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Roadmap for 2022

2022-04-07 15:00:00

It’s the year of Hattrick’s 25th anniversary, and you will continue to see new features and events related to this throughout 2022. But we have many other things planned as well, inside and outside the match engine.

It has been a hectic start to the year, with improvements to the match order page, player pages, the arena, CHPP, the launch of an official streaming channel, new local ladders and the new system for earmarking which series you want to promote, demote or swap sideways to when playing in the lower divisions.

Also, we can’t forget the introduction of the free to play Hattrick Anniversary League (HTAL), which has attracted over 30,000 users that are now preparing for an 8 season long race towards the top.

In different ways, these releases all support the goals we have for Hattrick: A site with more coherent user experience, where things are easy to find and work in an intuitive way. A community offering a broad range of meaningful and interesting interactions with other users. And, of course, a game that is constantly evolving, keeping it interesting for old loyal users as well as newcomers.

What, then, lies ahead?

The anniversary will continue to be a theme this year, but not always as directly as was the case with the Anniversary league. But we have a number of new features in the game that either takes inspiration from the history of Hattrick, or that will aim to make existing data in the Hattrick universe more vivid and interconnected.

One such project has to do with the personal journey of your players beyond the game engine. Some of this will just be pure back story, to create more colour for users that enjoy this. But some other aspects may force you to think strategically about the players and staff members that you employ. For example, staff members may not continue to be as willing to work into their 80s and 90s as before, making retirement announcements a factor to keep an eye on.

The mission system will continue to develop. Our first target group for this mechanism was users on the verge of leaving Hattrick. Our new set of missions will be directed more at users that are active and engaged in the game, but that are stuck in the competitive sense. They might appear at a time when you haven’t improved your team for a long time, offering extra incentives to take risk or try new strategies. As always, while Missions may offer benefits to teams that succeed with them, they are internally balanced in several ways. It won’t make sense for a strong team to slack off in order to get a mission, the reward will not be enough to compensate the situation that triggered it in the first place. Missions should be seen as a part of the story of your team, as well as a way for the HT-team to create secondary goals in areas of the game where it is needed.

Going back to features inspired by our legacy, we would like to revive a feature from the 90’s which has been inexplicably absent in a game co-founded by a journalist: The weekly series news digest. That is, we will rework the rather boring event log to a newsfeed that takes the actual importance of events into consideration: Instead of reporting every transfer, we will highlight the few that matters, and tell you why. This is a continuation of our wish to make the series, the center of every Hattrick managers universe, more sticky and fun to follow.

Even bigger changes are planned for My Office, where we have some heavy duty user configuration coming your way. This is another key page on Hattrick, and one we think is due for serious improvement.

What about the game engine itself, you may ask? Yes, we have plans for this one too. Keeping in line with the theme of making players more vivid, we are planning to start “birthing” youth players with at least one new speciality sometime this year. This new speciality will of course not have a huge impact from the start, but as these players grow older we believe that they will offer managers new interesting options as well as help create a better balance in the game overall.

Stay tuned for more info later this year!

The actual anniversary will happen on August 30, 2022, and we have already pencilled it the special release that will happen on that day. It could be the best release in the history of Hattrick, many claims this to be true, but we don’t want to get your hopes up too much.

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