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Statistics revisited

2006-07-03 11:00:00

HT-Jonas has been going over the facts again in a revisit after last year's editorial. Quite a lot has happened since!

It's time to revisit the old statistics editorial I wrote almost a year
ago. A lot has happened since then and the old figures are quite
outdated. I've added the figures from last year in parentheses after the
current figure for easy reference. Since most are taken from a single
day, they are not exact facts but rather estimates. This can be seen in
that some activity figures are actually lower this year though there are
more users nowadays and we're also in the summer this time, which
traditionally means lower activity. By the way, there are 870 000 users
now versus about 630 000 when the last editorial was published, an
increase of almost 250 000! Anyways, enough of these ramblings and on to
the stats.

We send out about 150 000 (35 000) emails each day. Password reminders,
introduction mails and payment reminders are among the things we send
out via email. About 80 000 (120 000) ht-mails are sent between managers
as well.

In the conference system, about 160 000 (110 000) messages are written
each day. Of those, about 45% (40%) are written in the federation
conferences. Non-HT takes up 18%, series conferences 12% (20%). The
all-time high of postings is from April 19th this year when 194 233
were made (what happened on this date?).

The match engine is quite busy as well. Each week, almost one million
matches are played. This translates to an average of 1½ matches per second.
In these one million matches, roughly 3.8 million goals are
scored. During a week, three million (one million) challenges are made.
On the transfer market, around 400 000 (180 000) bids are made each day.

It's interesting as well to take a look at the usage of different language
versions of Hattrick. Español is the largest language with 15% of users,
Deutsch trailing in second place with 13%. English comes in third
place with 8% of users. However, if we combine Español and Español
(Argentina) the user share increases to an impressive 20%. Well done,
all translators!

Finally, each day 1.3 million (850 000) successful logins are made by
450 000 (300 000) different users. Last week, 740 000 (520 000)
different users logged on to Hattrick!

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