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Hattrick Masters. Частина II

2006-10-04 11:26:00

Середина сезону значить, що настав час Hattrick Masters . Цього разу Staleno, постійний дописувач на глобальному форумі, познайомить вас з кожним раундом Masters. Далі йде друга частина.

Semi Finals

Match 1 - fumpen - Alberto Garcia. Karate, the manager of Fumpen, made a very controversial decision this evening. He decided to play with his weakest players, and thus basically forfeiting the game. As far as I’m concerned he hasn’t stated the reason for doing this, but to me it looks like he wanted to make a point toward his opponent, the soon-to-be bankrupt Alberto Garcia. Some people were very disappointed at Karate because of his decision, others supported him 100%.

Match 2 - Arezzo Galasocaray - Fc Pärtna. Manager of Arezzo Galasocaray, Marrundo, did everything in his power to beat the other suicide team FC Pärtna, and got very close. Arezzo were leading 2-0 but Luke Truett scored twice for Pärtna in the second half, and the game went to extra time. 2 minutes into extra time Lu Joi-Seng scored the golden goal that settled the game in FC Pärtna’s favour.

Two players are tied for the lead in the battle for the top scorer title. One is Joshua Duilach of Alberto Garcia and Luca Omini of Arezzo Galasocaray, but only Duilach has the possibility of scoring more goals. And that will have to happen in the final against FC Pärtna on Thursday. For some this is the dream final, for others it’s quite the opposite. But at least it will be a divine final!

The Final

To be perfectly honest this was a disappointing final in my opinion. As both managers were unable to log in and set the lineup before the match, the game was pretty much decided even before it started. And only 65504 spectators bothered to show up in the huge Holstein Stadion in Germany to see Alberto Garcia from Guatemala crush FC Pärtna 4-0. Joshua Duilach scored the last goal and became the top scorer of the tournament with 10 goals. But his talent will probably go down the drain together with his club.

The final between the two ghost teams was the cause of a heated debate on the conferences though. For the third time in a row the winner of the Masters loses his team. Should it have to be necessary to sacrifice your team to win the Masters? Some people, like aglopez (the manager of Alberto Garcia) clearly think so, but most people disagree.

The question remains; when will we see the first team that survives after winning the Hattrick Masters? I’m confident it will happen eventually, and hopefully it will happen already next season. I plan to stick around to see, and I hope you will too! Thank you for staying with me through the tournament. I also want to thank the HT-team for giving me the opportunity to bring the Masters out to all of you.


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