18-2010 Brez nagrad za končanje licence

Trenutno imamo težave z denarnimi nagradami, ki jih lastniki, ki so končali licenco, ne prejmejo. Trenutno raziskujemo problem in upamo, da bo rešen v kratkem in da bodo vsi dobili denar, ki jim pripada. Kontaktiranje skrbnikov igre (GMjev) ni več potrebno, saj smo seznanjeni s problemom.

2-17-2010 Topel pozdrav in nekaj novosti

Dobrodošli na novi strani s sistemskimi informacijami, za katero upamo, da vam bo všeč. Spodaj najdete nekaj zapiskov o posodobitvah, ki so nastale prek testiranja na strežniku Stage.

Novosti od danes naprej:
- Poškodbe in kartoni so sedaj ves čas vidne na igralčevi strani, tudi med tekmo. Ti podatki so osveženi, ko se tekma konča.
- Opozorilo na igralčevi strani in njegovi strani s prestopi vas bo opozorilo, ako igralčeva ekipa igra tekmo.
- Pozicija v ligi, niz zmag in podobno bodo od sedaj naprej vedno vidni (z opozorilom, če ekipa igra tekmo).

Te spremembe izboljšajo dve stvari: pravičnost pri prestopih (nekateri lastniki so prodajali poškodovane igralce med tekmo, ko se poškodb ni videlo) in možnost, da boste rezultat vedeli preden se sama tekma konča.

Poleg tega današnja posodobitev vsebuje odpravo kar nekaj majhnih hroščev na forumih in seveda sprostitev te strani in bloga.

Ko že govorimo o tem blogu, moramo omeniti, da ga lahko prevajalci tudi prevajajo, kar pa ni obvezno, ampak prostovoljno. Torej, če berete to stran v drugem jeziku kot angleščini, slavite vaše prevajalce kot Bogove in jim vedno plačajte pivo, ko jih srečate!

2-4-2010 Nekaj sprememb v HT-live

Pri tedenski posodobitvi kode smo malce spremenili HT-Live:
- Izvajanje kazenskih strelov je sedaj dodano k rezultatom na zavihku tekem.
- Novo odštevanje za tekme v živo.
- Rezultati postanejo odebeljeni, ko se tekma konča.
- Rešen problem, ko so se rezultati tekem brez boja (walkover tekme) prikazovali napačno.

Prav tako smo odpravili hrošča, ki ni prikazoval deleža matičnega kluba na strani prestopov.

1-20-2010 Release notes

New code released today, but more importantly we've made a change to fix the problem with late matches in USA (match reports being 20-25 minutes delayed). We've now reschuled some other updates, which most likely caused the delays.

Apart from that:

Cup history display problem for the last two seasons fixed.

Promotion texts (team was promoted, for example) turned up in the series history, now removed.

NT coaches are now able to see the player development for the NT players.

Fixed a bug which made it possible to set up a youth friendly in the youth season break.

And a bunch of other small fixes and changes...


Med včerajšnjim posodabljanjem kode so bile popravljene naslednje stvari:

Problem na strani za prijavo, bolj podrobno z padajočim menijem za izbiro lige, zaradi katerega so nekateri uporabniki pristali v regiji Berat v Albaniji namesto v njihovi državi, je sedaj popravljen.

Popravljen hrošč na strani s podrobnimi podatki o ponudbah, ko prodajate mladinca iz vaše šole.

Iraška zastava je bila popravljena.

Vgrajen predlog s strani uporabnikov, sedaj je število supporter mest in maksimalno število supporter mest prikazano na strani s supporterjem.

Popravljen hrošč, ki ni odstranjeval neaktivnih uporabnikov.

12-14-2009 Kam so vse kvalifikacijske tekme šle?

Ustvarjanje kvalifikacijskih tekem trenutno zamuja. Problem poskušamo razrešiti in upamo, da bodo prve tekme vidne že danes, vendar bo najbrž preteklo kar nekaj časa, preden bodo ustvarjene vse.

12-2-2009 Release notes

Among the code rleased today we find...

A fix for the login procedure. Some couldn’t login with their first attempt, this should now be fixed.

Rule update concerning coin toss in NT/U20 World cup.

Supporter related:
A fix for press announcements which wasn’t updated on the region page.

For former Supporters avatars will not be shown anymore.

HT-ML tags now work in youth academy press announcements.

Fixed issue with “reply to all”

11-25-2009 Release notes and short introduction

We regularly release new code but we usually only tell you about new releases when they come in shape of a new (and big) feature. What we want to do here (besides try to keep you posted on current issues and so on) is to write release notes informing you about some of the things we’ve been up to.

Not everything we release is worth mentioning, it might be something deep down in the system or rather abstract things only interesting for a select few geeks out there, so only a fraction of our ongoing work will be highlighted in this way but we hope you find it interesting to see a bit of what is happening.

Releases of bigger features, new rules and so on will still be presented on My Hattrick whereas here we can mention the smaller things that often are ever so important. Some weeks it is a long list, others it is just a short one depending on what we’ve been up to.

Released earlier today:

A new feature making it possible for you to report a banner that is inappropriate or perhaps carries malware. You’ll find this feature at the bottom of every page.

A new preference among the team settings making it possible to say no to extra promotion (see the recent editorial “Bots to the bottom”).

Fixed links to youthteams on a few pages where some youthteamIDs got confused with national teamIDs.

Better info about team name change and the costs connected to it (in the manual and in teamsettings page).

A bunch of various tweaks to boost performance here and there.

Server 080