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Hattrick lajmërimet

10-21-2020 Summer time ends!

On Sunday morning, summer time (Daylight Saving Time) ends, and the clock switches back to standard Central European Time. This means that the hour between 02:00 and 03:00 CET Time occurs twice. Of course all matches, transfers and so on will happen just once.

10-12-2020 Hattrick Masters draw

The Hattrick Masters starts next week on Monday. The draw for this season's edition will take place today at 15:00 (CET).

9-21-2020 China wins World Cup trophy

Yesterday evening the World Cup final was played between Iran and China and being a first final between Asian teams only. As never before in our history we've had a winner coming from Asia, it was certain that it would now hold the first ever World Cup winner for this continent.

The first half seemed to lean towards China that had a few good chances to open the score, but as the goalkeeper of Iran showed his qualities 0 - 0 remained on the scoreboard. Iran also had a good chance to open the score from a penalty kick. But also for them, the opponent had a good goalie keeping his goal clean. So at halftime break, the score was 0 - 0.

In the second half Iran appeared having left their dressing room a little bit stronger, but unfortunately for them, the goal post was not at a position where it would have aloowed for a goal. As often in such cases, a goal tends to fall at the other side of the pitch. So it did now as well with some 18 minutes still on the clock. Iran against China, 0 - 1. As the minutes slowly ticked by, both teams got a good chance to score, but neither attempt went in the net and so this mean that at full time, 0 - 1 was the final score and China was goingto be crowned the first ever Asian World Cup winner.

Our congratulations go to China and their manager chenxiaolin.

9-17-2020 Elections coming up!

With the World Cup nearing its end (semis tomorrow and final on Sunday), it's also time to elect the next NT coaches.

If you want to become a candidate, you must actively register as one. Registration opens on Friday, and voting starts on Monday and continues for one week.

To become a candidate for an election, you need to have been a user for at least one season, and to vote you need to have been active for at least one season - this is in order to reduce various kinds of election abuse.

Let the campaigns begin!

9-15-2020 Series swapping

As usual, the HFA will allow some teams to swap series over the close season:

• This swapping window will be open from Thursday 17th 00:00 to Friday 18th September 23:59 (CET)
• HTI teams are only able to swap until Friday 16:00 (CET) due to the creation of the matches for the upcoming season
• You can only swap your series if you play in one of the lowest three division levels in your country
• You can only swap your place with a bot team from your own division level
• You can only swap once and it can't be undone, so make sure you really want to swap series

You can swap places with a bot from the series page of the bot. A link will appear after the bot team in the table. Note that you can only swap places with a bot team (having the "robot logo"), and not with an ownerless team which has not been botified yet.

9-11-2020 Five New Leagues

For next season, we are adding five new leagues to Hattrick. We welcome Myanmar, Zambia, San Marino, Puerto Rico and Haiti to our football family!

Myanmar is the most populous country not yet represented in Hattrick, and has won the Asian Games twice, and also finished second in the more prestigious Asian Cup, in 1968. Zambia is not only the home of Victoria Falls, it is also a recent African Cup winner, back in 2012.

From the Caribbean we welcome french-speaking Haiti and Puerto Rico, the US unincorporated territory. Out of the two, Haiti has the stronger football credentials, having had an golden age in the 70s, when they qualified for the World Cup in 1976. In Puerto Rico, baseball may be the more popular sport today, but football is up and coming on the island just as on the US mainland. With Haiti and Puerto Rico, we add the two most populous countries in the Caribbean, that has not yet been granted their own league.

In Europe, we welcome San Marino. This city state is of course surrounded by world-class football culture, as it is landlocked inside Italy. It has played official Uefa matches since 1990, when it first qualified for the Euro. San Marino also holds some records in international football, but unfortunately not of the flattering kind. Even so: Benvenuto!

The five new leagues will be the last new leagues before the new World Cup format kicks off early next year, and they will all have a place in that competition.

If you are interested in playing in one of the new teams with your additional team, make sure to register during this coming weekend - otherwise you may not get a team in time to participate in the Cup draw.

9-3-2020 Wider design and new features

We shake off the summer slumber with a big design release! The core change is that we are making Hattrick wider, giving us more space to work with. This also means that there is now space for the left menu on all pages, so it now longer “disappears” in newer pages like the Live Viewer, the Team Analysis page or the Match Order page. Furthermore, we bring in a new and slightly bigger font on all pages, so we no longer have a totally different look on “old” and “new” design pages.

We have also added new functionality to several pages:

* The “Matches” page now has cards on the top, highlighting the most recently played match and the next upcoming. You can now also book friendlies directly from here.
* The Series page has been revamped with new team status boxes, played matches re-added to the league table, and more.
* We also added more context info on the Players page and new sorting options.
* The Transfer Search got many updates. New sliders for skill search, filter icons for Specialities, and searches are now autosaved between sessions. Your available cash is always showed when you are checking the transfer list.

There are really many, many more small details to cover, and you can read about all of the changes on our Dev Blog, where we also talk more about the reasons behind why we are doing this.

We hope you will enjoy the refreshed look of Hattrick!

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