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Fantasy football hry

The term fantasy football most often refers to a game where you try to predict which players in real football teams will perform the best. You create afantasy football team, often for a specific league, pick players from that league and combine them into a squad of your own, and then you collect points for when those players do well in real life.

Some popular options are Telegraph Fantasy Football, Yahoo Fantasy Football and ESPN Fantasy Football. Competitions can be arranged for leagues such asthe Premier League Fantasy Football, but also for international competitions, such as in the case of World Cup Fantasy Football.

A fantasy football league follows the real world, when a player gets injured in real life he can’t generate any new points for the managers that picked him, and so on. To be successful, you need to be a good football fantasy scout, reading up on news about real teams to know what players are on form and who might not play upcoming games.

Je Hattrick fantasy football?

Hattrick is of course best described as a football manager game, but it is also a true fantasy football game, in the sense that all teams and players in Hattrick are fictitious and unique to Hattrick. Teams are set up, named, and developed by real users and when you compete in Hattrick, your decisions are tested against the strategies of other real managers. The seasons in Hattrick are not tied to real world football, but follows their own rhythm.

In Hattrick, there are no real players, but all players are still unique, and they are the product of scouting and youth academy investments done by human managers in the game. In this sense, Hattrick is a fantasy football game, one where you can help shape the game world.

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