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Welcome ! Your reservation to play in the same series as Karl has expired. You can still sign up now, but you may end up playing in a different series then.

If you want to play in the same series as Karl, ask Karl to send you a new invite.


We've got a job for you!

Your friend is already a manager in Hattrick, and now we want to give you the chance to experience the same!

If you take up the position at our club, you will get to run the whole show - from scouting new players to training the squad and coaching their matches.

It's a lot of fun! And there is no better place to be a soccer manager than in Hattrick - this is the original online soccer manager game, with the best community and the fiercest competition.

With your recommendation, we know you are right for us. All you need to do is click the button below and get started!

About Hattrick

You're the boss

You perform the duties of both manager and club owner. You plan tactics, strategy, and training and select which players should play and how they should act on the field. You're also in charge of finances, investing in stadium improvements, and what staff your club should hire.


Build and train your team

Develop your team through training and make your players more skilled. Find new players on the transfer market to further strengthen your team, or start your own youth team to find your own talents for the next generation.


Battle for the trophy

You compete against other human managers in the Hattrick league system, in the official cup, and in friendly matches. You start in the bottom divisions and then climb your way to the top.

You can also create your own tournaments and play against your friends.


Community and apps

The community really stands out in Hattrick. Join our lively forums and make new friends from all over the world. You can also make use of our great developer network, CHPP - there are lots of apps and services for users to enjoy as well as apps for iPhone and Android!

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